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Found 4 results

  1. Why has nobody talked about the Channel Awesome meltdown and their absurd responses (mirror) since the start of the month? I find these allegations of abuse, mistreatment and other things just show that things aren't always sparkly shiny on the surface and are bound to show corruption on the underside, namely from Michael Michaud, the CEO of Channel Awesome and to lesser extents, Doug Walker and his brother Rob. This not only saddens me as a former CA fan from many years ago but it angers me that Doug has allowed such things to go on for years on end. Firstly, I would like to say keep this discussion civil and please read (not skim) the 70 page Google document before contributing to this topic. EDIT: Angry Joe has disassociated himself from Channel Awesome. Good move!
  2. TGWTG (That Guy With The Glasses) studio known as Channel Awesome where Angry Joe worked in there. Doug Walker the host of TGWTG who did his own show, Nostalgia Critic. There is also former member of Channel Awesome including Spoony which he was temporarily terminated in June 2012 for cause of reasons (maybe Spoony's alter ego has Dr. Insano in his own mind, whatever) which is count before June 2012. I'm looking for most funniest and epic moment ever seen. So here is the Top 10 Best Moments of TGWTG. 10. Angry Joe Show's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor angry reviewThis is only best moment scene is the funny fan-made box art cover. AJ called Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor an Steel Battalion: Get Your Fucking Hands Off That! was hilarious. 9. The Spoony One's Zombie 5: Revenge in the House (The Spoony Snob)When Spoony was surfing on IMDb website about alternative titles, chronological and review that gave score for this movie. However, Spoony saw the funniest title that made in Japan called The Big Tits Dragon. Kind remind me of Onechanbara game. 8. Bennett The Sage's Anime Abandon - Gall ForceThere is the girl sitting on the toilet. Then the Bennett The Sage add the fart sound just like in the other media such as Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle where two British girls were playing Battleshit which is similar to Family Guy where Peter Griffin and Michael Moore were playing fart contest. So Bennett The Sage just made his own imagination about the creators on anime development studio were on conversion about Gall Force. 7. Angry Joe Show's Rambo: The Video Game angry reviewThis game is worst and dumb. Many of the scenes are using UHF-style. When Rambo is dead, Colonel Trautman will call out and yell "JOHN!". Then Angry Joe say "JOHN! JOOOOHN! JOOOOOHN!!! That's what the game says every fucking time you die, I've been listening to that for like six hours. John! Joooooohn!!! This game is so cheap it can't even afford to use voice actors!" which is rip-off to Metal Gear Solid after Colonel Trautman calling Rambo's name after Rambo is dead. Then later, one of the most funniest moment on this video beside "JOHN!" is Angry Joe keep saying "He's a man, not a god!" while spamming the same quote with Indian accent. I could imagine if Angry Joe comment AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) episode about Rambo whe AVGN say "Who does Rambo think he is, Jesus Christ?", then Angry Joe response and say "He's a man, not a god!" every keep spamming making look crazy. 6. Angry Joe Show's Angry Joe Vs Olgoth - Shadow of MordorAngry Joe was trying to beat Olgoth The Humiliator which is legendary badass Mordor warlord. He keep getting his ass owned by Olgoth everytime before Angry Joe could finish him off. LMAO. That was epic AJ. 5. The Spoony One's Samurai Zombie Nation reviewAfter the scrolling text intro like Star Wars cliches, the floating head was in the game after Spoony start the game. I was laughing at Spoony when he saw floating head name is Namakubi. Spoony fight the Stage 1 boss who look like Statue of Liberty with Medusa. Then finally is the Stage 2 boss battle which Spoony called them a Naked Zombie Sean Connery. I was strongly laughing so much hard. 4. Angry Joe Show's Angry Joe Plays Brothers: The Tale of Two (Joes)Actually both Angry Joe and Other Joe were playing Brothers: The Tale of Two Sons on Xbox 360 in only one controller for each together. So one of the funniest moment is playing basketball. Other Joe threw the ball on the hoop that stuck. Then the little basketball kid was flying and grab the ball. After the ball is drop, he grab the ball and throw away. Then they keep running away from kid and Other Joe say "WITCH!" while both Angry Joe and Other Joe were running down the hill until met the gardener. I was laughing so much hard. In the end, the game is crashed. 3. The Spoony One's Ultima Retrospective - Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssSpoony think the whole plot was so dumb but it's hilarious. You gonna hear the horrible voice acting. How the kidnapper made it to Stygian Abyss. The Stygian Abyss is located in Island of Avatar. Also the King (not Lord British the king of Britannia) from somewhere around the Britannia doesn't recognized Avatar. Spoony made his own imagination when the castle guard arrived in Princess' room and saw the Avatar with bunny pajama suit. Then the King refused to give the weapons and armors to Avatar. LMAO. Great job Spoony. Also the final scene where Spoony/Avatar goes high after warp into the dimensional area. 2. Linkara's Atop The Fourth Wall: Warrior #1 (feat. Spoony)The Ultimate Warrior comic book was infamous and worst. Everything is messed up this comic book including The Ultimate Warrior just raped Santa. I was laughing so much hard. Then the gang of TGWTG including Angry Joe were attacking Dr. Insano the Spoony mad scientist for raping Santa. Just like did on episode 37 of GinTama when Santa farted on Kagura's face before Santa and other 2 including Gintoki were dragging inside by Kagura. I could imagine if Bad Santa just farted on Tsundere's face. Then the Tsundere was upset and dragging Santa before he was raped by Tsundere just like The Ultimate Warrior. Yes! Kagura from GinTama was voiced by Rie Kugimiya who did on many tsundere characters on different anime series. Imagine tsundere was the ultimate warrior. So here it is. See 28:14 before you will get surprised in 28:22. 1. The Spoony One's Let's Play SWAT 4I was laughing so much hard when Spoony was upset when old lady refused to surrender and still resist the arrest. He said "Bitch, I got a gun! Bitch, I got a bomb!" before he use pepper spray on her. Then he tased the old lady. There is enemy campers in Mission #07: Full House... of Crime! scene. One of his fellow police officer just threw the grenade by accident either sting or flashbang to hurt Spoony and said, "You fool!" to his SWAT. Spoony was also hates to hear what his cop in partners say "You're in my way." just like Bear Grylls say "I need water." in AuzzieGamer. Both were hilarious. So what is your favorite moment in TGWTG?
  3. Indiegogo Linkara started an Indiegogo to fund a movie. I've always enjoyed his shows, most of his story segments, and his roles in the past Channel Awesome movies so I'll probably donate to it. Usually I get a bit worried when someone like this tries to do a movie (except for Brad Jones who has always done a great job) as they might already be slow putting up new content or they might try to do things they can't possibly afford/waste money from lack of experience but Linkara always seemed like he was probably the hardest working person on Channel Awesome and keeping the filming in his home state is a good thing.
  4. Today is a sad day in the internet and to all fans of TGWTG and all video game communities that JewWario has passed away here is more info about it http://www.screwattack.com/news/justin-jewwario-carmical-has-passed-away