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Found 4 results

  1. Heyyo, Now, I'm a fan of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide... both are very enjoyable FPS zombie games and I love how it's slower-paced than L4D series and emphasizes more on melee combat than guns. Sure, they're a bit buggy, but for me? It never detracted from the enjoyment of pulling an all night co-op session with my friends and then realizing "Oh shit! It's 4am! I gtg to bed so I can have some sleep for work at 8am!" Dead Island 2 looks quite fantastic... but the part that worries me? It's being developped by Yager... the guys who made Spec Ops: The Line which got poor review scores from webpages I recognize like Gamespot... so I'm hoping for a demo before I go and buy the full product... that or a review at least. How about you guys? Any of you enjoyed Dead Island as much as I did? Back in the day I got it for free... traded a limited-edition item on TF2... my OSX Earbuds for it... heh, I attained them during a promotion where if you play TF2 on a Mac within the first two months of release on OSX? You got them for free... so me messing around with Hackintosh nabbed me 4 free copies of Dead Island and that's what sparked a few all-nighter co-op game sessions. Here's the latest trailer for Dead Island 2 It looks more action-heavy than previous Dead Islands... but it also looks like lots of fun.
  2. Anyone interested in playing some classic dead island on pc with me. I just got the PC version.
  3. Looking for Players that would be interested in cooping Dead island for ps3 I feel like cooping though Dead Island with a fresh start. Send me a friend request, or just post something under this post, or you could PM me here or PSN PSN: Overling I might do the same for Borderlands 2 and maybe a few other games *edit* I put this in the wrong area if a moderater can move that would be cool. Done
  4. The main Xbox One game I've had my eye on is Dying Light. I mean, I absolutely love Zombies! I played Dead Island and Riptide and I had tons of fun. Now Dead Island mixed with parkour, made by the same company?! Oh my god, I want this game!