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Found 1 result

  1. Just fixing an obvious error on these forums by making a thread dedicated to this amazing franchise. Well rather I just wanted to start a general thread to discuss it with fellow fans. I first played The Witcher simply by chance I remember. I bought it because it was discounted at my local game store because TW2 had already been out for a few months. It looked very dated but that never bothered me as the mechanics clicked right away and I was soon drawn into the story, even though at the time many elements kind of confused me. I had no idea back then it was based on a series of books until a friend had told me, but despite some things being a bit jarring I was already invested enough that I played it through to the end. I got to TW2 around the time the Enhanced Edition was released, and was immediately blown away by it. Everything was improved although I know that is subjective, the story was much easier for me to understand as well I thought. I had initial difficulties with the new combat system like everyone else but I got used to it in the end. Recently I started to collect the books which the games were based around (the ones released in english anyway) I found the fan translations of the ones that were not released also. Currently I am going through Sword of Destiny which I am nearing the end. I own The Last wish and I bought Blood of Elves last week, so I can jump right into the next one when I am done. I must say the books really are amazing so far. I better stop writing now unless this thread becomes an essay titled "why I like the Witcher" so are there any other fans?