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Found 5 results

  1. So ladies and gentlemen who have played both of Ninja Theory's versions of Devil May Cry which one do you think was better the original one for last gen consoles or the newer one for current gen consoles? Can answer anonymously in the poll section or comment below or both choice is yours. For me it was the newer one fixed a lot of problems with the original one not just made it an HD reboot.
  2. Hey guys so this topic is about which of these two game franchises is better. Now before we get started there is something I need to get out of the way. Both the Bayonetta franchise and Devil May Cry (up till DmC: Devil may Cry) were made by the same group of people called Team Little Devils who later went to Platinum Games and became team Little Angels. They were also directed by Hideki Kamiya. So with this in mind which of these two franchises was the better creation as well as franchise.
  3. With E3 coming up faster than light, there has been a lot of speculation that a new DMC will be announced. But I wonder, will anyone buy it? I was honestly a big fan of the new one, and even got the background comic that was sold separately. I, along with Angry Joe, hated the fact that a bunch of whiny fans were crucifying the game for no good reason and spamming metacritic to give it 2's and 0's. Which begs the question, if and when they announce a new one with the same style as the old one, will anyone try it out and/or buy it? I know I will.
  4. So we all know about DMC it is for well known reasons the most hated Devil May Cry game in the franchise even beating out Devil May Cry 2 but what is the thing I'm talking about that DMC did better then Devil May Cry and why I'm posting this well I'll start off with the why its because of the signature of an AJSA member Maeglin Telrunya asking if he is the only one who likes the new Vergil to answer his question Yes idk why you like him but yes you're the only one. Now on to the what the what being the relationship between Dante & Vergil in the first Devil May Cry game Dante explains how Mundus killed his Mother and brother 20 years ago and how he swore revenge on Mundus for doing so. Now fast forward two games and we get Devil May Cry 3 the prequel and best game in the franchis (though to be honest the combat system was done better in 4 but I digress) where you play as young cocky upstart Dante who has to stop his now evil twin (insert soap opera joke here) from opening the gates of hell and destroying humanity and he is more then willing to slice his brothers head off. So what happened how did Dante go from wanting to kill his brother to avenging his death that part was never explained or just simply continuity was thrown out the window. Now fast forward another 2 games and we come upon DMC where we get almost all the popular franchise characters Dante Vergil and Mundus and in this game for a time Dante and Vergil are at first allies then friends the bros then well *SPOILERS!!!* enemies so their relationship forms during the game and makes it more understandable why Dante is so willynilly about stopping him unlike Devil May Cry 1 and Devil May Cry 3. So does that mean DMC did a better more stronger relationship between the brothers. Well thoughts comments and debates are as always welcome in my topics so if you have input don't be afraid to share and would love to hear your guys thoughts.
  5. Hi guys names DevilScropio but sometimes I go under different names but I'm here actually to ask you guys what game I should get around 20 - 25 or lower. The price is really low but reason why I have to pay for some stuff, but anyways I was thinking about getting XCOM Enemy Within but don't have enough get it and so guys what should I get which by I play on PC and also forgot I was or maybe thinking about putting like 10 to 20 dollars into league of legends but I already pend so much in the game like 500 dollar I think so far but comment your opinions on what I should get. P.S. If you want to play on League of Legends Summoner name is DevilMayCry372 <--- and yeah Devil May Cry sorry I am pretty much a fan boy about DMC and not the new one but the old ones.