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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been playing Blade and Soul for the past few days, getting on late at night to avoid the longer queues, and I want to share my impressions with you lot. Note this isn't a proper review, I haven't played the game NEARLY enough for that, but I wanted to get this out here. First off, it's a VERY eastern game, with a LOT of eastern themes. I'm torn here. I really, really love skill-based MMOs, but I despise eastern stuff. Just personal preference. That's evident from the start, and given that I'd been watching the game for a while, I knew what I was getting into. The character creation is VERY in-depth for an MMO. Hell, for most games that let you create characters, period. It's very versatile, and you shouldn't have a lot if trouble making your character look the way you want, even if you dislike the animoo googly eyes syndrome most of the characters in this game suffer from. Creator is versatile enough you can make the eyes normal. I had more fun with that character creator than I've had with the rest of the game so far. Default female proportions are absolutely ridiculous, with legs more than twice as long as their bodies in some cases, but again, the character creator is very versatile and you can fix the wonky proportions quite easily. The cinematics are very good, well-animated for an MMO of any caliber. The opening cinematic is very well done, sort of reminiscent of a martial-arts movie- which, unfortunately, left me with higher expectations for the rest of the game then I should have had. Not that the game is poorly animated or isn't gorgeous, but it doesn't really live up to that amazing intro. The game was obviously going for a sort of old samurai movie theme. Unfortunately, the story goes way too fast. You'll be introduced to several characters in the prelude, then whisked off to meet even more, then more, without any time to really get to know or care about them. This leaves the climax of the prelude (I'm trying my hardest not to spoil anything) to just sort of fall flat, since you were never really given a chance to give a shit about any of the characters you're seeing even though you're obviously meant to. Hell, I can't even remember any of their names more than a few seconds after I meet them. That's a running theme throughout the game, you'll be introduced to a character, they'll say a few lines, then you'll be bustled off to the next area before you can really get to know them enough to give a rat's ass. Hell, the story itself operates on this concept, introducing character after character and concept after concept but never giving you a chance to get familiar with anything. The factions, the Cerulean and Crimson orders, are a joke. Why are they fighting? what reason is there for any of it? "Oh well it's just the nobles versus the commoners, just pick whatever we don't really care." "Well I'd like to go with the commoners, I guess." "Fuck you commoners are full go with the blues." "....I guess I didn't really wanna join a faction that bad." I have yet to see a single part of the world be explained. They just sort of push you along and expect you to know what's going on on your own. "But Demon, what about the gameplay? That's usually the focal point of these kinds of MMO's." I hate to break it to you, but from what I've seen of combat so far, BaS is PAINFULLY average. Neither of the two classes I've had a chance to play so far really stand out to me. It's not even really stand-out in skill-based MMO's, First of all, there's no dodge that I've seen. You either facetank as Destroyer or block as Blade Master. (Blade Master commits the cardinal sin of having the actual block be delayed until about a second after you press the appropriate button, you you can't block blows last second. Yes, the block is delayed. In a fast-paced action MMO. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be taken out back and shot.) I don't know about the other classes, but any action-MMO that doesn't have some sort of dodge for all classes immediately goes on my shit list. The combat is... sort of combo based? but they're really simple two-ability combos, as far as I've seen, and there's combos you can do with other people, but it's not really that cool. The gameplay is just really lackluster and feels the same as every other action-MMO i've ever played. Vindictus does it better, and TERA has a more interesting world and cooler races (And both of those games have a goddamn dodge). I don't really know what to tell you. It's pretty bog-standard, akin to a WoWclone over here in the states. One last gripe. Unless you have your settings at max on everything, NPC hands become unrendered blocky lumps. Why, I don't know. TL;DR: Blade and Soul has a pretty poor story and the gameplay is too bog-standard to make it stand out. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a massive weeb, from what I've seen so far.
  2. I would love to see Joe actually making a rant about this new Game, well is not new it came out in 2011 and until now was released to North America and Europe in January 19th, 2016. This a Martial Art, eastern style MMORPG and it was advertised as Free To Play. However since release NA/EU as expected every new plataform to be released is going to have some difficulties, errors, etc But what is occurring to the game is beyond wrong. And it looks like Corporate Make his return with this franchise and here is why. You have the "option" to play the game for free or be a Premium. In this game for some reason servers are limited to a certain amount of Player at one giving time. Which mean in order to enter to Play the game you are placed on a Queue. That is assuming you were able to install the game in the first place since i myself was able to install it in my low-end computer and not in my newer one for that ungodly launcher that can install its own dll. So even if you are Premium you have to be Placed on a Queue and Non Premium player were placed on a secondary queue that is corrupt. It will tell you there are 1000 people on queue an you are 150 and you have an estimated wait time of 15 min and you will have that message for another 2 hours since Premium are getting Priority and they kept signing in and since its a new game everyone is having disconnects. You read that right DISCONNECTS which if you were in queue good luck getting back in to it. Now that does not mean Premiums are getting all the good stuff. Here is an example of what i mean: Obviously not every server has the same wait time but the problem is that you already have your character in one server and even if you change what is the guarantee you are not getting in the same problem. Oh and wait there is more oh no! Corporate want your fucking money!!!!! hahah There are 4 option for premium. 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 365. Now you know what is funny the 90 days is like $35.00 which at this point is must to have Premium just to even think about getting in the game. Now Congratulations!!! you thought you made it to this Booner creator and god damn nice looking ladies, booby dancing! junk shaker female characters well no. Due to the amount of player getting into the game and the restriction of # players the servers keep crashing almost every day since release. Its expected? yes it is, Are they doing something about it? They are adding more servers that should be there in the first place. Is that improving queue times? no because everyone is Premium and this is getting worse by the day. Quite long isn't it? well i have more. Since the only people in this game that are truly enjoying this game are the gold sellers and spam bot! The spam in every single Chat, Normal, Faction, Party Finder chat, Region and you know what is the worst you can only block a maximum of 50 character. I'm already at maximum because this game is spam heaven! Here is why people are so exited about this game: They do have an amazing art style and graphics, The gameplay is wonderful! Heavy clases like the Destroyer block attacks passibly and they are the only class in game that can actually grab a boss and do as you wish with it, Blade Master is the best blocking/defense class in the game. Kun Fu Master can dodge attacks passibly and by skills Q and E for example, Force Master is like your Wizar/Elemental Class, etc. every single class seems to be balance and this game has one of the best PvPs however if you look at the forums you will see a lot of people complaining that is to easy or too difficult since people can one shot you. Well duh! some of us have playing this game for years and we know what soul shield to equip and we know the class perfectly compared to some one who just got in to game, please!!!! I love Joe's reviews to the point that if he doesn't approve a game I wont be buying because i agree with his point of view. I would love to see he reviews this game because there is a ton load of people upset about the current situation. Anyway my suggestion to you all of you are interested in the game. Just wait and do not purchase Premium account as we are all facing the same problems at the moment as non premium player are. Thank you all! Have a nice day/night! PD: I'm sorry for my grammar! ESL