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Found 4 results

  1. Hey fellow AJSA members, I am o2Neoxide, an AJSA member who has been with the Angry Army for what feels like almost a year and a half. Recently, I've been playing a decent amount of Guild Wars 2, and MMORPG. I have been looking for other recently emerging MMORPGs and one that has caught my eye is 'Skyforge.' I'm sure a lot of you have already hear of Skyforge since it has been highly anticipated over the span of a year. If you are an MMORPG fan and have not heard of this game, I suggest you check it out as soon as possible. The gameplay looks phenomenal and possibly the answer to the perfect MMORPG. With a new combat system, beautiful graphics and an already huge community fanbase, this game should be able to top any gaming list. And what's even better is that this game has been announced as 'free-to-play' once fully launched. Skyforge is currently under development and is close to releasing the first Closed Beta on March 11. I have bought a founder pack, myself and am interested in finding other players (specifically guild members) to play Skyforge with. This brought me to the thought of expanding the AJSA guild into Skyforge since it seems like a game where we can all play together and progress as a guild, and possibly participate in events as a guild. If you think that creating an AJSA guild in Skyforge is a good idea, I'd love for you to leave a comment and we'll see how the support goes. If the guild plans doesn't go ahead, I'm still willing to play with others, so PM me, and I'll get in touch. - o2Neoxide
  2. If anyone has a really good original minecraft redstone creation post them here. Im really intrigued to what you guys have done
  3. Hello fellow members of the Angry Army - now I don't really know if there is already a thread for a topic such as this, but I was just curious if anyone else other then me who are in the Angry Army was a Fan Fiction writer? If so, please post links (If they are online that is) in this thread so we can read your content! Anyway, here is mine on FanFiction https://www.fanfiction.net/~sithlordsoul
  4. We here all love playing games, I'm sure. But I want to know:(because I'm genuinely interested) Who here wants to get into game development, or indeed has already begun developing/creating their own game? And what area of development are you most interested in, if your answer was "Yes"? If you haven't but would like to, I'd suggest researching: -Game Engines (Unity, Cry, UDK) -Modelling Software (Maya, Blender, Max) -Scripting (Books, Youtube, Src Code)