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Found 9 results

  1. I gotta say That's really good looking and i could easily see this being some sort of game. But i have so many questions about the things happening in the video, it's all so mysterious. Just shows how good the unity engine actually is if you have the right people behind it but what do you guys think ?
  2. To clarify beforehand: I am part of the development team and the following is advertisement for our project and it's crowdfunding campaign. I wanted to be upfront with that and hope that it still is within the rules of this forum. Dear AJSA community, I am part of RadicalFishGames. We are a group of game developers and are currently working on our first larger project: The 2D action-RPG CrossCode. An extensive demo is already available and can either be downloaded (currently only for Windows) or played directly in your web browser. So best try it out yourself! To finish development in a clear timeframe (until first quarter of 2016) we are currently holding a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and already managed to collect over 45k€ of our 80k€ goal. If you like the game please consider supporting us, either financially or by word of mouth! On our development-blog you can read about all the recent news to the project. Latest News: The Character Classes of CrossWorlds, IndiesCrashE3 Indieclicker and AMA on reddit Each Sunday we are holding development-livestreams in which you can watch us do work and also ask us questions! Next DevStream: April 19 2015 12 pm PST (20 pm GMT + 1) - Click to get to the channel Play the CrossCode Demo now www.cross-code.com (Playable in browser or offline for Windows) CrossCode is a 2D Action RPG set in the distant future. You follow a player called Lea as she logs into CrossWorlds - a fictional MMO of the far future. Two things are strange about Lea: First, she can't speak (literally mute - not just a silent heroine). And second, she doesn't remember a thing about her past. Despite all of this, Lea starts exploring CrossWorlds, meets other players and overcomes a multitude of challenges all along the official track of the game. That is, until the past catches up with her. CrossCode combines features of the Action-Adventure and RPG genre, delivering both, a great variety of puzzles and an engaging, fast-paced combat system with plenty of options for character growth. Here's a list of features: 16-bit, SNES-style 2D graphics with detailed animationsA soundtrack inspired by old SNES and Playstation classicsA unique ball throwing mechanic with charging functionality and ricocheting balls, used for combat and puzzlesFast-paced combat system featuring close and ranged attacks, guarding, dashing and great variety of special attacksA complete RPG system with leveling, equipment, consumable items and skill treesA detailed movement system with auto-jumping and precise collision Videos: Pictures: We’re currently having a fundraiser on IndieGogo! Check it out: And that's it for the advertisement! Best don't put too much trust in my lackluster PR-skills and try out the demo for yourself, it runs in any modern browser without any plugins needed. You are welcome to ask questions and give us feedback directly in this very thread. We’ll keep an eye on this and will try to answer everything. And of course feel free to also judge the project and campaign as usual. Alternatively you can also visit our DevBlog and our Forum for questions and discussions about the game.
  3. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Wanted to post this quick for any on the fence, like me about buying Star Citizen. Well looks like Polygon has a universal key allowing those who have not bought into the game a chance to play this week only. Link to article so you can verify my statement - http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/14/8214445/star-citizen-free-weekend-pax-east Make an account, put in the code SXSWFREEFLY2K15 and download the 20 gb cilent! In this demo you get to fly the Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship in the arena commander space combat module and also walk around the hangar module in first person.
  4. Well now, looks like property agents can now just use Unreal Engine 4 to show people different houses. This is a pretty nice apartment that I would love to live in. This video would be soo much better though if it's actually a teaser for Silent Hills. You know, tour around the nice looking apartment, then go to the bathroom, and then lights suddenly turn off, blood splatters everywhere, and the entire apartment becomes a torture chamber for Pyramid head. Make it like Silent Hill 4 the Room, but much better.
  5. Well with the recent showcase of the upcoming Zelda WiiU I gotta say, I'm really looking forward to this game when it's finally released, what do you guys think of it so far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aklpJK0RcTM This is the demo to the game if you haven't seen it yet.
  6. Do you think Overpricing or Underpricing games, demos or DLC affect the game's rating? Comment, discuss, video response. ---Follow me on:Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRainFacebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  7. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 will be released on the 26th of February, and the demo was recently released to prepare for it. It takes place after the event of Mirror of Fate and it will be the conclusion of the entire new Castlevania series. Here's my thought on it. First of all, the graphic is excellent. The character details are great and the combat movements looks slick and awesome. For some reason some of the environment looks rough when you zoom in on them though. The camera this time around is like the new DmC where you can control where you want to look. In the first game it's like God of War where it's fixed. I prefer this one because it's not as awkward as before. The gameplay is pretty much like the previous Castlevania Lords of Shadow game where you can press square or X for straight attack and triangle or Y for an area attack. You can mix things up to do various combos like in the previous games. This time around there's 2 new weapons you can use. The Void sword is a blue sword that you can use to regain life, and the Chaos claws is used to break enemy defences with shields. Anyone who played DMC before knows the drill here, except this time there's no style meter to grade you so you are free to hack and slash whichever way you want. The platforming segments from the previous game returns where you have to point to a certain parts of the wall to progress there. There are some things in the game that's annoying to deal with though and it takes away from the immersiveness of combat. First is the darn QTE where you have to wait till a circle goes to the middle and then press a button for it. Several times during the demo it shows up for an instant, and you're caught off guard because of it. It's annoying in the first game and it's still annoying here. I heard that in the full game you can shut it off though, so better do that because this wait for the circle thing is pointless. The second thing are the slow motions. Waaayy too many of them, most of the time it happens after you do a timed block that staggers enemies for a couple of seconds. At first it's cool, but when it happens too many times you'll wish that there's none of it. It's kind of like this: As a side note, the "what is a man??" and "Die monster, you don't belong in this world" dialogue from Symphony of the Nights is used here, but when it happens it's like "is that really necessary?" It's like they put it there to make it cool, but it's kind of awkward. At least for me. Overall, the demo is ok. The combat and graphic are good, but the QTE and slow motions holds the demo back. Nevertheless, I can't wait for the full game. I want to see how the story ends for Gabriel Belmont.
  8. Hey guys, just been playing a bit of the Bravely Default Demo, the new 3ds exclusive RPG by Squaresoft, and wanted to see if anybody else had been playing it and write down your impressions. For me, one of the big things is the art style, the main city in the demo looks really good (and actually sticks out quite well with the 3d on!) and the character designs and their alternate costumes look really nice as well. Combat wise isn't really difficult, took me a minute or two to figure out how to use your brave points, and found it alright, simple combat system (just as I would expect from Squaresoft, not complaining) and gave me a smile or two. One last note to add is the music, just what I want from a RPG! makes me want to preorder the deluxe edition for the soundtrack!
  9. Did Microsoft's "Xbox One All-in-One Demo" change your mind about Xbox One?