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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, everybody! It's me, Raxyn, your friendly neighborhood Contest provider. And here we are, once again with another contest for your own delight! This is a chance to win a Xbox One that is 1 Terabyte and features the new Madden 17 from Gameflip! "Gameflip by ijji, inc. is an app for buying and selling video games – both new and used. Gameflip provides you with an excellent online marketplace to turn that old video game into a little bit of cash that you can use to purchase the next big thing in video games. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch." -appPicker Gameflip review So what are you all waiting for, this could be your chance to win big and explore what it feels like to be a true MVP on the screen and amongst your friends! Also, a thank you to all the admins for letting me post my pervious contest and for (hopefully) letting me continue posting them. If at any time you all decide that I shoudln't post these anymore, let me know and I'll be more then happy to take them down. No drama here! Click here to enter yourself into the contest! And good luck to everyone who enters!
  2. In the spirit of gaming, I wanted to share this giveaway I found. It's from a sight that sells Shirts, Gloving tools (those gloves that have lights on them and you do cool light shows in the dark) and other accessories. If the Forum doesn't want this post on here, I totally understand and will take it down if asked or will not mind if it suddenly disappears. But I just figured that it would be fun to have us all do some kind of Giveaway thing ya know? Submissions end on the 10th of August (That's a Wednesday) and will be announced on the 12th! This is some kind of Limited Edition version of the system, so I think it comes with extra Bells and Whistles. Though it doesn't say what that includes, it seems to come with a game book with art in it and maybe some kind of metal case? Good luck to anybody that wants to try and win! https://wn.nr/YfQ99P
  3. Hello, everyone! It's your friendly, neighborhood contest seeker here to give you another chance to try and gain something nice for yourself with no charge to you or me. This contest I found is for No Man's Sky for the PS4. There is one hitch to this contest, though, it's only for 5 days! So make sure that, if you're interested, so get in on this quick! This contest is being hosted by Gameflip, a site and app that is for gamers to buy/sell games, toys and other nerd items that can make your day a little bit more fun. If you don't have a PS4 to play the game on, don't worry! I have another contest on this page that is to possibly win a PS4 WITH the same game! As a side note from me, I will be looking to find more contest soon that have other game systems so that everyone can have a fair shake. As before, if any admin believes that this should not be on the forums, please feel free to take this post down. And to all those who participate good luck! https://wn.nr/R4SBAM
  4. Overwatch Giveaway - Xbox One Official Thread - Submit Your Entry Here Organizers from the AJSA Xbox One Community will be holding a giveaway contest between June 1st and June 9th for an Xbox One downloable copy of Overwatch. Participants will be asked to use their creativity and imagination to make their own "Hero". Create your own character backstory, abilities, and appearance! Following the end of the contest the submissions will be reviewed by a panel of three judges. After careful review and deliberation of all the submissions, a winner will be declared. The panel will consist of AJSAWookieJedi, AgentTurtleAJSA, and RuneX. The winner will be contacted on the forums, however there will be a spot in the submission form to indicate a secondary means of communications in case we can not reach you. There will be some basic ground rules for the giveaway. Please read carefully before submitting your entry: Giveaway Rules: 1 - One entry per person. 2 - Please keep submissions creative and reasonable. One sentence biographies will not better your chances of winning the giveaway. Use your imagination to give more light and detail on your Hero. 3 - No swearing/foul language. Let's keep submissions appropriate, for all ages (some kids might be viewing or participating in the contest) 4 - Please be respectful of everyone and their submissions. No mean comments and/or making fun of other people's ideas. 5 - When describing your Hero's appearance, you may submit your own drawings and/or find images online that best reflects how your character would look. 6 - Only participants should be posting in this thread with their submissions. If you have any questions about the giveaway/contest, please contact RuneX (Xbox Live Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya) over the forums for assistance. 7 - The submission template is shown below. Please use this template when submitting your Hero. Submission Template: Hero Name: Story/Bio: Class/Role: Powers/Abilities: Weapons/Gear: Costume/Appearance: Best Way To Contact You: Reference Links Need to find out about existing Overwatch Heros and learn more about Class/Role types? Overwatch Hero List (Bios, Abilities etc included) - https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/#all Overwatch Class/Role Descriptions - http://www.ign.com/wikis/overwatch/Classes_and_Roles
  5. We're designing a special One Year Anniversary Badge for your forum profile! Want one? You're going to have to earn it! There are 4 ways to participate in the contest, the more participation increases the chance to win a higher tier of the Award Badge! 1. Scavenger Hunt Throughout many of the incarnations of the AJSA (Forums, Teamspeak, Steam, Twitter, Consoles) we've posted Code Phrases (some harder to find than others), look for these Code Phrases and mark them on your Quest Form. 2. Events During the week attend any of the qualifying events, and you'll hear the Event Lead announce at some-point into the event, their special "Code Phrase". Remember or write down this phrase, and mark the correct answer on the Quest Form (linked to below). 3. Streams The AJSA Stream Team is getting in on the fun too, check out the Quest Form and look for the participating streamers to go live, and they will announce their stream Code Phrases during their streams throughout the week! 4. Trivia Think you know a lot about Angry Joe Show History, how about random moments during Joe's Streams? Now is your chance to prove it my answering some trivia! Quest Form: Fill out this form and come back to it throughout the week as you collect code phrases and answers! Link (http://goo.gl/forms/HpzR27ju6l) How many correct code phrases or answers do you need to win the Awards? See below! Bronze - 8 Correct Codes/Answers Silver - 14 Correct Codes/Answers Gold - 19 Correct Codes/Answers - Winners of this level and above can choose their own (tasteful) Member Title to go above their Forum Avatar! Platinum - 25 Correct Codes/Answers - Winners of this level will be honored in a special Teamspeak Lounge with their names forever listed in the description! (maybe something else depending on how few make it...) Some last notes for the Contest: There's nothing wrong with teamwork in doing the contest, we are a community after all! However, posts listing codes and answers on the forum will be hidden (without negative effects to the members standing). We hope to see you throughout the week in-game, or on twitch! Contest will end Monday the 17th, and then winners and badges awarded as soon as we tally the results!
  6. AJSA Gathering Compition This is the official announcement of the first AJSA gathering contest! These are ongoing events where AJSA members are challenged to collect as much as possible for the guild and win prizes. As the guild is new, what we need most of all are new guild repositorys opened up, and to do that, we need these; Yep, the contest is simply to collect astral diamonds! The contest starts pretty much from the moment you read this and ends on Sunday June 26th. Now, as far as I know, these things cannot be traded between players in the conventional fashion, and obviously you will have to hand your contributions to me at some point, so here is how it's going to work. Astral Bids Players are asked to contact me with a bid of how many Astral Diamonds they plan to put forward to win the contest. Please do this via a pm on the Forums as I can keep my records together more easily. Also please add the characters name and user gamer tag. This bid will be recorded and collected within a week of the contest deadline and will not be shared with anyone. I will collect the bids by putting an item up on the in game auction house for the price that you bid that you will then buy, BIDDER negotiate with for a time where you can get on to make sure that the bid is not negated by another in game player (We, the bidder and me, will both be online playing when this happens limiting the risk of someone else buying it first.), so just for putting in your bids you're guaranteed something. Upon the competition ending, the prizes will be delivered to you via in-game trade or mail. What if I want to change my bid? You can change your bid at any time by sending me another message up until a week before the contest ends. You can raise or lower your bid, but I have to accept your LATEST bid. If the deadline comes and I can't afford my bid, what happens then? Please try to avoid this from happening, but I will accept a lower bid when you have to pay if you have a good reason. I expect people to keep their promises, but I am willing to be reasonable. Who is eligible to enter? Anyone in the AJSA guild at Member rank or higher other than the Game Officer (myself) is eligible. As the one keeping a record of the bids and putting up the prizes it wouldn't ethical or useful for me to enter. If anyone, and this is mostly for staff members, wish to help with the contest by helping track bids I'll consider them, but if you do you will not be eligible to win any contest prizes. If people wish to donate prizes I'll also consider it. Any rules I should know about? The top prizes are worth real money and Astral Diamonds themselves can be exchanged for Zen, so again real money, so this is where I have to get serious. I will NOT tolerate cheating. If I suspect that any member has used, or is using, illegal or dishonest means to acquire the Astral Diamonds they bid with I reserve the right to reject the bid. You WILL be removed from the guild and your status in the AJSA could be affected. You get the right to claim innocence and I will hear ALL the evidence before I make a judgment, but during any process, bids are disabled. You have to understand this is an official AJSA guild contest, so any ill gotten gains will reflect badly on our community, not to mention it's me personally sponsoring the contest, so I will take this very seriously.Each member is limited to making bids with one character only. This is in the interest of fairness and due to the fact the prizes can only be sent to one character anyway.DO NOT share knowledge of bids with other members. It's important for the integrity of the contest that nobody knows what anyone else's bids are. Deliberate attempts to share this information will be considered cheating (I refer you back to rule 1).Once a bid is collected, it is final! You can't bid further and you will not get those Astral Diamonds back weather you win or not. A prize is not guaranteed.The items exchanged for entering a bid, depending on what you offer, will likely be worth considerably less than what your bid is worth. The prizes are available from the Zen Store only, so their worth can be measured in real money, but the items exchanged for entering a bid will be taken from the guild bank and can be earned in game.It is important to remember that this IS a gamble of sorts, so please have the permissions of whoever pays for your XBL account and/or in game purchases before entering the contest!​So, what are the prizes exactly? Yeah I put this at the end to save you from yourselves, you had to read the rest of it. I'm sure you didn't skip ahead, right... Top Prize! A Book Imp Companion + Greater Bag of Holding! A new epic companion available form the zen store and some personal storage. Second Prize! A Honey Badger Companion! Need I say more? It's a fucking Honey Badger! Third Prize! Professions Booster Pack! An understated, but incredibly useful little boost handy to anyone! If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask and the very best of luck to all of you. /Shagger & gf (editor & proof reader)
  7. Contest has ended. Submissions will not be accepted. Hey, guys. Maghorn here. To help me organize future in-game events, I want to split the game into 3 factions: Red, Blue and Pirate (Black). Players wont need to join a faction for normal play, only during server events they want to participate in. To make each faction more unique, I want to give each an individual faction skin, and that's where this contest comes in. I am not an artist, but I know there are plenty of people in the AJSA who are, so I am reaching out to you all. Rules for Submitting Each person may submit only 1 skin. Each skin must be 100% unique. Any skins found to be a duplicate of another Steam Workshop creation will be invalid. Each skin must feature AJSA icons, whether that is an image or text on the suit. The best place to put the logo would be on the arm, backpack or helmet. The primary color of the suit must match one of the three factions. Accents can be recolored, however, if the artist wants to do something like that.​ How to Submit When your skin is ready to be submitted, create a Steam Workshop page with screenshots of your skin, then paste a link to the Workshop page in the comments below.One skin will be chosen for each faction, and those skins will be used in-game for all future events.Submissions will be accepted until Saturday, February 14, 2015.The Workshop post below includes a template skin, and instructions about how to upload your skin to the Workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310230890 I hope to see plenty of people who want to participate. See you all in the stars!
  8. AJSA Shirt design2

    From the album Sir Jordbrekk Album

  9. AJSA Shirt design

    From the album Sir Jordbrekk Album

  10. AJSA Shirt design

    From the album Sir Jordbrekk Album

  11. Boss Enemy Design Contest! In honor of our upcoming Kickstarter, we are doing a boss enemy design contest in order for someone to win some really cool stuff before the campaign even begins. We want people to get involved with the creation of the game and we figured this is the best way of doing it. Here is how you enter: 1. Draw a boss by the 28th of August. The boss can be a human, jeht (demonoid being), or a creative mystical beast. Just about anything you can think of. 2. Write a compelling back story describing its powers and abilities. 3. Email your drawings to yin@whiteguardianstudios.com with the subject line: Boss Enemy Design Contest! Join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DemonsRevenge We will announce the winner on Facebook, Twitter, and our main website. There, you can comment onyour submission and put more attention towards your creation! What Do You Win? The winner gets their boss in the game, a poster of your creation drawn by our artist Ricky Gunawan. The winner will also receive a copy of the game. Rules or Restrictions: - By submitting to our design contest, you agree that you will give us your mailing address if chosen as the winner (unless you don't want the physical prize). - If the design is a human, they normally derive their magical abilities from objects or the type of region where they are from. - If the design is a jeht, they generally have red, black, white, or dark purple skin. Some are shape shifters and can look like humans with extremely pale skin tones. They usually have abilities derived from their physical physique, which is of immense strength and speed, and have natural abilities that deal with the elements of light, darkness, fire, water, ice, earth, and wind. - Mystical creature anything goes. - You agree that you are age of consent in your country, or have permission from an adult to give out your address and receive a prize from us. - You can submit as many designs as you like - You do not need to be a great artist as we will be judging the contest based on creativity in the design, story, and powers/abilities. - If it's anthropomorphic, please don't use nudity. It will not be chosen. - We reserve the right to change the rules as we see fit if necessary. - Ask any questions on facebook, twitter, or our website, DemonsRevenge.com.
  12. Ok, I hate to ask for votes like this, on a forum, but I would at least like to know how well I did with the Play Station project painting thing. If you like it, give it a vote, if not, tell me why and maybe I can make up a new one that will look better. And by all means, post your own here so that I can take a look at it and comment/vote on it also! http://greatnessawaits.gamermasterpiece.com/#gallery/medium/14065
  13. Hi brothers-in-arms of the angry army ! I'm proud to say i make a contest for the celebrity miniature of our great commander angryjoe. How you would say ? Well all you have to do is to pick a number between 1 and 10. the winner who have my number will got the miniature but if many of you have the number i will make another rounds for the winners and contact them by sending a e-mail in your AJ community account. The contest will take 2 or 3 weeks because it will depend how much i got money because yes i will pay all the shipping. Second i want to give you all a chance to see my contest and third , i got more contests to see in the future. So follow my name to see what kind of prices are you interest to participate. Oh and everyone in the world and i say EVERYONE was the right to participate so feel free to try your chance. If you win all i have to give me is your real name, your address, your number of the appartement if necessary, your town, province , country and postal code. But only for the big winner to make it all private by e-mail and the rest live it to me. So good luck for everyone.
  14. TIME FOR A EVENT!!! Make a Emblem: http://botoruimperium.com/emblemCreator <Very Dated but works list of Current Emblems : http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Gallery_of_guild_emblems <just to make sure ur not using anything that dos not exist or if u want more options. (u could probably use Photobucket or Paint to make one) U also have the option to make a One man guild in-game and make a Emblem take a Screenshot then submit it here. Each Emblem will be voted on, the Top Three will Receive a Reward with the 1st place Winner being used in the Guild. We are still Talking about Rewards But here are what we have thought about so far so some Feedback in this area would be good List of Rewards (want Feedback here) This list comes for Tark I think the gold would be enof 1st Place: Custom forum title e.g "Guild Emblem Artist", 15 gold and a 20-item container 2nd Place: 10 gold and a 15-item container 3rd Place: 5 gold and a 10-item container We dont have a end Date Set but would like to see this finished by the end of the Month
  15. Hello Ladies and Gents! I've decided to host my own personal contest for the "Cooliest Character!" So what is this contest all about? Well I want to know about YOUR personal characters. MMOs, RPGs, Sandbox, Table Top... whatever game you've created a unique character for, I want to see them or know about them! Post a screen shot of your character and tell me as much as you can about them. What makes this character awesome!? Be convincing! The winner's character will be hand drawn by yours truly and fully colored! The winner will also receive a high res file that they can have printed out for their personal collection. RULES: Only one entry per member!! **MUST be an original character. No pre-made characters like Lora Croft or Ezio Auditore. **Entries MUST be very detailed in description. I want to know what they look like, how they act in certain situations, special scars or distinguishing features or some sort of accomplishments in game that gives your character 'character'! Don't just post a Screen shot. The more detailed, the better! **Can be based on Table Top Games and Role Play games as well as RPG, MMORPGs Ect. (Yes, even Skyrim). No asking me to draw some made-up creature that you decided to come up with or some famous fantasy character like Drizzt Do'urden. **If you don't have a screenshot to include, please tell us everything about that character's appearance and what game they're based on! ** Keep your submission details within reasonable lengths. Don't post like a whole short story. A small Bio and a detailed description will suit enough! DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JANUARY 5th, 2014!!!! For those of you who don't wish to Enter, help me pick the best character by liking the entry you like most!! Let the battle begin! **** just a side note, if you post a non-submission reply here and find it's been removed, don't dismay! I didn't remove it because I don't like you or your comment (I rather love your comments!) but rather, some posts are bring removed just to keep things tidy in here and so people don't have to go searching through the thread to read your submissions! Thank you for your understanding <3 ****