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Found 7 results

  1. I've been bored for the past few days, so I ended up dabbling in video editing. It's just a couple of clips of me and my friends playing CS:GO. Nothing special, no cool effects or anything. I'll probably try learning some of those for future videos, if I decide to make more. If you have any tips/suggestions/criticism, I'm open to it.
  2. Gaben's Tears

    From the album CS:GO Skins I own/owned

  3. Recently purchased the game, and been playing with bots to get used to the mechanics of the game. Would like to start doing casual matches online, would anybody be interested in squading up sometime?
  4. Hello all. I wanted to talk about where Counter Strike will be going in the next few years. I have stopped playing CSGO, because of cheaters and I am really bored at this point. I really want to see a new game come out. I know a lot of people rely on updates for the game, but most of the new updates are for re skins, and operations. If anyone knows if a new game will be launched, or if a big game changing update is going to come, please comment below THANKS ANGRY ARMY ~Razer
  5. misleading title, hur dur Besides that, feedback is very appreciated,wheter it's positive or negative
  6. Officer Spot Wasup guys just a quick post letting you all know that I’m putting myself forward to become an officer in counterstrike. I am doing this as there has been a reasonable interest to the game within the AJSA community and I think that with proper organization we can make this a supported game (fingers crossed). I have quite a long history with counterstrike playing all three iterations of the game and although I never got into any serious leagues have always been fond of the game. If a can get a good backing of people behind me that are interested in partaking in some match lobbies with us that would be great. As for now I primarily play competitive in CS:GO but am willing to involve older iterations of the game if that’s what the community wants. I will also be doing training events where anyone can take part. I will be covering key aspects of the game that are vital to learn and teaching newcomers the way of the spray pattern. This involves showing them common strategies within the game i.e. buying tips, game awareness, shooting techniques and strategies within team play. To summarise I would love for AJSA to have a competitive team within counterstrike and I think with me putting forward this post hopefully some of you will be interested in partaking. By no means am I saying that we will have a fully-fledged competitive team as these teams have some serious backing behind them but for how ever far we can take it I say why the hell not. For the time being if you have any questions just ask, when I get a chance I will answer the best I can