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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, North "SCARMaster" here, To all who read this, is anyone kinda noticing that games like Battlefield are starting to get their previous entries ignored? Even when they are in this generation. I mean, I would love to see us go into BF4 and dominate a server together. Would anyone like to do that? At least anyone in the PS4 division? Sincerely Yours, North "SCARMaster"
  2. Hey everyone so topic says it all do you guys think Nintendo consoles would sell more if Tales Of series made it's way onto Nintendo consoles, in my opinion yes the games are fun and not graphically demanding and I think it would be a perfect fit. Those are my thoughts what's yours post below.
  3. I'm looking to join a club when the game comes out tomorrow, and i don't want the responsibility of running one because I don't think i would do a good job of it. I'm pretty good at racing games so if your looking let me know in the replies.
  4. I've been loosely fallowing ESO for about a year and I still haven't heard confirmation on the consoles' payment types. I assume it's the same as PC and Mac but I have yet to hear.
  5. Hello everybody! GokuGT25 reporting for duty! (i know , it's a silly name , but i like it) I would like to know what games you guys play on consoles (Mostly PS3 since i dont really have an awesome PC , it's mostly average i run most of my games on low settings) so i can play with you guys! , the games i mostly play are those that PS Plus gives for free , since in my country games are REALLY expensive (more than a 100 dollars per game) and the only means i have of getting games are ps plus and discounts on the PS Store. So , if you guys want to play with me i would love to do so Thanks for taking the time to read this! (PS: Sorry for my bad english , it's not my first language )
  6. Basically the European console version of South Park: The Stick of Truth will have some abortion scenes censored. Now weirdly enough the PC version and American versions will not feature this censorship. Not only would we appreciate the Angry Army's help regarding this 'battle', but would love some awareness spread by our glorious leader himself! If you have time please sign our petition. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ubisoft-ubisoft-to-un-censor-the-european-version-of-south-park-the-stick-of-truth# Personally I'm at a loss why this has happened, as far as I'm aware (coming from the UK which makes me European) American's find the whole thing about abortion far more controversial than Europeans.
  7. Console customizations would be really nice. Skins could be made for all consoles depicting pictures of the Angry Army or logos. You could also do controller skins with AJSA written all over them or if you wanted to go all out ACTUAL CONTOLLERS. Other merchandise like mics with logos on them, and a "BadAss seal of approval" sticker that people could put on their games to organize them for fun!!
  8. I want to know your thoughts. But in the meantime, here's mine. Now, lets get one thing clear before I get started... I can see the idiot race saying, "I own you console, bow to me as I can play any old game I wan't! You fucking peasants". The real PC gamers know that generations on that platform don't really exists since it's upgradable hardware. I'm not dissing this at all, it's an advantage of PC gaming, even though a PC upgrade can cost as much as a console, and you do it more often, but either way just leave this topic the fuck alone! Now that's out of the way... Gaming on consoles it's about using the same set of hardware over a period of time at a lower cost, enjoying the exclusives and the convenience and comfort of sitting on your couch an enjoying a game or other media. Backwards compatibility is something we want each time a new console comes out, but is it really a worthwhile thing? You can still play your prev' gen games on you prev' gen console. I don't buy a new console to play old games on it, I wanna play new games, and it's this that brings value to new consoles. Backwards compatibility is a good thing, but I feel it's an expendable extra, rather than a necessary feature. Recent consoles rely on Internet allot more than previous ones, and since servers are an ongoing cost, after people stop buying the game, it's only a matter of time 'till the support for that game ends. It makes BC for 8th gen' even less worthwhile that older generations. I define full backwards compatibility as a console where you can use any old cartridge or disc on the same system and play the game. Simple as that. No add on's, no emulators, no restrictions and no downloads from XBL or PSN. I'm also talking about home consoles, not handhelds. Even so, the amount of consoles that have full BC number fairly low. Now I could be wrong and if I am correct me, but here is the list as I know it; Intellelevision 2 Atari 7800 Playstation 2 Nintendo Wii Nintendo WiiU Playstation 3 (The original 60 GB version only) And that's it, not a long list is it? This feature is overrated, and the game companies know. Feel free to disagree, and if you have any corrections, let me know and I'll amend this list.
  9. I know it's not an important thing what do you guys consider to be great looking consoles. I's say the mark 1 Megadirve/Genesis The original PS3 And of course the PS4!
  10. Angry Joe (no offence is meant or intended) bought servers for BF4 for PC. Most (or some) of some of us are console gamers. So there . should be console servers (or at least somewhere console gamers should meet to play) Now I don't know much about servers but I will say there should be a server or area where AJSA console gamers should meet. Agreed?
  11. Is PC losing it relevancy, are we going to see a time where only a very small fraction of gamers use a PC to play video games?
  12. Does this forum talk about games in general or do iPad games and Nintendo 3DS games count as well. Thanks-
  13. Is DRM a bad thing, and could it possibly be implemented in say ten years time? Please do read on. I raise this question due to the fact online gaming sales are growing at an alarming rate. I say alarming because once a certain percentage of games are reached per year from Xbox and Playstation's online services. (Supply and Demand business 101) The production cost of manufacturing disc will not be economically viable. It maybe even 5 years time, who knows but I reckon soon. Gamers then would then have no options as to where to buy their content. The second-hand market would die. Jobs would be lost because all transactions would be dealt by computer servers. The Market would go from an open market to a closed market. Is this bad or good or should I ask what are the cons of this? This process intern would raise the chances for DRM to be implemented on any console. Why did they want to implement it I think because developers are losing out on trade ins. Microsoft practically said so in a round about way. If you can only get games from only two market places and can't resell what does this mean? Your consumer rights would be broken in Europe any how if your are unable to resell does this break consumer rights in Europe as far as I know(correct me if I am wrong) it does. I am not sure about USA and its laws. I think there needs to be a system where you can sell your used Digital content. This requires infrastructure to allow third party re-sellers to keep the market open, as it currently stands in the retail disc based industry. Correct me if I am wrong Microsoft could still implement a closed market in the future. this gives more control to them and the developers but at what cost to the gaming industry! A loophole as a handling fee could be used as a stealth tactic for the developer benifit. I see this as very enriching for the industry in a closed console specific market. If there was an open market infrastructure on the internet third party sellers could sell used digital console games via the pc. I could not see Microsoft creating the infrastructure on their console or by Sony for that matter unless told to by that regions government. Its not their prerogative. It would compete with there own marketplace. The only problem with used digital content tradins is that it could sky rocket because its fast simple easy and cheaper than a full price retail game including delivery(on demand). I think developers could lose out on more sales if an open market was used as It currently stands with the disc based part of the industry. It could possibly stranglehold the gaming industry more. Why has Microsoft wanted to seperate Xbox from Microsoft This is why I think Microsoft wanted DRM. Could this be a good thing then? Pay to play subscription like on spotify is an idea. Or is a conditional charge that goes to developers on resale could enrich developers and increase output and quality, a good thing I think so. This is dependant on the developers reputation greed and how passionate they are about games they make. As developers would have more money better games could follow suit. To take action we could not buy downloadable games for our console we could boycott this system of Digital Content. This is radical action? How dependant is the industry on downloadable games. The pc for example has steam, great value and soon to be implemented a share program and a resales program(not sure how that is going to work)My guess is a closed market. The pc market has suffered in the last 15 years because of piracy. If we are going to continue reselling our disc based games. Can the industry support itself, I don't know? Maybe Microsoft doesn't think so. They are losing money as far as I am aware when it comes to Xbox. The pros to used games is we are supporting jobs that used games have made and the economy in all regions. It also enriches the community buy sharing games. Selling games allows you to get rid of products you don't want to somebody else that does(sorry for stating the obvious). Microsoft are possibly doing a clever ploy on getting owners to be online with things like the store and advertisements on the dashboard to really push Digital content or they are just meeting demand. This raises company ethic's, Microsoft and Playstation will probably drag there feet on the floor when it comes to third party resellers when it comes if it comes. Though when the law changes if it does and I am hopeful it will as it stands the industry is so big and consumers need rights of an open market in terms of digital content. Even though a closed market on tradins can enrich the games we play in this case I have stated. As far as I know this is being debated and is a very complex issue, It deals with infrastructure as I mentioned before, sorry. In the physical sense you can go to some shop or many shops and trade in your games they are connected by the physical environment. The option to choose which digital shop, you sell your games at has to have an infasturctured environment where all shops are tied to one market with trade-in digital content codes. This raises two problems how is this setup, and who will create this infrastructure, possiblely a government I don't know . Who knows? If not the Sony and Microsoft will create there own closed market of which console you own you are then bound buy their restriction they put in place when your selling used digital content. So at what cost could digital trade ins make the industry suffer or better dependant on the market that evolve out of the industry. So maybe DRM is a good thing time will tell without it or not, that's left to you guys to discuss. I will be interested to hear what you think could happen to the future of gaming in the next 10 years when it comes to tradins digital or not in an open or closed market!
  14. Hello hoping this forum to be very active with a lot of event and awesome guys I from East Europe who lives in Scotland sorry for my English speling mistakes. I play a lot pc and i am a bit sony fan If you want to add my to your friend list my name is Alanas4201 o steam. So hello