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Found 10 results

  1. As the title states, who in the AJSA still plays this game? I ask because I just recently was asked back into it by some friends and since the AJSA does not have a Sub Forum or even a Team Speak channel for this game, I was very curious if anyone in the AJSA still plays and if so whom? Just trying to get a player list for anyone else wondering the same thing if any other fellow Angry Army members still play and want to play with other Angry Army members. My friends and I play Hardcore mostly but feel free to post here if you are also looking for AJSA battle.net friends.
  2. I saw there is a Diablo 3 channel in our teampseak server, but I coulnd't find our clan in the game... Is there any, and if there isn't, let's make one!
  3. Hello, How are all of you doing today? I hope everything has been well in the gaming community. I just wanted to introduce myself and some various things I love. Games obviously are something I love though I have many fandoms in tv shows as well. (particularly enjoying Supernatural right now) I do enjoy Anime and help put on anime conventions across the Midwest. I love RPG's mostly and love that games seem to be heading in the direction with light RPG aspect. I cant wait to play Assassins Creed Unity(ps4) and Borderlands the pre sequel(steam) here soon. I am currently playing Destiny (PS4) and Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls (PC). I love old rpgs and the classic SNES games. Breath of Fire and Grandia are among my favorite of all time. Feel free to write me and discuss anything you want.
  4. Hey everyone Im starting this thread to help anyone who plays Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, as guide/help for Class builds, Tips and tricks, and a AJSA Trading post. So Lue of this new thing. Heres one of the My First Builds, and others will follow. I hope this helps everyone in there time in Sacturary. And Follow me on my Twitch.tv Channel to tune in for AJSA Game night Videos Live with the Community. Next Class Build Guide: Frozen God(Wizard Build) Check Back Soon for Step by Step Build Guide
  5. Apparently, in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Diablo III is now -50% off. I've wanted this game for awhile, but have been wary of the EA-like DRM that we have to use, but then again I already play games like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone (which force the same thing). Do you see it is a fun game, and worth the $20 I will pay for it? What are the positives and negatives of the game? Thanks for your assistance!
  6. >Salute< Heya, I'm RichieT been watching AJ for many eons and continue to enjoy his content, its what brought me here also WILDSTAR ONLINE it was mentioned Joe will be starting up a Guild for that game - I also play BF3, 4 and various other online shooters. I'm a livestreamer on twitch and I have a youtube channel where I have been posting gameplay videos, some game guides etc. https://www.youtube.com/user/RichieTallon Any progress made with Wildstar as of yet? Anyone play the beta? I've played it extensively it is amazing. Currently I'm obsessed with Diablo 3 Reaper of souls, multiboxing team 4 wizards. Pretty amusing, I will say that the Reaper of Souls expansion is bloody awsome. Well hope to meet more of this rabble of an army, lets dominate some PVP! ) Cheers, RichieT PS: Enjoy AngryJoeShow watched every review even going back several years, I can't get enough. He nails it every time, sure we don't need to keep on about this but thing is, he's never wrong unlike other content that I think tends to be quite dishonest.
  7. Hey Guys, As a multiboxer it is important to stay ranged (reduces desyncing issues) and so I've come up with a really solid buid that accomplishes this - so I've posted up some videos in 2 parts: Link to Pt. 1 (skills): Link to Pt. (gameplay) 2: This build will work fine soloing, in groups, good on boss fights as I show in my video. I have already played with a friend where I helped him with Leoric; it was not recorded but it worked fine. Yes, I recorded it on normal - damage should keep progressing in this build so just adjust runes as they get unlocked. Note that the video is made with level 20 characters, i have NOT tried it at Level 60 or 70; but the premise should still be the same - I'd suggest for higher level characters some runes may change or just expand upon this basic build and/or swap out some skills for more damage! At level 20, obviously I do not have certain skills unlocked. I'm really enjoying staying ranged as this class, perhaps some others would enjoy this as well so I'm throwing it up and I hope you guys give it a try. There's quite a bit of defensive ideas in this build as well, so you can either stay ranged, tank stuff or just escape to reposition. Pretty much has all bases covered. My gameplay video includes killing The Butcher for the first time (a little scattered at the start but I got better as the fight progresses). Enjoy because I absolutely LOVE this new character and how it plays!RichieT
  8. I got this game when It first came out and I have to say the Auction House really made this game crap in my opinion. They have Finally taken it away now there's finally a reason to play now you feel like you actually accomplish stuff while playing this game instead of just buying everything needed to be the best. They have changed a lot in this game since the new patch that came out. Game feels more smooth and way more worth wild then it was when it first came out. I would highly recommend this game to anyone right now for the current price there offering at this time $20 for at least 20 hrs+ game play. They added clans and community's now to the game to we currently have 30 members in the AJSA Clan on the game. I really hope this changes peoples view on the game now and are willing to give it a try what are you waiting for lets play some Diablo 3!
  9. Greetings, Angry Joe Army! Title of the thread may seem offensive, but, as we say in Russia: "In every joke there is a portion of joke"! As we know (except Blizzard/Diablo 3 fans who just enjoy(ed) the game, there is nothing wrong about it, but I write my own opinion), Blizzard pretty much failed Diablo 3. Now they are going to release an expansion called Reaper of Souls (RoS), which can improve the game, and I'm really excited about it. So this is what we have now: USA preorder: 1) Standart edition = 39.99$ 2) Deluxe edition = 59.99$ 3) Game available (both preorder and release) - 3/25/2014 EU preorder: 1) Standart edition = 39.99€ = ~55$ 2) Deluxe edition = 59.99€ = ~83$ 3) Game available (both preorder and release) - 3/25/2014 For Russia/CIS it seems pretty normal as well: Russia/CIS preorder: 1) Standart edition = 1799 rub = ~56$ 2) Deluxe edition = 2699 rub = ~84$ 3) Game available (preorder only) - 3/25/2014 But now something smelly starts: Russa/CIS release: 1) Standart edition = 899 rub = ~28$ 2) Deluxe edition = 1499 rub = ~47$ 3) Game available (buying in stores) - 4/15/2014 (3 weeks after preorder edition is available for play) Now the questions. Tried to make them in right sequence: - Why can't I preorder RoS for these 28$ to start playing on March instead of waiting for 3 weeks? - Even if there are some delays with RoS shipment (or some other reason), why preorder costs 50% more? (I could understand some price increase in stores because of some shipment taxes and etc., but not the preorder!) - Let's look at it from other side: how it comes, that the game costs 50% less in just 3 weeks? - Why (Let's say europeans) even have to pay these 50% extra without such discount in 3 weeks? - Why do Blizzard split Diablo community by policy called "Pay 50% more or wait 3 weeks more"? (Well, this statement about splitting community is not 100% right, but still because of this policy there will be a noticeable difference) There are adequate answers for each of these questions separately, but for the overall situation I can only make some guesses. Some of them may be false, but I think at least some of them hit the mark: 1) Blizzard want to get as much money as they can, because everyone want to play RoS as early as they can (because even updates like "paragon 2.0", "loot 2.0" are useless without RoS. So without it Diablo 3 is even more dead than before, since everyone are going to swith to RoS either way). 2) There actually can be a discount for EU (and probably US), but Blizzard just don't announce (read guess №1). 3) Blizzard are removing real money auction house from Diablo 3, so they will lose quite large profit. That's why... (guess №1 again). 4) Blizzard are having some problems with servers capacity, so they both get more money from preorders and partially solve this problem (which is unnaceptable if I'm right about this guess, I mean to solve their own problems by limiting our possibilities + even getting more profit). 5) Blizzard are having some problems with shipment to Russia, so they made such a policy to get as much profit from it as they can. 6) Now a positive guess: game will cost 50% less in april because it's kind of an excuse for a 3 months delay. But still it's just an another guess. And I still don't understand why there is such a delay just for Russia/CIS when even for Korea and Taiwan there isn't, I think it's should be harder to ship the RoS discs there than to Russia. This is all what came to my mind, but maybe there is something else to it. I know, that some of you will agree with them without reason (and I accept this, even if I don't understand this) and some of you are ready to pay (or just can afford the price), but it doesn't mean, that Blizzard are right doing this.
  10. so i saw from blizzcon diablo 3 will have clans will the angry army make one for diablo 3 you think?