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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Is it only my or the NVIDIA has become kind of shady and it's recent actions anti-consumer. I'm sure everybody remembers GTX 970 "Ramgate" thing, At the start I asumed that it was really a mistake and they actually sorry for what they did. But was it ? Gtx 970 is still advertised as 4GB ram card even when they admitted that is actually 3,5 a very long time ago. Second thing is release of Batman, NVIDIA was feeding us with awesome gameplay videos with their technology and 60 FPS, even thought it shipped capped on 30 fps. And these "Trailers" were made long time ago. so they knew the game was broken. Third case is DirectX 12. I'm sure everybody seem some "official" NVIDIA charts of performance increase with new DirectX 12. And most of them said 60% to 100% more performance than DX11 ! I'm no programmer but what I do know is that no amount of blue smoke will make the game work this much better on the same hardware and settings. And I promise you, It's all just a Hype-war. Witcher 3 before release and a graphics downgrade was presented to work "supposedly" on their new GTX 900 cards, but even with less demanding version you need best of the best (980) to play game at ultra 60fps. And Finally there are some unconfirmed rumors that NVIDIA is messing around with games to make sure that they work worse on Radeon cards. Please tell me what you think about NVIDIA's recent behavior and remember, this is only my opinion.
  2. In the on going Microsoft’s presentation for DX 12, it was announced that DX 12 will improve performance of game’s on the Xbox One. DX 12 features a lower level of abstraction and new rendering features. In addition, it also addresses state and rendering overhead along with resource management improvements. In DX 11 most of the work was done by a single core, but in DX 12 overall CPU utilization is down 50% and the workload is more spread out across all cores. Furthermore DX 12 may allow applications to control graphics memory in an efficient manner. Rendering overhead includes new command lists for multi-thread scale-ability along with GPU indexing with large array of resources. DX 12 features an API of a lower level with less API and driver tracking universally. This is to improve predictability. Further more on the GPU end, DX 12 will enable better collision and culling. An interesting bit of information has popped out of the conference. DX12 can enhance any modern graphics chip. When compared to previous iterations, this a big change in the way DX talks to the GPU. In short this will improve performance across the board for Xbox One games. Microsoft has confirmed that Dx12 will arrive in Holiday 2015, I imagine our big green friend and Forza 6 will be showcasing Dx12 next year.