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Found 12 results

  1. Apologies for the very late upload, had less spare time to edit videos, regardless, here is the last payday 2 EF event. Feedback is appreciated
  2. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I bring you the review to DOOM 2016! Check out the video, let me know your thoughts and as always, catch you next time!
  3. I'm making this post to warn you guys about the recent movie release Criminal. The main problem of it wasn't the actors, it was poor directing and editing. There were cuts to the movie made that flat out destroyed the continuity of the story leaving me (speaking for myself) asking "how, when, and / or why?" if it weren't for the poor pothole inducing cuts, it probably wouldn't have been so bad. Hopefully this is enough info without spoiling the story.
  4. ...but I'm one of the people who got the bad ending for The Witcher 3. And I'm one of the people who probably needs a therapist after receiving said ending. I still love TW3 and I'm going to replay it, but I decided to, while I was still feeling that way, to record how I was feeling about the ending. I wanted it to be a place where people who got the same ending could relate to what I was saying, but it's not like I'm big enough for that anyway lol. Still, I wanted to share it somewhere and I figured this would be a nice place since Angry Joe is a huge fan of the series like me, and so are some of you. Anyways, I've probably talked enough. I hope you enjoy! Video is 4 minutes long. Link: https://youtu.be/vdmga5hqp4M EDIT: (Can someone explain why my BBCode isn't working right now?)
  5. http://www.reddit.com/r/TOXIKK/comments/37pmjs/can_you_trust_reakktor/ I mean really? They ban pepole that rightfully demand money for content they've bought and it was released for free? They also ban everyone that does negative opinions. Furthermore, one of their mods seems to be breaking ALL THE LAWS constatnly. Seriously. According to forum, laws of user countries are respected aswell, and mine got broken several times. I got harassed denounced and annoyed by Sharkster, one of admins that has commited multiple stalking and harassment crimes and he let these crimes happen knowing about them. It has been reported, nothing done about it. I get also falsely banned (He represents whole Reakktor studios?) by suspecting that hes a racist/xenophobe by denouncing my country by disrespecting it's laws.. I'm from Poland, he's from Germany so you get the idea. I mean, WTF? I have no words how shady this developer seems to be. Did you know that they almost got a lawsuit from epic because they wanted to use Impact Hammer (the name) in their game but Epic prepared the lawsuit so they backed off? That info can be found only on epic and UT forums. Their forums are clear of any flaws of the game besides no playerbase. All of them can be pointed out only on other forums, as on their own they get deleted. They keep things really tight shut so nobody can talk or do anything about this. They lie, cheat and now this?! Wow, just wow. What do you think?
  6. This is a request from Orpo to review the Guise of the Wolf. I hope this is satisfying enough. Keep in mind, I will spoil the hell out of this game because no one should play this game. The game stars Dominik. You're an alchemist brought into this big castle by a count that sounds like the Elder God from Legacy of Kain because there's a werewolf and he wants you to find a cure. At the start of the game you met a woman in red that helps treat your wounds after you are attacked by a werewolf. Then the game and journey of confusion begins. I'll give this game credit for 4 things: The voice acting is pretty good! They don't sound bored and they have character and emotion behind them, unlike Ride to Hell. These guys deserve to be in a better game. The story is pretty decent. The music is soothing. It's not completely stupid like House of 1,000 doors. Other than that, this game is just baaaad, especially the graphic. Holy freaking crap this game looks ancient. It's like it's from 2001. At the start of the game, you come across a locked chess. You have to open it by playing this dumbass minigame of adjusting the lock so it unlocks. It's not like Splinter Cell where there's a lockpicking minigame that's easy to do. It's more like that puzzle in Resident Evil/Biohazard 4 with the 4 paintings where you have to make 4 specific pictures appear by pressing buttons. These chests only have gold and nothing else. The entire game has chests that only has gold in them, difference is there's more gold on the later chess but what's the point? The gold has no use! You only collect them because........ There's an achievement for it. So unless you like to have full achievements, ignore these chests completely. The game is very unclear too. You're not given an objective of what you are supposed to do. You just have to go through every place you visit and hope you can do something. You are supposed to go through every room you have been to and get every items because they all are needed, even 4 flower petals on a vase. The game also have a bullshit feature that's not explained: pickpocketing. To progress in the early part of the game, you have to pickpocket a guard guarding a door to get the key. Then you go to this underground dungeon and meet this old man, and to free him you have to give him an apple that you get from one of the random rooms you have visited, and then use the key you stole from the guard to free him to progress to the next section of the game!! How in the name of Poseidon's blue crank are you supposed to figure that out unless you got so bored that you try everything??? The game have a mechanic where you can turn into a werewolf. To do this, you have to stand in a specific spot. During "werewolf" mode, you can only attack, and this is necessary to progress through wood blockades and door chains. So if you see those things blocking your path, just turn into a werewolf and destroy them. To turn back into a human, you just have to stand still in a dark spot in any place you visit, and let the moon counter drop down. Now you might think becoming a werewolf is cool right? Well it is actually. You can attack people, jump farther and run like crazy, but you can't interact with doors or use items. Funny thing about the game is even though you can kill people, you actually don't have to. You can just run right past enemies, they will just stand there in their attack animation and when you turn back to a human, the enemies are stuck in their attack animation of holding their weapons above their heads. It looks so hilariously stupid. During the game, there's a couple of times where there's another werewolf that will chase you. Now during these sections, you can't fight the werewolf because the werewolf will kill you in one hit, so you have to hide under a desk or a dark corner. The whole game is basically just you running around and doing specific things without any variation. And the last part of the game is you just running through the entire castle, even the outer part, to destroy stones. I have no idea why but you have to destroy all 20 of them to progress through the final stage. Spoilers bellow. Turns out the count that sent you is actually evil and wants to control werewolfs so he can take over England. The old man that you saw in the dungeon is previously his alchemist, but he rebels and is put into his cell. And the werewolf that's chasing you the entire game is actually the girl in red that rescues you before, but she's forced to kill you because of the curse. So the final level's objective is to rescue her before she turns into a werewolf. So you rescue her, and the ending is presented in a drawing cutscene which looks WAAAAY better than the actual game in which the evil count is killed, the girl in red is cured, and you escape the castle with the old man and the girl. The end. Overall, this game is bad. Like cryptic unclear bad. But it's a lot better than House of 1,000 doors because it's not that retardedly stupid. And the game is really short, like 1-2 hours short. I give this game the rating of "finished it, don't want to touch it again".
  7. Ok I want to press on a touching subject.. I'm getting really sick and tired of AAA titles being over hyped and coming out like unplayable SHIT! Now I'm not the type of person to go ahead and pre-order a game as of nearly two years ago.. I learned my lesson. However that doesn't stop me getting a little excited for games such as Watchdogs.. Now I'm pretty sure everybody knows the controversy that this game is currently suffering with AMD users and all the other bull shit... I'm not going into that. I'm going into the fact that the game has been a bit of a disaster after the hype it received. Now to prove I'm not just hating on Watchdogs. I have other examples... Diablo 3: Reaper of souls... If anybody has played this game then you will probably know the back story of it. Since the loot 2.0 patch you now officially can not trade unless you are in a party with that person when you get the legendary. Which is a fundamental key element in the Diablo franchise. (The auction house was not and I'm glad they took it out) Theif, this game is amazing if you can look past the REALLY derpy AI. However I can't... I'm sorry I simply can't. I liked the previous series of Theif, I played the very first one when I was young and I found it extremely difficult which is what made the game so fun. This theif is retardedly easy and made for casuals... CoD is one of the most over hyped franchise on this earth and yet I was a massive fan of it back in the days up until Black Ops 2. I can keep going with some other games that have bad AI bad Coding or even Unplayable that were extremely over hyped or were supposed to be AAA. So AJSA I'm asking you do you hate it are you really that bothered. Could you name another game that you were hoping was going to be everything they promised and they never delivered...? By the way I'm not looking for hate from this post I'm looking for your general opinions...
  8. So recently for my birthday I bought a PS4 with all the money I received and at first I was excited since I had Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag already for the PS3 and I had been told I could buy it on the PS4 for only $10. Later I learned this wasn't the case as I had bought my copy of AC4 when it first came out and my PS4 a lot later which made me a little sad but I thought "Well, Watchdogs is coming out soon, I suppose I'll have my Ubisoft fix soon enough," Now my PS4 didn't come with a game so I went to the mall to get one, but all they had were games that I knew had received really terrible reviews for (Final Fantasy, BF4, Knack...) so I decided to play it safe and get Injustice: Gods Among Us Gold Edition for $30, and I don't regret it since its an awesome game but you can only play a game for so long before you get bored and I found myself back on my PS3 playing Resident Evil 4 HD and I still haven't finished AC Brotherhood when I've really been meaning to. But I feel kinda bad for having spent a lot of money on a console that I only have one game for, I don't use any of the other features on the PS4 much because when I game I actually WANT to game and some of them I just plain don't understand. Plus I wasn't aware the PS4 only came with 1 controller, so I can't play Injustice with my friends as they don't have PS4's themselves. Besides I find it more of a social experience if they're actually in the room with me or if a bunch of my friends are in the room watching us. Can anybody recommend some good PS4 games that are currently out? Otherwise I think I'll just sell the console and game and buy Watchdogs on PS3, then wait for Metal Gear Solid V to come out and buy the game in a PS4 bundle.
  9. Hey everyone! I thought it'd be interesting to do a post to ask you all what your Worst games are. So what are your bad games, What are the games you regret buying and or playing? Two of mine would have to be The Walking Dead Survival Instincts and Ride to Hell Retribution.
  10. Since people are now having a bit of a flame war about the recent MGS game, I figured why not have a little thread about games with short length! Here's the rules: say whichever short length games you had in mind both good and bad. Give a mini reason of why you think the games are good or bad. I'll start first: Good: Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. Sure the campaign is short, only 1-2 hours or so, but the gameplay is still fucking good, the graphic is gorgeous, there's neat collectibles to find within the main mission, side missions that you can get high ranks for depending on the difficulty and your performance to get more unlockables, and it just makes you wanting Phantom Pain more and more. Portal. 2-3 hours, but the hilarious GLados, adorable turrets and the end song makes it all worthwhile. 007 Quantum of Solace. One of the best underrated licensed games I have ever played. The transition between fps mode and third person cover mode is solid like in New Vegas, the melee system is great, lots of fun set pieces based on the movie and the gunplay is fun as hell. Unfortunately it's only 2-3 hours long, but it's a great 2-3 hours that you will want to replay again. Braid & Limbo. Beautifully made platformer game with excellent story, graphic and music. Only 2-4 hours depending in how good you are, or less, but it's an experience worth playing. And there's collectables too which will give you the alternate ending in Braid, one of which is to wait for 2 hours on a cloud. The Stanley Parable. Only 5-10 minutes per ending with maximum 2-3 hours total gameplay, or 7 if you push the button if you decided to save the baby and piranha, but a fun time nevertheless. Screw around with the narrator and get hilarity after hilarity. Gone home. Nostalgic 90's game that has everything from that era. 2 hours only though with no replayability, but it's still fun to see the nostalgic things in the game. Bad: "inhale" "exhale".... This is going to make me angry just remembering about them. Thankfully there's only 2, and these 2 made me cautious when buying games that I always never pay full price for them afterwards, unless they're really2 big releases. Kane and Lynch 2. Only 3 HOOOOOUUUURS of 2 dudes running around China because they're fucking stupid. It ends with them running away with a plane, and end credits. I paid $80 on this game, on PC so I can't trade it for $30 after I finished it. I immediately tried to sell it on a garage sale. No one wants it. Thankfully 2 years later I sell it, for $1. Curse this fucking game. Rogue Warrior......... This game is made by retards from a mental asylum. The swear the main character made is so pathetic I actually got sick listening to it, like as in physically ill that I want to vomit. The gameplay could have been good because it's like Rainbow Six New Vegas, but it's super buggy, when you aim at someone it mostly misses, the enemy is either so dumb they run to walls or can kill you instantly, and it's over in only 1 HOOOOUUUUR. I paid $90 for this game on my Xbox and I am so scarred I immediately trade this piece of shit for Mortal Kombat Vs DC, and I'm glad I did. So what's your personal short games both good and bad? Let us know and maybe we'll check these games out for ourselves! The good ones of course.
  11. EA's Origin is giving players the option to vote on which game they want for $1 on Black Friday. The choices are Fifa Soccer 2012, Sims Pets, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I'm picking Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If it goes on sale for $1, I hope we can all play some Bad Company together. https://www.origin.com
  12. I recently Purchase Batman Arkham Origins for the PS3 i REALLY HAD HIGH HOPES for this game I love Arkham Asylum and Arkham City that one was wow really great 10/10 for me but when i play this game For me I love the Story but it wasn't memorable you know no plot twist really just one really Can't say its a spoiler lol gameplay good as always they added new gadgets n predator always good my favorite parts of the me game but i was hoping they would of change it more something new and fresh you know so we can't keep getting the same thing over n over but still like it things i Dislike about the game for me The Map wasn't as good didn't really wanted to explore it, no riddles =[,There was Glitches like the deadshot side mission there was a glitch were i beat him but didn't really pass it for some reason it still says 0% and the Story wasn't as long really I Try the Online Play For Me i like it because its fun and its different and since this is the first time them doing this I wasn't shock people didn't really like it For me i Give the Game 7/10