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Found 26 results

  1. Humerousone was the host of the old DayZ Standalone server, which was taken down while he was finishing exams and apparently will not be brought back online. Would anyone else support a new DayZ SA server, or possibly an Arma 2 Overpoch server under a different officer?
  2. Okay guys so I think this should be discussed. I want to buy some version of DayZ. I've been recommended AGAINST the DayZ standalone, but seen plenty of people playing it on Twitch. So for anyone else who wants to know, including myself, which should we buy? Just assume that you're talking to someone who really likes the game. I've played DayZ before and really loved it, just looking for the best experience. Especially now with H1Z1 being out.... So, the DayZish mod for ARMA 3. DayZ Standalone ARMA2 Day Z
  3. I know there are many unofficial games that are supported, even Arma III itself. I am wondering if anyone is interested in getting a Dayz on Amra II clan going and if anyone would like to join if it is to be created and supported.
  4. Hello everybody! I have found a great dayz mod server the has been very promising if anybody is interested. Considering I have yet to find a Dayz mod channel on our TS or a AJSA server. Join ADK Epoch Tav- server, and their TS info is in the server when logging in. Feel free to message me about any questions or concerns. Aloha!
  5. This game has been an alpha for nearly a year now. Previous to this it was already in development before the alpha was even released so lets say there is a good year of development process maybe more into this game. Okay with that said why is that Zombies are still glitching into the floor running through walls and hitting me from 20 ft away ? My fps on this game is completely tits up and laughable. Every single person in the entire game now spawns in, Kills themselves till they get a city spawn, Then when said player gets the spawn he requires, goes straight to the city and starts a shoot out and killing other fresh spawns who try and enter the city. This game is broken and has been since the start and instead of fixing this shit they just add more shit. A streamer I have been watching for a good couple of years now just took nearly 5 minutes to kill a zombie with an axe because he couldn't control his fps. If I hit a zombie with an axe. The zombies head is going to explode... Dayz is a broken game. It has been in alpha for nearly a year now and it seems to be staying that way. I have not seen any performance increases, the rubber banding is still there and the desync can give away enemy players before you've even seen them. There is no skill involved, it's just looking out for that little red chain then dropping to the ground. It is never going to be fixed. What do you all think of this ?
  6. When I saw the movie trailer called, Osombie. There is Jihad zombies such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and even Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. I decided to came up idea to put the Jihad zombies in Takistan. I would like to see Dean "Rocket" Hall and Bohemia Interactive Studio will make Jihad version of zombies and set in Takistan. This is awesome. Better than Nazi Zombie (which is similar between Jihad and Nazi such as anti-semitic ideology). Osombie is an zombie movie who were infected for Jihad such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban. They're earned the fundraiser project has been completed about nearly $30,000 according to Kickstarter. Then later, the fans and viewers were gave negative to Osombie movie. Most of reviewers were giving about between 1 - 4 scores. I should make my Top 10 CrownFunding Project Campaign has been succeed, but negative (also known as Top 10 Worst CrownFunding Project Campaign That Earned Completed).
  7. Recently got DayZ and don't really have people to play with! Anybody wanna team up in it? If so post your skype so we can play together!
  8. I just checked this forum with the search button and couldn't find a main thread for DayZ Standalone, so I figured I'd create one. So you can talk about all your experiences, find groups, post videos and stuff about it without messing up other threads which are more about one group etc. I've recently been playing the hell out of it with my squad of 3 friends, and I got some footage of a NWAF encounter. Also before you ask, yes we're bandits, no we're not KOS....mostly. Here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp9fWxhcTII
  9. Hi, it me again Id like to ask you guys a question. IS DayZ early acces worth buying now? I wanted to play this for a long time, and currently this Alpha is cheaper than ARMA2+expansions (which i wouldnt play anyway). I've already read theproducers "dont buy this" statement on steam. But the game is being improved (at least thats why my friend told me). Is it worth 20e now? Does the bugs, which make game unplayable occurs often? What are the biggest problem of current version?
  10. I was part of the first 200,000 to get into the mod and now that the Stand Alone has been released I was wondering if anyone willing to band together and prosper in these times of uncertainty. We are not bandits, we represent the AJSA and we will be saviors not demons. The Stand Alone is new and we can prosper during this learning time. Add me on steam through my AJSA profile if your are interested.
  11. Hey we got Rust forum, I don't see why we don't have a dayz sub forum. It would be nice to meet up with other AJSA gamers in Dayz as well.
  12. Hey all, although this topic has probably been created at some point, I was wondering if the AJSA had any DayZ servers (either standalone or Arma 2 mod)? I think it would be great to have some teammates as the game is more fun to play that way than by trying to solo. I'd love to play with some people!
  13. Looking for a group for DayZ SA
  14. Dayz standalone has been released !
  15. I am completely in love with Rust at the moment, the game is much smoother and polished than DayZ and the plethora of other zombie survival games currently available (In my opinion, you can enjoy whatever you wish). The first night I had the game I stumbled across two guys with shacks, we met and I made my house with them. Over the next hour the area expanded and we eventually had a walled town with 20-30 people inside it! We would go on hunting expeditions, craft together, socialize and take turns on tower watch duty. Unfortunately on the sixth night while I was inside my shack the town was set upon by bandits with automatic weapons, they murdered everyone who couldn't get to their house in time. I was petrified with fear of them hearing me so I didn't dare move until morning when some of the other survivors came back. Needless to say that was awesome! Who else has had some time with the game? I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!
  16. I am a huge fan of the DayZ Mod in Arma 2. I will honestly play for a full 16 hours in a day if I get the chance. Sure, I may only be able to get about 25fps and I may get a bullet to the head 85% of the time when I try to be diplomatic, but I love it. Espicially Epoch, with a smooth and interesting combination of DayZ survival and Minecraft-esc building. As I was wondering around in Chernarus, I wondered about the 50 people in my server and if they were apart of the Angry Army. I wondered what it would be like if Joe decided to rent some servers and we, the Angry Army, had the ability to test our skills, mess around, or somewhat. I wondered if also if we can't have servers, then we can have a page on the AJSA website where members can link up and join in a server. I would have like to continue this thought process, but then me and everyone in the server I was in was killed instantly by a scriptor. Nevertheless, I think it would be a great idea to include a AJSA DayZ Survivors page of some sort since I would believe that many of us play or have an interest in DayZ. Like I stated before, if we had this page, people can easily link up with other Angry Army members, newbie or experienced DayZ players, and keep connected.
  17. What do you guys think about the DayZ standalone? The video shows the pre-alpha testing by Dean "Rocket" Hall showing us all the new content that's coming in the DayZ standalone (Warning:This is raw footage,and any bugs that may happen during the video will not be on the release version,after all its only Pre-Alpha) DayZ was due to come out in 21.12.2012 which was an almost a year ago. As for the DayZ standalone,its completely separated from ARMA franchise,its a game of its own.If anyone played the mod,most of you guys know that the biggest problem with the mod is the hackers,cuz all of the procesing was on the client side,so hackers had very easy job in scripting the game how they wanted it.Now the game is run on the server side,which makes hacking much more difficult. What can you expect in the DayZ standalone (quoted from the http://dayzdev.tumblr.com)
  18. So, I was thinking about DayZ and how it's evolved since it began. The first time I played it, it was an unforgettable experience. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know where to go and it was fun. Avoiding the zombies, yelling out friendly to soon to be teammates, exploring new towns, it was one of a kind. As I played it more it started to lose it's magic. The incredibly frustrating zombie A.I., buildings I would go to only to find out I couldn't enter, a complicated but useable UI, hacking and nothing to do once you have more than you need but the game was still fun... Until more people played the game and changed how it was played. Nobody teamed up anymore and everyone killed on site. Trying to avoid sniper fire from an unknown building might be fun the first couple times, but the cool factor wears of when it happens all the time. It started to become what others have called "Team Deathmatch... with Zombies". So i slowly drifted away from the game. But hearing news about DayZ Standalone has me cautiously optimistic about the game. From more buildings to enter, redesigned zombies, to changeable clothing, weapon attatchments and a redesigned UI, the game is shaping up pretty nicely. Do you guys think DayZ can recapture it's magic? Or do you guys think it can create new magic?
  19. DayZ, this is a post to try to get a team together for a good team that will be able to help those in need. We shall help all the players that need the AngryArmy. Hero's only please, and if you have a microphone massive advantage if not no worrys If you need a hand with any DayZ issues or problems or if your new and need someone to help. I'm free when ever a Angry soldier needs me.
  20. Arma 2 can be a really fun game even without DayZ but i was wondering if anyone would like to form a DayZ squad or just mess around on the many fun servers and game types that Arma 2 has to offer.
  21. I was watching Ep.40 of Frankie's Dayz videos (which are awesome btw) this thought came to my mind. I don't know if this topic has already been talked about but will ajsa be supporting dayz when standalone releases? If this topic has been posted already then do whatever with this thread. ~ xKaros
  22. Hello everyone So I just got Arma 2 complete on sale from Steam,and I'm looking to get into the DayZ scene. Since there's a TON of servers out there I would like you guys to suggest servers to me preferably based on this criteria: Vanilla DayZ - with no OP weapons,OP vehicles,loot and buildingsNo donor loadoutsActive and friendly community (can't be empty)Not PVP oriented (I'm all for PVP,but I don't want a server full of bandits)
  23. I think ARMA would be a great game for the AJSA community, the game may be a little hard to get into but that's the plus side to being in groups like AJSA. I have no doubt their are people that would be willing to help new players build custom levels and set up play events for 5 to 80 players. Plus the game is already set up for large groups to play, they have ranks set by the map makers and it gives squad leaders/ High command Officers an in game way to organize the lower ranks. The possibilities of this game are endless you could have Helicopter squads supporting infantry who are on their way to meat up with a Tank column so the high command can organize them while they plunder the hillside. -I wasn't expecting so many people to back the ARMA idea and i would be happy so make some levels and get a server going if we can get 10 or more people willing to play some time. If you wanna try to start an ARMA then add me as a friend on AJSA or Steam. (just make sure you also message me saying you wanna start an ARMA group or something like that) -If anyone has experience hosting ARMA 3 servers then i would love so help or if you could handle the issue entirely. I would be very grateful since i don't have much knowledge about ARMA servers outside of clicking NEW and then making sure it's not set to LAN. -If you aren't good with servers then mission making would be a awesome way to help with the community since I can only make 2 or 3 good level in a week. -My hopes of starting a small ARMA community is that it will gain attention from some or the higher ranking AJSA members and Hopefully get an actual spot on AJSA with lots of more people.
  24. Hey guys! I was thinking of some ideas and I'm wondering what kind of issues this can make. Now keep in mind these questions are mean't to show clans that wan't to join this community. -What If I already have a clan? ( BF4, Dayz, etc) -What If I already have resources for those games? ( Servers, Seperate Teamspeaks, etc) -Can we merge with ASJA? - Can we keep our name? (Do we have to become ASJA, Change our server names etc) Also let me give an example of my clan in dayz.: I have a Dayz clan called Subsistence Gaming. We were a very well established clan for six monthes with our servers in the top 10 most popular an often # 1. We have a teamspeak that has already been paid for and will last for over a year. We also have a lot Vets from the game and people with a lot of experince in moderating the servers and general gameplay. The structure of the clan was based off a military structure starting from Privates to Captian. We would like to revive our clan for the standalone coming out and would like the help/to join the ASJA. (There are also a ton of other resoucers, Q&A's, Applications, records of hackers, etc) -If you were to accept our resouces ( servers, teamspeak) how would this be handled? -If you did accept them what would become of my rank in my clan? I was the Co-founder (Me and another started the clan) would I just become a lowely ASJA member and someone from the forums take over? Thanks to anyone who actually read this, Gunp0int ( My old clan: http://dayzmod.com/f...active-players/) Contact: Steam: gunp0int Skype: gunp0int email: kpasakarnis@gmail.com