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Found 9 results

  1. yesterday during the bf4 event I had 2/2 charges on the defibrillator and when I charged the joules and later charged the defib on an enemy from behind he didn't die?. Am I doing something wrong or is the defibrillator glitched.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5ssg9VV8XU Go to 18:39 you won't be disappointed. (or maybe you will...meh you'll get over it) I said to myself, "If they just make a competent platformer then I won't really have much issue with this game.", but then they decided to add in a little Sonic '06 game design into it. At this point I'll gladly throw the dev under the bus. I suggest you avoid this one. It could be a one time occurrence, but one time is one too many in my book. I don't understand why Sanic can't get some reliable QA.
  3. In sad news, my mouse broke Friday and now I have a weekend with out PC gaming. Till I get a new one am going to be on my PS4 playing Destiny and some other games, If you want to add me am TheSpaceCowboy23. In destiny am a lv 17 Titian. Besides the point I want to buy a new headset and mouse. I have the budget of 50 dollars and am not looking for top of the line stuff, just something simple and reliable. Something I could get at a local Best Buy. Mouse: Preferably Wireless, decent size for big hands, and not easily broken. Headset: Any type of jack as long as it inst the green and red bull shit I need to be able to use it for my laptop. Comfortable, Blocks out sound, and decent or better mic quality. So any suggestions?
  4. Okay, so a little back story. A while ago, I had decided to download Battlefield 4. I had warning signs telling me that the game was broken. It was going to piss me off. But I decided to ignore the problems because I wanted a fun game to play. Around when I bought it, I was going through a rough patch at University and wanted to do something to get my mind in the clear. Rather than turning to alcohol, I decided to download Battlefield 4. So the download took a while, but that was to be expected. When it finally finished, I was on my way to playing some good FPS action. I got a few levels up in the multiplayer, and decided it was time for some campaign action. The campaign for these games have always been very mediocre for me to be honest. Story wise, it was lame. Gameplay wise, it got kind of boring considering the fun stuff that could be done in the multiplayer. Why focus on the campaign then, if it's not the main draw? Well, after getting three quarters of the way through it, the game crashed to the dashboard. I was already ticked at the game, so I clicked on the game, hoping it saved. Not only did it not save, but everything was GONE. Campaign progress? GONE. Multiplayer progress? GONE. Everything was gone. I turned off the XBOX and turned it back on. I checked the memory. I did everything I could, but it was all gone. The last game I had bought before this was Arkham Origins, and you know how that went down. Thankfully, the weekend was saved thanks to a random user on Reddit, who gave me a Titanfall Beta Key. Sorry, I just wanted to tell my story.
  5. So the weirdest thing happened to me last night. I was playing on a pistols only server on BF4 and got like 30,000 points so I was super happy. I got like 2 medals and a domination service star but when the game was over and I left it didn't count ANY of the points. The weird thing is that they still gave me the level 40 battlepack but according to their servers I am still a level 39. But the kicker is the medals counted without giving me points so I have to get 50 more ribbons to get another medal -.- it's pretty weird. Anyways, has anybody had this issue and found a fix? Its annoying to spend like 30 minutes in a game and have it not count. Post any weird BF4 glitches down below for the lulz.
  6. I just want to know if I'm the only one that is having problems with the burst fire mechanic. When I'm running around shooting it works, as long as I'm not getting hit, as soon as someone is shooting back and I get hit by bullets it's like there is a 0,5 - 1 second delay on the gun. It has gotten me killed quite a few times now and it has made me decide not to use any guns that are burst fire only (like the M4/M16A4).
  7. I'm getting tired of the new YouTube very quickly. After watching a really good video, I enjoy to embrace and help the maker of that video by simply talking about it in the comments section. So I scroll down and I see that the most liked comment is something phallic or just pure spam or even a link to a virus. I know it's been going on for awhile and it has been repeated over and over again, but I still want to discuss my anger towards this new movement. I wish I could help support the revolt going on but I never get comment spammed on my channel (because I haven't made a video in awhile) so turning off my comments may be just not worth my time. However, what I'd think would be a good revolt is to make several hundred copies of the script for the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora!" and/or other crap and just post them all around the google offices since I live near them. Returning though, I really hope that this issue is resolved soon. I want the pubescence gone. I want the comments fixed. And I want the Google out of my YouTube.
  8. You done f***ed it up!