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Found 1 result

  1. Alright I guess it is about time that we shoulda had this.....Im kind of surprised we didnt have one. But yes with the replay take over and the ingame coaching system i think we should have a coach list set up. At the moment I think the Coaches List and Students list will be separate(ill reserve a post under this one for the student list i think). Please put your Coach resume/foreward like the following format. Keep in mind i would like all things on this list as required unless noted as otherwise. I would like to urge any Coach to be as specific as possible while keeping it concise and on topic. Also please specify if your post is to be a student or to be a coach. Steamname(Forum name/Teamspeak name if different): Region/Continent(server locations)/timezones youd be willing to teach: Languages(any languages you know, plz list english): Availability(around what times would you be playing/free time): How many hours/Games of Dota 2 experience(Dotabuff link can be useful though not required) Ranked MMR(if applicable)(not required but may help): Prior Coaching experience(if applicable)(not required but helps): What your coaching would cover(topics): try to be as specific as much as possible, i.e. solo offlaning, rune control(mid), pulling any specific hero youd be excellent coaching/Teaching people about: This is where you put heroes you are good with ie invoker example: Steamname: =AJSA=Sundaecat(my forum and teamspeak names are both Sundaecat) Server location/timezone: US servers and EU west servers, im GMT-6(US) Languages: English Availability: Yay New comp. Should be more available once this week settles Experience: 1600 hours of Dota 2, or about 1000 games of PVP Dota 2 games, Dotabuff Ranked MMR: 3270 or about average(dont really play ranked at all) Prior Coaching experience: about 4-6 people mostly on basic ui, playing support/carry, Topics i can cover: Pulling, Warding, Basic Ui, General gameplay, playing offlane solo, supporting(5), some basic mid tips, basic carry Heroes i can give pretty good tips with: Clockwerk, Tusk, Jakiro, Earthshaker, Lion, Shadow Shaman Coaches LIST(This will be updated as more coaches pop up, Steam name - link to post - steam link - Location - Language): US =AJSA= Sundaecat (Post) (Steam Link) - US Central(can EU west) - English - inactive =AJSA= LiquidSn8ke (post) (steam link) - English - English Warsocialist (post) (steamlink) - English Facd (post) (steamlink) - English ProjectToast/ToastProtocol (post) (steamlink) - English Isamu Rin (post) (steamlink) - English Faustian (post) (steamlink) - English EU =AJSA= xWolf-DOFR (post) (steamlink) - English, Russian =AJSA= MrDerwisj (post) (steamlink) - English, Dutch Spinakker (post) (steamlink) - English =AJSA= JeanMark (post) (steamlink) - EU(but can US east) - English AJSA.Charlie (post) (steamlink) - English, German, Greek Miku Miku (post) (steamlink) - Russian The Dude (post) (steamlink) - English RussianSoap (post) (steamlink) - English/Finnish/Swedish AJSA.Wuhsa (post) (steamlink) - English MiGA.Thrower (post) (steamlink) - English & Swedish 2slow4me (post) (Steamlink) - Serbian & English Australia: Denjo (post) (steamlink) - English note: Sundaecat is maintaining thread note2: if Students want to recommend a Coach, id say like their forum post within this thread. It can be a nice way to gauge feedback for each coach as well as how much each coach is recommended. This is mostly so this List thread doesnt get populated with feedback(may make or ask the officers to make a feedback thread for feedback and suggestions to coaches) note3: If either coach or Students want to have only one coach or one student and is currently occupied, please edit currently coaching or something akin to it. note4: You can surround a statement with "["url="]" "["/url"]" with a hyperlink after the = sign to imbed the hyperlink within the words(remove all the " when you do this) <- much like coding you do need to use the /url part other wise it wont be recognized :I