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Found 2 results

  1. Good ol' boogie was sent an XB1 elite controller to review. I just thought I'd share this since I haven't really seen much somebody trying this out hands on outside of Microsoft's own promotion. Personally, I'm still not sure. There has been a number of fancy peripherals made for games consoles and PC's over the years, like the power glove, and whilst I do think this isn't much more than that, It does seem to have been thought out with more common sense than most of them. What do you crazy mo'fo's think?
  2. As a kid one of my all time favourite games was Dungeon Keeper by Bullfrog, most older members will likely know all about it for younger members I just want to prefix this post by briefly explaining what it was about. It was essentially an RTS game where you played an evil demi-god called a Keeper who constructs a dungeon inhabited by minions whom you train, feed and lead on a conquest against brave heroes and rival Keepers in order to conquer the world. There were 2 games in the series and they were both great in their own ways although I personally prefer the first and was very disappointed when the series seemed to stop. But now it's back on IOS..... And OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I'll let Boogie explain... Just like him I've been waiting for a new Dungeon Keeper for more than a decade and THIS is what we get!! Just another crappy touch game full of timers and paywalls!! This actually makes me physically sick, this franchise deserves a proper release. Fuck you EA!! You cashwhoring greedy-arse pricks!!!