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Found 3 results

  1. Just recently, I saw a game on Markiplier's channel called the "Next Car Game". It's an early access game on steam which has AMAZING graphics and damage models. Just look at the amount of particles and destruction this game has. This game instantly reminded me of Red Faction Guerilla, which has amazingly awesome destruction from just wrecking buildings up into tiny pieces realistically. I wish more games have this level of destruction. So, what games do you know that also have impressive destruction physics like this? You can do a repeat mention on this thread, don't worry.
  2. Well people, say goodbye to Lions Arch when you can and get ready to fight for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJFlbegazTM
  3. Before anyone asks, yes that is the name of the game and it's awesome. I have started this topic to spread the word and let people know about this awesome game. The game Next Car Game is a game made by the creators of the FlatOut series, Bugbear Entertainment. The game is mainly about cars smashing into each other. What else do you need to know? Okay I'll tell you more. The game uses a really advanced physics engine. Using this really cool and realistic destruction/physics engine, the game allows you to wreck your car until it's physically not even a car anymore. The game is planning on being some sort of demolition derby/racing game hybrid that will give the player tons of cars to play with and customize however they want. The game even has a playable demo that you can play with once you've help fund the game's development. The demo allows you to play with lots of cool tools and allows you to push the limits of the game's destruction engine. There are a few bugs but they'll obviously be fixed before the game comes out. Simply put, it's a really well done and fun tech demo. Now onto why I helped to fund the game. In my opinion, I've never liked all of the serious and overly complicated racing such as Forza and Gran Trismo. The problem with them is that you spend too much time in the menus, trying to get your car perfect. You have to tweak the car's suspension, brakes, height, etc. I just want to race, damn it! As a result, I've always preferred the Need for Speed and Dirt franchises because of their destruction engines. I want to be able to smash my friends off the road when they try to overtake me and watch their car get wrecked as it collides with a concrete wall. Bugbear promises to deliver this same experience within Next Car Game. If you enjoy wrecking cars for fun, loved the FlatOut series, or really like the idea of a desruction focused car game, then you should definitely give Next Car Game a look. Hopefully you'll help fund the game like I have. Here's the link to the kickstarter page: http://nextcargame.com/