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Found 2 results

  1. How is it right now? How would you change it? What specific aircraft/tanks are good and bad examples of the balancing system? What mode is best and what mode is worst with balance?
  2. Hello fellow summoners! This is a thread I have wanted to start for a while as a little project as one that likes to discuss game balance and theorycraft. It is a place to discuss both problematic and/or outdated champion design and discuss possible solutions to them to remove toxic gameplay and preserving the balance of power! So I am gonna start this off with kayle in the shadow of her most recent nerfs. To start things off I am not liking the route Riot is taking with her, this is because I feel they have started giving her the "evelyn treatment" where they keep reducing her numbers until she is nerfed to a state where no-one will never play her while she's just laying around until she get's reworked somewhere far down the line. What I would do to kayle is to get back to the original concept of kayle, which was to be a high utility hybrid champion. To start off I don't think any of kayles AD ratios is close to make her viable as AD(especially with the E splash scaling on AP, if I remember correctly) so I would start by making one of her ratios AD only to promote AD buildpaths and for this I think the most reasonable place to start is with her E and switch the splash scaling from AP to AD and do vice versa with the direct damage. I belive this would make it meaningful going for AD mainly for a sustained damage build and AP for more of a burst build(also removing her ridiciously good synergy with nashors in the process) When it comes to her ultimate I don't like it, it is pretty much a targeted tryndamere ultimate and it gave way too much duelling potentional and power for a champion with so high damage. Therefore I am also all for the changes to the cooldown being substantially increased. With making her more attractive with and AD build it also helps on this problem with the fact CDR is more difficult to come by for AD's and you will therefore want to maybe get some more bruiser or tank items for cdr to maintain good utility. For now I would leave her heal and Q alone, but I also think the heal might have a littlebit to good scaling, think higher base heal and lower scaling would be better catering her more as a midgame champion than a scaling beast(despite still being one probably) what do you think and what champion would you see changed and how?