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Found 11 results

  1. Voice actors answer questions about union strike, industry insiders and Youtuber Writing On Games give thoughts on Bethesda's review policy, Blizzcon, Mass Effect news, Metro 3, talk on the Steam cheating community, mental health charity Take This helping to educate game industry, why many people find games boring, why Bloodborne is genius, look at past and present state of studio Halfbrick, Nintendo's plan to save games from congress, Windows Store Infinite Warfare copies can't play with Steam users, Youtube gives creators the ability to pin comments and more anti-harassment tools, one of the founders of Blizzard returns to the company after ten years, and more. AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) Steam's Redesigned Store Is Live Dishonored 2 Steam page reveals the use of Denuvo DRM Xbox One Preview Program opens up to all users, under a new name Day Of The Devs Festival Is Full Of Rad Indie Games The Industry, the Union, and the Strike Voice actors to picket outside Warner Bros. as strike continues YouTube will let users pin comments to promote better discussions THATGAMECOMPANY TEASES NEW MULTIPLAYER GAME “ABOUT GIVING” FOR 2017 Sony Treating Action RPG Nioh as a First-Party PS4 Game, Will Pubish in the West Here's a new trailer for Daedalic's Pillars of the Earth Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lead unveils first-person, alt history RPG, Project Wight Metro 3 is releasing in 2017 Iron Harvest is a new diesel punk RTS based on alternate history WWI Reminds me a bit of Ring of Red, so I'm interesting. Likely going to see more games set around WWI with the popularity of Battlefield 1, which will hopefully lead to some interesting titles, or at least interesting settings. Nihon Falcom dungeon crawler Xanadu Next hits PC Dishonored 2's latest trailer is a blood-splattered pop-up book Abandon Ship brings the pressure of FTL-style command to the high seas Wasteland 3 - The Patriarch's Call Space Hulk: Deathwing Official Enter the Space Hulk Trailer EA confirms 2017 release for Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mass Effect: Andromeda N7 Day trailer analysis A lot of really bad cliched lines in that trailer. Mass Effect Andromeda - Andromeda Initiative Orientation Briefing Trailer Loyalty Missions Return In Mass Effect Andromeda Here's How Mass Effect: Andromeda Avoids Dealing With ME3's Ending Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Not the Start of a New Trilogy Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Crafting, Updated New Game+; Story Described as "Different" Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition, PC Version Box Art Leaks The Wild Eight trailer showcases co-op survival in some very dark places Maize launch trailer introduces your robotic Russian bear sidekick NIGHT CALL WILL BRING YOU STYLISH FRENCH NOIR FROM THE BACK OF A TAXI Watch Dogs 2: Remote Access #4 - Living World of San Francisco Tyranny trailer explains combat, companions, spell creation Bastion Coming to Xbox One, Free for Previous Owners Explore the Magical Liquid Landscapes of Quur Resident Evil 7 drops final pair of teaser trailers, reveals new demo date Dragon Quest 8 comes to 3DS in January To the Moon successor Finding Paradise has a Steam page, original game has 85 percent discount Bohemia Interactive just announced two new projects Battlefield 1 – The Road Ahead Watch Dogs 2 season pass revealed, will sell for $40 Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow adds a pair of Japanese operators Check out Rainbow Six Siege’s new Japan map Rainbow Six Siege's Next Operator Teased in New Video The Division's New Patch Has Made The Game Much Better The Division's Next Expansion Transforms It Into An Intense 24-Player Survival Game Terraria and Dungeon Defenders 2 content crossover announced for later this year Turtle Rock's last unfinished Left 4 Dead campaign is now available to play Master Of Orion Adds Singleplayer Mod Support Third and final mission for pack StarCraft 2's Nova Covert Ops due November 22 Varian and Ragnaros are coming to Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm interview: making a raid boss into a MOBA character Overwatch Animated Short | "Infiltration" Check out what Overwatch’s new hero Sombra can do There are multiple videos up of people playing as her at Blizzcon that can be found on Youtube. Try Overwatch’s new Arcade mode and map next week Have a look at Sombra's skins, emotes, and sprays Overwatch interview: the death of hero stacking and the Sombra ARG outstaying its welcome Overwatch's Play Of The Game Feature Is Gonna Get An Overhaul Playing Heroes of the Storm gets Overwatch fans a special skin Blizzard names and shames 1,700 Chinese Overwatch cheaters Blizzard is recreating Diablo 1 in Diablo 3, and the Necromancer is coming too Diablo Interview - why Diablo 1 isn't being remade as a standalone game Some Diablo III Announcements You May Have Missed Hearthstone's next expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, revealed Heroes of the Storm interview: making a raid boss into a MOBA character Blizzard isn't planning to remaster Warcraft 1 and 2 Blizzard's Plan To Get Rid Of Gaps Between World Of Warcraft Expansions The vanilla World of Warcraft server Nostalrius is returning under a new name Blizzard’s prodigal son returns DICE GM Patrick Bach Departs Studio EA defends awkward Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 scheduling EA committed to Titanfall series for "many, many years" to come Respawn publicly distances itself from Titanfall’s official Twitter account Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PC multiplayer won't work between Windows Store copies and Steam Windows 10 Store Refunds ‘Call of Duty’ Player Because Nobody's Playing It Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sales down almost 50 percent on Black Ops 3 No Man's Sky will "reveal itself to be all that it can be" in time, Sony exec says Payday owner Starbreeze announces new indie publishing label Industry insiders share their feelings on Bethesda's new post-launch reviews policy How's Square Enix Doing? Here Are the Key Takeaways From Earnings Repot Darkest Dungeon breaks 1 million units sold, official mod support is on the way Mafia 3 is 2K’s ‘fastest-selling’ game ever Take-Two Responds to Mafia 3 Review Scores, Talks Possibility of More Remasters Nvidia and Unity bringing VRWorks and Ansel to developers XCOM 2 co-op mod available now 'Skyrim' Is Reborn in 'Enderal' Esports News First eSports arbitration court opened by WESA Esports lawyer Bryce Blum weighs in on WESA Arbitration Court Spain government creates a federation of video games and esports Overwatch League is Blizzard's ambitious new esports org, includes city-based teams Watch the best highlights from the Overwatch World Cup There was a Youtube channel with all the matches but they were all claimed last time I checked. South Korea Walks All Over Russia In Overwatch World Cup Finals Riot Games partners with Super League Gaming to offer League of Legends tournaments in US theatres Riot Games reportedly to mandate LCS teams to fully employ players Paladins Worldwide Open tournament Puts $60,000 On The Table ESL Pro League announced for 2017 Crazy comebacks, Rag RNG, and huge misplays at the Hearthstone World Championship finals Crowdfunding News Jazon and the Dead Trackless TAKE IN THE SIGHTS OF TRACKLESS’S SURREAL SCI-FI WORLD Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Bloodborne Is Genius And Here's Why The Hardcore Steam Cheating Community Sounds Wild You can check out that Youtube from other developer talks from Steam Dev Days. Tracking The Strange Trails Of The Adventure Game Genre Video Games Are Boring How Mental Health Charity Take This Is Helping to Educate the Games Industry Fruit Ninja's Creators Have Been Split By An Identity Crisis Bethesda's Review Policy: Can Some Good Come of it? - Writing on Games Inside Nintendo's Plan To Save Video Games From Congress Suda 51 on bringing his avant garde adventure The Silver Case to PC The Armello Postmortem: A Journey of Spirit & Peril How 'Dark Souls II' Reflects Our Historical and Political Anxieties Inside the Uphill Battle of 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' It's Real Hard Making An Indie Game In Cuba Read an Excerpt from ‘The Bitmap Brothers: Universe,’ on the Creation of ‘The Chaos Engine’ SID MEIER’S ‘CIVILIZATION VI’ TELLS A NEW TALE OF HUMAN HISTORY Gandhi Is Still An Asshole In Civilization VI Who Gets to Be a CIVILIZATION? - Between the Lines 10 players share stories from their funniest, strangest Civilization campaigns #GLG27: Diversity in #Mafia3 pt3 #GamingLooksGood Ride or Die: Mafia III Review After Nine Years In Development, Owlboy Is Worth The Wait Review: HITMAN (Season 1) Why VR arcades could be virtual reality’s salvation You might have seen VR Arcades from Youtuber Super Bunnyhop's video on Japanese arcades that I included in an article a few weeks ago. How RimWorld’s Code Defines Strict Gender Roles An interesting look at the game's code and how societal and personal bias can potentially lead to effecting the content of procedurally generated games, either intentionally or unintentionally, made more interesting by the developer's angry reaction in the comment section. The rational part of it being explaining that a part of the system is the way it is due to being in an early state and a problem that was fixed with a recent patch. The rest involves talking about how he came to conclusions based on gay and bisexual people he knows or knew (which would imply that other parts of the code have nothing to do with bugs or an earlier build and saying that fits perfectly with the point of the article), complaining about journalism, saying that they didn't ask him questions then saying they did but he didn't agree to the way they do interviews, not wanting to be interviewed unless he had full editorial control over it (no site or news organization will ever do or agree to this unless they are incompetent or desperate), and calling the article a hit piece (none of the many journalists or developers I saw sharing this did so acting like it was an attack on the dev or saying not to buy the game, at least not until they saw his response which then lead to them looking at past things he's said and done). I didn't see the developer in a negative light from reading the article, as the article is just a natural thing to be expected of almost anyone developing a game like this. Even the developer seems to be saying he overreacted when I last looked. Rimworld’s system for sexuality is both a work in progress, and fair game for discussion ‘Battlefield 1’ Offers a Unique Emotional History of the First World War Four Long Lost Kirby Games Found At Auction Why I love physical videogame maps Fighting Game Locations in Real-Life A Look Back On Metal Gear Rising's Last Boss, Who Wanted To Make America Great Again I remembered noticing the same thing when I played the game in January. The Canyon of Titan was Wasteland 2 at its best It was nice to have an area where every decision felt like and was a bad one. The Most Fundamental Deceit - Horror and How Rationality Betrays Us - Extra Credits Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Level Design Quit Gettin' Mad at Easy Mode in Video Games Never had any idea what left handed control options are, unless it's some weird peripheral we're talking about. Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games SMT Artwork Love to see the battle system actually look like that. Witcher Cosplay Learning the Controls Overwatch's Voice Actors Hang Out, Are Cute As Hell
  2. You know when there is that popular game or game series you hear about a lot, about how great the reviews are and the constant love people in the comment sections any time it is mentioned? And yet, you have not had a chance to try it out yourself due time or lack interest? Why do I ask this? Well, I just started a new playthrough of Deus Ex Human Revolution on the PS3 days ago. I actually had a copy of the game for years and forgot to even try it out until then. This was mainly due to the fact that I was currently binge playing the hell out of Black Ops and didn't really try to make any time to give Human Revolution a playthrough. It wasn't really until the announcement of its sequel, Mankind Divided, that I actually got around to wanting to play it. The current 10-hours I've had so far in the game have been stellar and now I find myself wanting to finish it and get to its sequel after. It actually made me wish I didn't skip out on it for so long. Same happened with Dark Souls, but that was a different situation entirely. It was the whole "Prepare To Die!" marketing that pushed me away from the series for so long. Now, I'm a patient person now (well, mostly patient), but back then I would get frustrated very quick and did not want to risk breaking my Xbox because I got killed for the 50th time by the same skeleton. Then a little new IP was revealed from the same guys who made the Souls games, Bloodborne. I would be damned if I was gonna let the developers reputation stop me from trying this beauty. To this day, I have probably put about 80+ hours into Bloodborne, and that was mostly without the Old Hunters dlc. Now, I currently have put almost 30-hours into Dark Souls III and about 20-hours into Dark Souls II (which is the cheapest game in the series btw). I'm currently looking for a good copy of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, both of which are really hard to find nowadays unfortunately. Anyone else have the same experience? Any popular games you only just played years after its original release? Hope you guys enjoyed the read. Now then, I've got some augmented terrorists to deal with. Later
  3. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today, little late however I bring the review for Dark Souls 3 on PC. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on the game.
  4. It took me 3 trys to defeat Cleric Beast. I never got the Sword Hunter Badge, why? How can I get it now? Thanks for any help.
  5. Bloodborne is easily Game of The Year for me, nothing I've played this year had gotten me so deeply enthralled by it, I don't even think Fallout 4 will get as much mileage out of my PS4 as Bloodborne did. Absolutely can not wait for the DLC! So needless to say, this was me this morning....
  6. So, I got a PS4 with Bloodborne a week or so ago, played through it offline at first but then got psn. And when it comes to a Souls game, we all know why you play Online. Anywho, Shameless promotion! Came in on my main/first character with my Burial Blade and started destroying... I suck with it, I really do. I just R1 spam untransformed. Although, I'm slowly getting better with it, a lot of unlocked transformed dead angle charged R2ing.. Ravioli steps, etc. I did all the editing, recording, gameplay myself. (And I also made the Castlevania SOTN Intro) Tell me what you think! ---
  7. I need some help in Bloodborne, basically I can't get past Father Gascoigne. Now this being said I have the music box but I have absolutely no time to use it as every time I try I either get smacked down then ravaged on the ground in his beast form until my health drains away because my character doesn't even have the chance to get up, or I'm too far away that he can't hear it. I've had the game since May 6th and I have grinded a whole lot for Soul Echoes but I was just wondering if anybody had a better way to beat him other than the 'Try, try and try again' method.
  8. With E3 being soon, Rumor are has it that Dark Souls 3 might be announced. With this reveal many would expect a 'Souls' game to be mulyiplatform as all the other ones were. And yet here lies the problem: Bloodborne. Bloodborne is the most recent 'Souls' game, (don't pretend like it isn't) and yet it is also available to only a third of it's potential player base. If there were to be a multiplatform Dark Souls 3,it would be essentially competing with...itself aka Bloodborne. I know they're different games but they're both 'Souls' games and both made by the same company, and you can be sure Sony has an interest in keeping 'Souls' games exclusive, which brings up this dilemma. A fractured player base and competiting games that are both technically part of the same franchise.
  9. Hello everyone, So I've decided to pick on the challenging games and my choice is totally depends on your feedback here: Dark Souls 2 SotFS Lords of the Fallen Bloodborne Which of this 3 deserves more attention than the others. Lets pick top 3 KPI's for this titles 1) Combat complexity; 2) Rewarding(loot etc.) 3) Most fascinating atmosphere. Waiting for your replies My wife will be out of town with my kid for a week(I love them but still YAY!!!) so I will have some quality game time. Thank you in advance, Timur
  10. Hi Angry Army! Here's my first impressions of PS4 exclusive gothic horror RPG Bloodborne! Any of you fine ladies and gents picked this up yet? What do you think of it so far?
  11. Damn, I just remembered that both Final Fantasy Type-0 and Bloodborne are releasing this month. FF Type-0 (March 17) Bloodborne (March 24) And I only have enough money to get one of them... I seriously can't decide. T_T - I want to get Final Fantasy Type-0 because I've been a fan of the series since FFVI, and I really, REALLY want to get my hands on that Final Fantasy XV demo. - I want to get Bloodborne because it is the most interesting Sony IP I've seen and I always want to be introduced to From Software's style of gameplay since I've never got to play Dark Souls yet. So... what do you guys think, 'cause I am terrible at making decisions.