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Found 8 results

  1. Hi ASJA, Im looking for people to join a good 'ol game of Civ 5 (BNW and G&K). Looking for some players are in it for the long haul... Hit me up on steam if you fancy Steam ID:zerocool732 I cant remeber what it is lol
  2. First of all I must say the the title of this topic is not entirely correct. I sorted these leaders by date of death, NOT date of birth. Why? Because dates of birth are harder to find than dates of death. When I make a single player game I like to match my leader with other historic leaders that lived in the same time frame or just as close as possible. 1213 B.C. - Ramesses II/Egyptian814 B.C. - Dido/Carthaginian*627 B.C. - Ashurbanipal/Assyrian562 B.C. - Nebuchadnezzar II/Babylonian486 B.C. - Darius I/Persian323 B.C. - Alexander/Greek14 A.D. - Augustus Ceasar/Roman61 A.D. - Boudicca/Celtic453 A.D. - Atilla/Hunnic548 A.D. - Theodora/Byzantine683 A.D. - Pacal/Mayan705 A.D. - Wu Zetian/Chinese809 A.D. - Harun al-Rashid/Arabian986 A.D. - Harald Bluetooth/Danish1205 A.D. - Enrico Dandolo/Venetian1227 A.D. - Genghis Khan/Mongolian1298 A.D. - Ramkhamhaeng/Siamese1364 A.D. - Gajah Mada/Indonesian1370 A.D. - Casimir III/Polish1450 A.D. - Sejong/Korean1451 A.D. - Hiawatha/Iroquois*1469 A.D. - Montezuma I/Aztec1471 A.D. - Pachacuti/Incan1504 A.D. - Isabella/Spanish1538 A.D. - Askia/Songhai1566 A.D. - Suleiman I/Ottoman1582 A.D. - Oda Nobunaga/Japanese1584 A.D. - William I/Dutch1603 A.D. - Elizabeth I/English1603 A.D. - Ahmad al-Mansur/Moroccan1632 A.D. - Gustavus Adolphus/Swedish1780 A.D. - Maria Theresa/Austrian1796 A.D. - Catherine/Russian1799 A.D. - Washington/American1816 A.D. - Maria I/Portuguese1819 A.D. - Kamehameha/Polynesian1821 A.D. - Napoleon/French1828 A.D. - Shaka/Zulu1884 A.D. - Pocatello/Shoshone1891 A.D. - Pedro II/Brazilian1898 A.D. - Bismarck/German1948 A.D. - Gandhi/Indian1975 A.D. - Haile Selassie/Ethiopian - Most of these dates are from the Civ wiki page and i did not bother to double check everything (sorry).- No birth or death dates are known for both Dido of Carthage and Hiawatha of the Iroquois, the dates I used are just estimates (by historians not by me ) Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on any dates and i'll update them asap.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm recruit Kromdar from the Netherlands, 20 years old, a psychology student and actually hard to anger. My first gaming experience was Disney's animated storybook: 'Winnie the Pooh and the honey tree' when i was 3 years old. My most recent addition to my game collection is Civ 5. I've never been part of an active gaming community before. I own over a 100 video games and hope to find new friends to play them with (namely the tagged games, but feel free to ask me if a own a certain game/ want to play it with you). I'm an experienced gamer yet not very skilled one. Something i'm proud of: Being a psychology student. Something i'm less proud of: Never having taken my girlfriend of 3 years on a vacation.
  4. I recently picked up Civilization 5 to play with a group of my friends, but to be honest... I'm pretty terrible. Well, I say terrible, but half the time I really don't know how well I'm doing except for the fact I'm not dead yet. If you guys could give me some tips I'd be very grateful. I play as Wu Zetian (China). EDIT: Totally forgot to mention what Civs my friends play as. Russia Celts America Germany Side Note: Wu Zetian is my favourite female person from history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Zetian
  5. I was wondering if anyone was interested in playing a long term (marathon length) game of civ 5. i was thinking 3-5 human players with a couple of computer players and a between 12 -18 city states. other settings like map type and that stuff can be decided later when/if enough people are interested and agree to play. however i don't know anything about hosting a multiplayer game so someone else will have to do that. Just reply to this topic if your interested and lets try and put a game together.
  6. ok, so I have won almost every victory, won a few online matches, even won a match on Deity,, yet I cant get a domination victory. I can make good defensive forces, but I cant go on the offensive against Civs equal to my military, its sad when I can only beat civs that are centuries behind me. lol. I need help. can any one give me advice on wining a military victory? any help would be HUGELY appriciated
  7. Hello im a sixteen year old gamer from the uk.I like most types games from civ 5 to smite to dark souls to battle field 3(haven't got 4 yet hoping to get it soon ) Ive been a fan of angry joe ever since his mass effect 3 review. Im looking to get involed more with other gamers so if you ever want to play any muiltplayer games or talk about game releated stuff just add me on skype or steam. I do own a ps3 buts it stopped working lately . This is me --------------> p.s My names not Ed Skype: edfriedrice my steam name is the same.
  8. I've never gotten around playing Civ 5 online against other players. I know I am late to the game but at least I have the game. I would love to play online with other Civ players. Is this game even still current?