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Found 7 results

  1. As opposed to public transportation, taxi services provide a great deal of flexibility. They offer you the flexibility to fly there whenever clients want. They do not even stop constantly, like trains or buses, to pick up and drop off other passengers. The city cab provides its services across the Canada with high professional drivers. Its also facilitates the customers at very reliable rates. United cab provides luxury cars with luxury services. Our professional drivers will assure your easy and restful travel. It also provide the services from airport to airdrie and airport to calgary, airport to crossfield and many more.
  2. Hey folks, crimsonwolf911 here, as the title says, Im Canadian, Im an Asshole, and A rager, not much else to it. I spend most of my time bouncing back and forth between two main games, War Thunder, and World of Tanks, and occasionally some Titanfall when the mood strikes me. I dabble in others as well, but them two are my main gaming haunts, you can almost always find me lurking in one or the other. I know the TS doesnt have a World of Tanks section yet but I look forward to seeing if it will have one in the future. I rage like a motherfucker when I game, its no secret, just ask my neighbors...the ones that live a block away, cuz the next door ones cant hear so well anymore >.< I stream on twitch occasionally as well, but my gameplay is nothing to right home about, Im an average player, at best in world of tanks, well below average in war thunder, I mostly fly bombers. Not much else to see here Im afraid, so without further adue, Its good to be here, and Ill see you on the field.
  3. Hey everyone my Name is Jesse DeVries I'm from Ontario Canada I'm a collage student currently and am 21 years old in 15 more days. I've been a gamer since i can remember with my first game ever being doom 2 on the PC. I Currently have Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I enjoying weight lighting been into bodybuilding for the past 7 years. I'm very easy going person who enjoys playing games with great people. I have watched Angryjoe and been apart of his community ever since his YouTube video of why Fable 2 will suck/kickass. "kick chickens you can kick chickens?!" "FUCK THE CHICKENS!" His been my favourite game reviewer and we even played and talked together in GW2.
  4. Hi there comrades. Im Chris, aka MiThiXi, and im a Canadian Teen in College for Game Development hoping to be a Level Designer some day. I do Graphic Design in my spare time, along with school work, and some stuff like hang with friends, play sports, work out, and obviously play video games. I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 so please add me sometime and we'll play. I have a Mac so I dont have any good computer games haha sorry, but im planning on buying parts for a PC im building so if you want to add my Steam account you can. Steam username is "crispyvoid". I hope to see all of you in battle and bring honour and glory to the AJSA!!!!!
  5. Its late, cold, snowing, I'm tired but first greetings from Canada...and now good night lol
  6. Hey, greetings from Toronto, Canada. I'm new to the whole online community scene, but Angry Joe made me think it's trying out. The games I'm playing now are LOL, Starcraft 2, Harthstone, and Terraria. Hoping to become an important part of this community, as soon as I find out how everything works on this site.
  7. Hi guys! Anyone in the AJSA Canadian? I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to organise Canada vs USA tournaments, or North America vs. Europe that kind of thing. Any thoughts? p.s. loving the new AJSA!