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Found 18 results

  1. Oh wow, that was totally out of nowhere, I'm so surprised, how could this be? I mean it's not like it's from the same people who tried to sell "easy Fatalities" or anything like that... right? I was actually wondering if I should even write about this, I remember at the very first day the game was announced and the gear system was revealed the people here called it, and the video itself is like 2 months old... but I want to vent my frustration. It's not like in a game where your items not only change your look but your stats you'd run into a set you like more visually than the one you want to play with mechanically, no.... that's why that feature is a micro-transaction, what sort of filth came up with that idea? It's like if Transmogrification in WoW was a Micro Transaction, oh I better shut up and not give CraptiVision any ideas. Why is the universe I love ( DC ) Published by these bullshit artists? I still haven't forgotten the Arkham City fiasco with Catwoman where you couldn't play her unless you bought the game first hand, not only that but every Arkham game has consistently had Season Passes and Pre-Order horseshit, and should I even fucking mention Arkham Knight, it's port, and how much they assraped Jason -- Ughh... I mean the ARKHAM KNIGHT WHO IS TOTALLY NOT THE RED HOOD ( JASON TODD ) AND ANYONE WHO KNOWS EVEN A TINY LITTLE AMOUNT ABOUT BATMAN COULD INSTANTLY CALL IT. Fucking Spoiler Alert..... and on top of that they LIED, they fucking LIED so that people wouldn't be able to call him out day one, AND THEY STILL DID because guess what, EVERYBODY HAS SEEN "UNDER THE RED HOOD" animated movie, because it's fucking AMAZING they could have learned so much from it actually... but instead: Let's reduce a beloved character to a squealing,prepubescent little shit, because why the fuck not. Because let's be honest that's the demographic WB are really targeting, you want evidence? SUICIDE SQUAD, nobody, and I mean NOBODY with a brain could withstand the amount of bullshit that "movie" has to offer... liking DC in the past 7 years or so is the equivalent of consistent LET DOWN, the comics? Let's fuck up years and years of hard work spent by talented writers on the world building by doing the New 52 ReBoot, oh what's that the Justice Society of America was a thing? Not anymore bitch, Superheroes have been around for a few years... oh and Batman? Since he's a Mary Sue he's been around since more, cause he can't possibly learn all that shit so quickly.... Rebirth? Well, I suppose it's a step up, because you really have nothing more to step on lower than New 52, but.... Movies? S-suicide Squad, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Bat Fanboyism, a butchered "Killing Joke" adaptation as if Alan Moore hadn't suffered from that enough and let's not forget how the DCEU started, with "Green Lantern" something so bad I won't even refer to as a movie, much less a Green Lantern movie. Speaking of Suicide Squad: One would think that coming up with a design for the Joker which is worse than the one in Suicide Squad would be impossible, right? I can't say this is a step up, at least this fucking literal clown has EYEBROWS, he still looks like Marilyn Manson for some reason, particularly the hair Alright, I'm calm now, I guess I was triggered because below this stupendous mountain of bullshit there's a light in the tunnel, Justice League:Dark was pretty good, Arkham Knight wasn't that horrendous for the most part, and InJustice 2 looks promising, they even introduce Swamp Thing and Red Hood, two of my favorites, it's time for CONSTANTINE NOW PLEASE, but how could I possibly not support such scummy practices when I want the product so much? Arkham City is one of my favorite games, it's brilliant, but... it feels like an abusive relationship, DC could you please stop sucking...?
  2. Wisecrack just released a very detailed, in-depth video about the bitchslap of a movie that was Batman v Superman: And for the most part I agree with it, however I'd like to point out something that just makes my blood boil, and the person from Wisecrack was literally the last person I thought I'd hear this bullshit from. (Timestamp - 05:50 as marked in the video) , Superman just like most heroes ISN'T meant to be relatable, but that's not boring, well at least not for me. In fact I think that being a "purely benevolent do-good-er" is the very core of Superman, the thing which actually makes him Superman, not shooting lasers from his eyes contrary to popular belief, and that's why I liked Man of Steel, because even though snapping Zod's neck would make him a murderer and eliminate one of the very last specimens of a dying species, he still does it, why? Because he doesn't care about himself, so what if he's a murderer? Would you rather be called a murderer or leave a God who has an objective of killing every last human on earth roaming around? Would you want to see your culture restored, or would you rather save an already existing one? Both times he chose the latter, and I know, the scene could have been done better, BUT that scene, is the first moment in Superhero movies where a purely benevolent hero is actually challenged. What do I mean by that? Well, if you take any boyscout hero and put him in a similar situation, he/she would ALWAYS try to resolve things with no deaths, but what happens when that's not possible? What would the boyscout do? That's where it really gets interesting and that's where Man of Steel shines, it successfully challenged such a boyscout, put him in a tough position, either kill Zod and save those people, or let those people die and risk the whole world to exile Zod in the phantom zone, which is arguably worse than death... Machiavelli and Rand would laugh and scoff at such a hero, true, but I think it's gravely important to keep Superman like that, namely selfless, benevolent , compassionate ETC so that he is something we can strive to become ourselves, not something we can relate to, even if people don't like that, I still think it's important for diversity reasons, the more different philosophies and ideologies comicbook heroes subscribe to, the better. (Timestamp - 7:57) Bullshit, Jonathan Kent's an ordinary man while Superman is not, maybe it's not possible for a regular human to do this, but it sure as hell is possible for Superman, and even if we assumed it's impossible even for him, why not show that? I think this moment for Superman's decision should be stretched for more than one scene with a ghost, let him try, let him see what happens, but oh wait I forgot, this movie has issues with Batman fanservice, and we completely forgot this is a Man of Steel sequel, instead this is a terrible Batman movie. But the same thing could be said for Batman and his killing spree, one of my absolute favorite movies is "Batman:Under the Red Hood" because 1. It explains why Batman doesn't kill, which is a major part of the character and 2.Well Jason and the Joker are pretty awesome Not only does Batman believe everyone could be shown the error of their ways and be rehabilitated, but he's also afraid he won't be able to stop himself from killing were he ever to cross the line with the Joker. But the movie.... Well... uuh... I guess it has a different idea of Batman...? Is that really supposed to be the good guy in the movie? Wha-...? And the trouble is, you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT INTRODUCE THE JOKER TO THIS BATMAN, why?!? Well he killed 1+ thugs who could absolutely be rehabilitated and he could have just... I don't know drove through without killing them? Or sneaked past them? I doubt those cars are faster than the batmobile... so why won't he kill the Joker? Who is a lot harder to rehabilitate than them?! God damn this movie is shit.... But I know what you're thinking! "Batman has killed in other movies too! Snyder actually shared that, it's why he chose to address this!" Well... that means Snyder literally decided to build his Batman based around a plothole... great move... I can't believe that in just three hours that movie managed to do 180* turn on both it's title characters, and I won't even mention Lex Luthor because... well if nothing else he had a pretty cool theme: It's Hans Zimmer after all, I think his work is phenomenal. And I don't think Lex was as bad as some people made him out to be, I think Batman and Superman suffered way worse incarnations than him. And I agree with his main sentiment "If God is all powerful, he CANNOT be all good" : I don't dislike Jesse Einsenberg or his acting for the most part, and I think his statement and motivations would be applicable to real life, but Superman isn't exactly as "Godly" as our tribal gods if that makes any sense. Superman hasn't created us, he does not lord over us like the Christian god, he has not prepared any Heavens and Hells for us, has no Bible or Quaran and commandments we must follow, he's not omnipotent ETC he just shoots lasers out of his eyes damn it, oh wait I mean: LAZOOORS, and punch stuff real hard, oh and I guess he's fast enough to RUN on water but... still nowhere near what an actual "God" would be, he's also not immortal. So that's why I think the whole "Superman is God" thing is taken a bit too far.... religion is bullshit and you can be a better person by looking up to Superman than to Jesus, so if that can stop, I'd be grateful. I babbled on for so long and I haven't even mentioned all the plotholes, Lois and Doomsday.... and I already feel like I want to stab this movie in the dick... so I'll just end it here...
  3. Any chance we could get an official thread started for Movies. I understand that this would fit into this current thread as its 'off topic' but as Angry Joe now regularly does movie reviews on his youtube channel I feel like making Movies - a main thread would fit in with The Angry Joe Show main themes, even tho its not directly about Gaming. Furthermore it would then be easier to find the sub threads for film info, such as movie news, reviews etc. Links to the Angry Joe Show Movie Reviews could also be posted in this thread which would help further advertise Joes Movie Reviews. I understand that Joes website is currently devoted more to Gaming, but with him expanding his youtube channel into Movie Reviews and Trailer reactions/casting news I just feel it would be cool to have a main thread on the forums here to discuss movie based news, which would also include upcoming movies based off games, such as the Warcraft movie. Just an idea for the MODs/higher ups of the AJSA site, but would be kl if people replied to show if there is a genuine consumer demand for this! As a HUGE comic book fan I would love to have a place to discuss all the kl upcoming Marvel/DC stuff
  4. I was just watching Death Battle and the brief analysis of Tony Stark and I was wondering. Who do you guys think would win in an all out fight between Tony Stark and Lex Luthor? Give me your reasons on who would win. I will post the video or share the link when the episode airs, but we can keep debating it if you want. Personally I need to sit down and really think about it before I come to a decision. So yeah, please discuss.
  5. Here's some new news on Infinite Crisis https://youtu.be/K_P3HOPMmyc They've added Katana a fairly complex. bruiser who can also play as a assassin. ( i know this fairly old but There was no post on it so I decided to add it.) Second Infinite Crisis is ending the beta and officially being released on Steam on march 26! And finally and strangely a new champion unmasked........... https://youtu.be/F9fLfptk1ok The one and only Krypto the super dog!?!? I know I know not the first choice I would choose for a new champion but we will see how that ends up.
  6. HawkGirl got released today, Whats y'all opinion of her so far?
  7. My Entertainment segment that was broadcasted on WUEC/WPR 89.7 on the Comic Cinematic Universe. http://rothscm.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/wuec-89-7-cinematic-universe-segments/ Thoughts?
  8. ive been getting great feedback from the community on my work so far so i thought id upload this picture im working on of the joker he still needs some touch ups but i can regard him as a game character anyway hope you like this one
  9. Most of us it not all of us know Joe's favorite comic book hero is super man. My question is who is your favorite? This doesn't pertain to only hero's, you can list villains and anti-hero's as well. For added fun I made a poll to see who you guys like more, hero's villains or anti-hero's. Personally I'm a real big fan of Anti-hero's due to the fact that they aren't goodie goodie saviors or all powerful masters of evil, they are a balance of good and evil. My number one favorite character has got to be Deathstroke AKA Slade or Slade Wilson. I can't really put my finger on why i like him so much but i know it's not a sudden "everyone loves this character because [insert reason here]." I think it has to do with the fact he is more of a bad guy than he is an Anti-hero even though assassins are widely considered Anti-hero's. Deathstroke himself My self painted deathstroke mask.
  10. Hey I probably missed this in one of the threads but is there a guild for the Angry Army on DCU:O? Either on the PVP or PVE servers. I have characters in both but I only have a Hero in PVP. So yeah, if anyone could help me that would be cool. Thanks in advance. Also hope to see you guys on the fields of battle. P.S. I am Agent Maleficent in PVP and Yaogui in PVE as a Hero. As a villain I am Mr. CeeYa in PVE.
  11. If you were to be anyone DC universe or Marvel universe no matter if the character is the hero, villain, Comic or TV show who would you be? For me: Power Girl, Raven, Mystique, Circe, Catwoman
  12. DC and Marvel will face off for box office conquest on May 6 2017 with Man of Steel 2 (Batman vs Superman BS) against Captain America 3. I will did find out Marvel would send a film to be released on May 6, I did not think Cap 3 would be it. Before any thinks Marvel stole that release date they have movies come out every year with the marvel universe (excluding X-men characters since Fox owns them, and Spider-man characters since Sony owns them), DC just delayed MOS 2 for reason I don't know
  13. I really want to know the Angry Joe's reaccion to this http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=93102
  14. It's been a great while since I tried playing Inifnite Crisis. I did not continue playing for one reason, I could not run the game, the FPS was so low I could not play. Seeing that the beta has gone for a great while, has the performance for the game increased, has the requeriments to run the game increase or decrease? If you can answer, then please go ahead and thanks in advance.
  15. I've been playing DCUO for awhile now and quite frankly I think the game lacks a strong community (despite having a few friendly players). Majority of the time while I was running through PvE missions there were a lack of online players which really saddens me as a fellow player. I know for a fact that this game, like many other MMOs, would be far better if more players played the game. Now I'm not entirely sure why most people quit but I hope past and new players would give this game a go. For those who bagged the game out in the early stages, stating that the game was far too boring and had no interest to them, I say to you that you play for a little longer and grab a mate to play. The game becomes better as you progress through the PvE content. Just take a few moments to actually take in the context of your missions and enjoy the storyline, and also, the voice acting isn't as bad as most people say. Graphically, DCUO may be lacking but I found that by applying SweetFX it makes the game more vibrant and enjoyable to explore and just wreck havoc. Furthermore, certain aspects UI is quite disappointing and that's probably why some people quit but the developers are working on a new interface. Game Update 31 was just released and new texture packs and graphical updates have been added to the game. Soon other features and enhancements are sure to be added. http://www.entertainmentbuddha.com/new-screens-detail-game-update-31s-graphics-upgrade-for-dcuo/ But yeah...enough rambling. I just hope you guys give this game a go (or another go) if you haven't already. Hopefully, it would be a blast to you guys and don't forget to grab a mate in the meantime P.S - I play on PC, not PS3/PS4.
  16. Just finish of watching the new Nostalgia Critic and must said to all troops to prepare to watch in two weeks our Lord Commander Angry Joe in a crossover with the Nostalgia Critic Reviewing one of Joe's favortie movie The Man of Steel so everyone: PREPARE YOURSELF!!!
  17. So seeing as Joe is a massive Superman and comic fan, is anyone else on here a big comic nerd too? And if so, is anyone excited for justice league war? I'm pretty pumped myself. Here's a trailer if you missed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3F9ASSsHUk
  18. Looking for fellow AJSA's to play some Injustice: Gods Among Us online! Everyone is welcome and I'm always looking for a fight! We can even bring it over to the net gen when GOTY comes out!