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Found 45 results

  1. Well, the leaks were real afterall. CoD is back on track BABY!
  2. Hey guys and gals. Not sure if there's a thread about this here in the Xbox One section or not already, if so admins, I apologize and if there isn't then this is a good way to start one I guess. I just picked up Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Xbox One because my PC isn't good enough (working on making a new one) to play it on and I was looking for others to play with. How are people liking it so far? I'm going to be playing some multiplayer today as it's double xp weekend and representing the AJSA online. If you wish to join me or want to add me as a friend, hit me up and we'll kick some butt online together. Happy Sunday and Happy Gaming everyone
  3. COD: Black Ops III - Xbox One

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Xbox One Event - July 13th, 2016 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT) You Asked For It! No really...You did. Call of Duty: Black Ops III returns as an event this Wednesday! Come join the forces of the Angry Army "Black Ops" division on the Xbox One. Enjoy yourself in a night of fun and comfortable gaming. Members of all skill levels are welcome to play and participate. We don't look or care about K/D! Play as a team, work together with your fellow AJSA members and enjoy yourself in this unique COD experience. Please contact the event host, Rune, at "RuneX" on the forums or at his Gamertag "AScapeRunePlaya" if you have any questions or need assistance. Event Summary: Time: July 13th, 2016 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm EST) Host: RuneX (Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya)
  4. Curiousity killed the cat, game curiosity killed me. What the hell do people see in CoD, that it's so popular? I thought I'd find out, if I buy MW3, I mean afterall I was really into CoD 1/2 and World at War, and 2 of my friends always hail this game as the best shooter ever, so getting it second hand really cheap and trying out at least the singleplayer, it can't be that bad, right? It's relatively short, so I'll beat it quick and show my friends I'm open minded. ... I've seen more enemy types with better AI in Free to play Online FPS games, yes GAMES as in more than 1. I've seen better stealth sections in RAMBO THE FUCKING VIDEO GAME, I literally stood up and went 1 meter away from the enemies AND STARTED SHOOTING A LITTLE BIT ABOVE THEM, without a silencer, and they didn't see me.... The weapons, make no difference, they are painfully the same, no progression in them.... And speaking of Rambo the fucking video game, CoD feels more on-rails than Rambo actually IS, press F to do this, press F to do that, and all the scripts holy shit oh and the fucking Level Design, ENEMY INTEL? REALLY?! So no ammo to look around for, no med kits ( THANK YOU REGENERATING HEALTH, oh did I mention the Health Reg actually makes every gun fight boring and inconsequential? It's like I'm playing a flash game, or Rambo the Video Game, you wait for the non-existing AI to peek or rush you and you shoot em, get hit? No prob crouch bro, git gud. ) And I guess I should be thankful for the lack of ammo and med-kits, the leves are linear and straightforward like a fucking straight line. I also really love the constant ball and chain FOLLOW, in the underwater mission, there was this giant long tube with mines on it, Price was shouting at me to follow him so I ditched my futile attempts at ''exploration'' and went after him, he went UNDER the tube, but I was closer to the upper side, so I decided to go over it.... invisible wall.... slowed me down too much cause of the crappy controls ''KEEP UP WITH THAT GENERIC GUY WITH NO CHARACTER" and respawn at checkpoint.... Or all the boring turret sections with no overheat and infinite ammo, or that little jeep thingy that was in the garage RIGHT UNDER THE GENERIC RUSSIANS' NOSES and MURDER hundres of people with it, along with 3 helicopters.... yeah good job making the enemies smart and dangerous... The cherry on this shit-pile is how my 2 friends kept defending it ''You have no opinion you just repeat what reviews say'' Or ''Sign in the millitary see how much exploration there is or how much you can disobey guys like Price'' or flash some numbers that this game sold 30 million copies.... if a pile of shit sells 30 million times, does it turn into gold? Nope! I'd actually prefer playing Rambo the Video Game, atleast It's more self-aware than CoD. How did we get here? How did this become the best selling franchise? What did we do to deserve this? Was it the setting/theme? What the hell do you CoD fans like about this game? I mean, I don't mind that someone likes this, I've liked bad games too, but atleast I realized they were bad, when I see someone saying Best FPS and CoD in the same sentance I die a little bit on the inside. Call of Duty: World at War – 17.37 million units sold Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare — 17.6 million units sold Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – 17.91 million units sold Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 24.74 million units sold Call of Duty: Ghosts – 25.28 million units sold Call of Duty: Black Ops II – 28.07 million units sold Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – 30.11 million units sold Call of Duty: Black Ops – 30.17 million units sold What do they say with their heads in their asses?
  5. According to those 2 articles i found on Charlie Intel, its look like the new CoD could be called Infinite Warfare, as always this is an speculation and nothing is confirmed. What your thoughts about it? http://charlieintel.com/2016/04/26/rumor-call-duty-2016-revealed-next-tuesday/ http://charlieintel.com/2016/04/26/playstation-store-leaks-cod-2016-as-call-of-duty-infinite-warfare/
  6. Hi everyone my name is Cryptik, often you will see me in game as Kryptekk Frost, though I plan to change this soon. I have been a fan of Angry Joe for some time know and actually just figured out he had a badass gaming community for me to join so I signed right up. I am brand new and looking forward to playing with you all in the future. Despite what many others say I am a huge Call Of Duty fan-boy and that is where I spend most my time. FPS is my niche and I play almost exclusively cod. Additionally I play some Battlefield (BFBC2), Titanfall, and Halo. I also enjoy RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim mainly) and Thief, and Tomb Raider. I am on Xbox 360 hoping to get and Xbox One very soon. See you in the game! Peace.
  7. I thought Id post this because I thought it was funny and you guys might get a good laugh out of it. Me and my brother played the crap out of cod and we where 350 in the world master Prestige first week and we missed 2 days of gameplay to. Yeah It was a while ago but I thought some of you would like to read the blog I posted and see all the HATE http://raptr.com/undeadredemption/news/50ce92365e81df3076/11th-prestige-
  8. Should he does it? Because he has never reviewed one yet cause he think CoD is the same crap every year. But since he did an Interview at E3 2014 maybe he could have been interested back in? idk what do you guys think? My point of view: This CoD is changing a bit because of that graphic leap in the CoD series. 3 years of work is better than 2!
  9. Who has the pre order? i cant wait.
  10. Some way some who it happened. maybe because it can be challenging? i just keep going back to that game.
  11. I wonder if they really have this bus? I reckon they realise how ridiculous the hype has gotten and are poking fun at themselves and fanboys, with this not in the least subtle picture. http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare#fbid=D3Pu83S2Y7k?hashlink=roadtogamescom Believe the hype Get hyped Kill my wife Hide the knife Put her head on a spike Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, blah, blah, blah, blah...
  12. Hi guys, Most of you know that the PS4 is out in North America and coming to Europe in around 2 weeks. Call Of Duty is out on PS4 now and I thought why not make an AJSA clan for it. I'm in the UK and so would come into it on the 29th. Let me know what you think and lets see if it can happen. P.S. If AJ is not happy with this then feel free to correct it, I like to respect the top dog and just try to be helpful!
  13. Um... I'm lost I can't even.
  14. So today I heard of something on the Machinima channel on Youtube about a new Call of Duty game. They wanna call it Call of Duty Patriots but however it's just rumors at the moment. They did say it was suppose to come out this year sometime and take place during WW1 with other things to it that I forgot. But tell me fellow members will you buy this next COD game no matter what or wait for a review or two on it? Keep all discussions about the new COD in this thread - Councilman Ton0fun
  15. So this topic is what we think which game is the CoD of their genre not CoD in general like Dynsaty Warriors is the CoD of the hack and slash genre. Assassin Creed action adventure, Street Fighter fighting genre. But if you feel differently don't be afraid to post below.
  16. Just a poll to see whose ever favorite FPS is around here. Please list your favorite if its not on the poll.
  17. HEY EVERYONE. I'm bringing this forward to maybe ask about putting some sort of ajsa twist onto Xbox? Xbox one mainly with a cod team maybe, getting into GB, Fifa, all of that stuff? Bringing YouTube into it also. Maybe even get Joe himself to come into some games and have a good laugh, this can be something fun and rewarding because getting a GB team and all sorts of awesome stuff into the mix! Tell me what you think?
  18. Hey everyone! My name is callum and I am a addicted gamer from England. I mostly play on Xbox one but I am starting to get into PC gaming. I play Fifa, Eso online when its out but don't know if i should use pc or Xbox, call of duty ghosts and more. I've always been looking for a good community to join with players like myself that love to play games. I used to be a competitive tournament player for Xbox and might get back into it so I've always been serious with gaming and I am also looking to begin a dual YouTube or single man YouTube channel. If you would like to play Xbox with me then of course by all means do so. Calzual is my gt. Add me on Skype too: Callyman123 Glad i could be apart of a new community and hopefully I'll get to play with you guys!
  19. Anybody play CoD on ps3? Psn: Liruh
  20. So I know Titanfall had been out for five days now and I know this might be early to say but what if Titanfall inherits the CoD fanbase mainly the little screaming kids of all ages. I mean this game is not exactly in the realism department so wouldn't that give more reason and less doubt for parents to get this game for their kids wouldn't that mean will have more little kids screaming their heads off and blowing out our ear drums? Oh god the horror the horror THE HORROR!!! Well anyways whats your thoughts on this will Titanfall get the horrible side of the CoD fanbase or will they stay with CoD. P.S. I know its shortly written but I can barely find the strength to type what I can now oh the horror of it all.
  21. If anybody out there still plays BO2 on PC drop me a line on steam or wherever suits you. Even if you don't play but want to, get in touch! From my experience Ghosts is pretty terrible, but I still love BO2 and would really like to keep playing with decent people. Maybe we can even make a regular thing of it? I'm open to pretty much anything!
  22. Looking for people to play Ghosts with. Maybe play Clan matches once in a while to spread fear of the AJSA. PSN ID: SCARY_MONKEY23
  23. Hello there Since there are quite some people flying the AJSA Clan Tag in Ghosts, yet no real AJSA Clan, i think we should change that. I would either like to ask one of the superior officers to take care of that, or give me permission to found a clan and invite all the players wo are interested. a reply would be much appreciated Thanks DangerLemon
  24. Hi there! I've been playing quite some ghosts lately, and i would love to compare some notes on experiences with the different weapons. Here's what i feel are some of the best guns in the game: Shotguns Tac 12! To me no other 12 Gauge holds a Candle to this, thanks to the decreased spread when aiming down the sights, that thing kann kill on pretty impressive range, if equipped with a grip and a muzzle break. Not necessarily the best with slug ammo, but if you want to use that you might as well grab a sniper rifle. MPs K7 for a fast, stealthy set, i like it the most with grip and rapid fire, deals damage like hell on short to medium range, kills dogs just like normal enemies. Vector for a loud, spray and pray fast set. Worked for me with most mods but the silencer. Mtar-X, the definitiive starting weapon i think, save up some squad points and you can basically mod this thing to do anything you like just as well as an assault rifle, just more nimble. Assault Rifles Fad, what a lovely little bullet hose! Are you like me and can't really aim or have any tactical knowledge? Let your gun do the heavy lifting for you! Fire rate, mag size and recoil one can absolutely live with just made me love this thing, like the Mtar-X kind of a nice allrounder, modable for whatever you want it to do. Honey Badger, feels like an assault rifle and an MP at the same time, nice for stealth thanks to integrated silencer, and small enough to not make you feel like you're compensating. Nice package deal. Pistols P226. Ran out of ammo? Keep killing with a trusty sidearm. It just feels like the most balanced solution that won't leave you hanging no matter what trouble you went and got yourself into. Loved it with a silencer as well as a muzzle break. Magnum. Do you feel lucky, punk? A nice, quick one shot finisher in case your mag just ran out and your enemy is still standing. If you have a set with the additional weapon mods perk, give it a muzzle break and armor piercing ammo and see what happens. Those are the weapon types i have experience with, if any of you know sniper rifles, marksman rifles, LMG and all the other stuff, i would love to hear your opinions, so i don't have to fly blind when i try them out. Thanks! DangerLemon