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Found 28 results

  1. discussion

    After years of conference's showing off demos and gameplay, No Man's Sky finally has a released! It's been nearly over 3 years since we first saw No Man's Sky. Think about that, and in that time so much has happen to the game. A flooding that took nearly the whole project right after the start, a secret lawsuit from an English cable company known as SKY, Sean Murray and his beard! But after so long of a wait we are finally here, able to explore a unknown and new universe. A dream many of us when we were young (Hell even today) share, each time we looked up to that star lit night sky. Whether you are interested in the game or not, the concept of what this game was and became is an impressive work of accomplishment. Now if you excuse me... I got some exploring to do! PS Blog "No Man's Sky: 7 Ways to Start Your Adventure" article link: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/08/09/no-mans-sky-7-ways-to-start-your-adventure/ Oh, I'll leave the new No Man's Sky Launch Trailer, and No Man's Sky announcement trailer from all those years ago... just to show the journey to get here.
  2. CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Yet another great addition to the MCU. This movie has it all and then some. Some great new introduction and plenty of old faces. The evolution of these characters is really starting to show. So lets get on to my pros PROs 1) THE MCU IS STANDING ON ITS OWN The marvel cinematic universe is only BASED on the comics. It is NOT an exact translation of the comics (something I'm starting to accept) It's kinda like a "based on a true story" concept. Although it happened, when it's a movie things need to be adjusted. With that in mind these characters are different as they are the expressions of the writers, directors and actors/actresses that play them. Pure art in motion which brings me to my next pro 2)AMAZING CASTING ALL AROUND We're used to some of these faces by now. Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, Chris Evans is Cap to a whole generation. Even the new addition like Liz Olson(Scarlet Whitch) Paul Bettany (The Vision and my favorite) and the one actor who's had some great spot light on him for the portrayal of Black Panther Chadwick Boseman(soul brother number 1) are fantastic in their roles. I tip my hat to the veterans though because playing the same character over and over is a real test of endurance and they are hanging in there. 3) CHARACTERS ARE MELDING TOGETHER PRETTY SMOOTHLY This movie has A LOT of faces, most of them with stand alone titles. But just like the comic book universe everyone has the potential to appear in the title characters story. This is a Cap story because it's told from his perspective which is a great acknowledgement from Disney because Cap is a character whose been around a long time and deserves that. This really opens the door for team ups and stories that are huge in comic book history and the MCU really shot for the moon on this one. Like Tony Stank said in Iron Man 1 "sometimes you gotta run before you learn to walk"
  3. I know there are probably a million topics on this one but I would like to ask the community there thoughts on the upcoming/next installment of the battlefield franchise (Battlefield 1). First of I would like to here theory's on the campaign or if they would bother including it as there last game star wars battlefront did not have a campaign ? If they would include those stupid golden cases or what ever they are called in bf4. And lastly do you guys think they would be able to pull of a stable release aka bugs servers etc. DON'T GET ANGRY AT ME JUST A NEWBIE TO THE FORUMS
  4. Referring mostly to games with an obvious end like RPG's or anything story based. MMO's and multiplayer games can provide unending value for money. The length of a games playthrough has been a topic of discussion lately so I thought I would pose the question to the community. For the amount of money you dish out on a new game how much entertainment time do you think it should provide? For me this poses other questions also. For example entertainment time doesn't always equate to entertainment value. A game could take 100 hours to complete but be mundane or even boring, another could be 15 hours but keep you gripped to your seat for every minute. A movie only lasts 2-3 hours and we're happy to pay £10 - £15. So should a game take at least 10 - 12 hours by comparison for the extra money we pay and anything more is a bonus?
  5. Hey everyone it's been a while, but I've decided to try and make video's again. Now keep in mind I'm trying to be as neutral and polite as possible throughout the whole video. I'm not saying what happened was a good thing because really it wasn't. The MCC should have been awesome, but something along the way got fucked up and unfortunately people got upset. However I will say this, the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta is a lot of fun. Now will this make up for The MCC not being as good as we hoped? Well much like I say in the video, I can't say. However, I will say I am excited about it and I hope that 343 learns from this and doesn't do what they did in The MCC. Or again it could have been a complete accident that something wasn't picked up during testing and well as the saying goes shit happens. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video and please tell me how I did.
  6. Alright, now that some of us have played the Walking Dead Season 2 till the end, let's spoil and discuss the game's story. I like this season, but I'm annoyed at certain things. This is my least favorite if I have to pick between this, the first season and Wolf Among Us. Like: I like that Clementine has grown from the naive girl in the first season to this badass that can think for herself. Plus I also like that the QTE combat is still as simple and fun as the first game, even though 3 times, 2 in episode 4 and 1 in episode 5, the QTE reticule glitched out and I have to die because the attack indicator won't show up. The characters are well written like always, every character is complex and you will care for each one of them. The story is also still good. Parts in this game makes me feel happy and sad like the first season, and that's great. Dislike: Sometimes Clem in this game is waayy too serious. Like in episode 5 when Kenny beat the Russian guy, and if you intervene he'll accidentally headbutt Clem, but Clem didn't cry after that. She should cry. She has been keeping herself calm since the first episode, so she should let it all out when that happens. That'll make the scene much more believable and shocking. This game suffers from an overabundance of the "Morton's Fork" storytelling technique. Morton's Fork is a term you use to describe a moment where there are 2 choices you have to pick to solve a problem. Unfortunately, even if you pick the choice that seems better than the other, the outcome is always the same. Nothing you do change the events of the game. The previous season has much less of Morton's Fork, which makes that game awesome. This season, waaayy too much. No matter what you do, if there is a choice that's either save a person or let them die, they will die no matter what later. The dog in the first episode is a good start. So you walk in this desolated camp trying to find food, and you befriend a dog. You managed to find food and you can either give the dog food or not. Either way the dog will bite you. Then there's the thing with Sarah. There's a choice in episode 4 between saving her or letting her get attacked by zombies in the trailer where you meet up. I save her, but later on during a zombie attack, some bullshit with a cannon and a weak woodboard happens and she got stuck, leaving you no choice but to let her die. What's the point?? Have her be ok till the end! She went through a lot before! There's also the one with that dumbass Nick. In Episode 2, if you do certain things correctly, he'll either live or die in that episode. Episode 4 have him got stuck on a fence as a walker. He's dead either way. Then there's the event with Sharita. You either cut her arm before the zombie bite spreads, or kill the zombie and let her die a slow death. If you cut her hand she's dead, and most people actually go for that because the indian guy before survived. Classic Bait and switch. Finally there's the one with Luke in episode 5. You can either go and save him yourself, or give covering fire and let Bonnie save him. Either way he'll die. Too many of these things in this season. It's all pointless in the end and it's all just a matter of "well, he's dead but at least I helped him before". What's the point? I'm curious on how Season 3 will start. This game has 5 different endings depending on who you go with in the end. How will the ending affect Season 3? I'm guessing it only slightly change things and Season 3 will star a completely different character than Clem. Maybe you play as that Russian guy that shot Clem and the season will be about his journey for redemption after what he did? Or maybe you'll play as that black guy with the damaged ear? Or maybe you play as Christa who actually survived the first episode? Or a completely different character alltogether? Only time will tell.
  7. hey i stumbled on a little know up coming game known as no mans sky today while i was at work (probably should have been working). I spent a while looking at it and figured out how it works see its a flight si.... a space explore.... a .. bounty huntin... its a universe you can play around in and do whatever you want. (kinda sounding like x rebirth or starbound or somthing like that right) well to me what makes it unique and well right down revolutionary is the universe is generated in a mathematical code allowing a gigantic universe. (if you visited every planet for only 1 sec it would take 5 billion years to see them all) but more importantly to me is that each planet (now its not out yet im just taking there word for it) will be different from the other in terms of animals, climate, landscape, native's, ect. not just the same animal you've seen 20 times with a different color actually different everything. with that thought i realize they actually might make it work (we will see how well it works when it comes out right now is just taking there word for it and speculation). this is really cool because they found a way to generate things that look like there hand done while never making them for 5 billion years worth of content just think how using the same method would improve any open world game. Or improve background detail. or make a game different each and every play through by making new creatures and towns and worlds to focus the game on. imagine a game like skyrim and when you made a new game everything changed the towns the creatures the factions everything. now this is just my speculation i want to see what you guys think does this game (and its possibility's) make you excited or do you think it wont live up to the hype its building itself up on.
  8. So blizzard has revealed their new game Titan, Blizzard are not very savvy on making new games and new types of games as we seen in the history of blizzard. What game mechanics will their new game evolve around? We suspect it will be a First person shooter mmo scfi but there was news that they removed their progress. Does it mean that it is Similar to WoW? Please let me know your thought of the subject as there is alot confusion and mist in the makings of this game.
  9. As per the title its a discussion on the newest patch Mostly what you guys and gals think about the newest patch? Any thing specially stick out for you? For me: I like the Change to Abaddon Ult makes it abit less of a generic duration increase ult and gives it more flavor and power. It also makes more impact in teamfights as 35% of dmg on other heroes within 900 aoe of abaddon will be redirected to abaddon healing him for duration of the ult and it also seems to be keeping the 7 second duration so that can be pretty powerful i think. some of the random chance stuff is going pseudo Random chance(proc) like Axe helix, Legion's extra lifesteal attack, Brews update is interesting it kind of makes a mix of bounty and PA in some senses as you still get random crit chance but you can store a guaranteed crit/evasion. It also means jump heroes that rely on right click abilities(TA in particular) will have to be abit more careful when they jump a brew so their meld strike isnt evaded. Chaos knight utl getting a buff is kind of a chancy one. 50% to have one extra illusion.... Dazzles poison touch doesnt have a ministun at the start now meaning he wont have as much early offensive potential as he wont be able to stop instantly stop tps now. Earthshaker fissure change means that the fissure creep zoo will no longer work. not major but does make it so some games arent just annoying train wrecks where there is a creep zoo to wreck top 2 towers very early and threaten base with it even Huskar's burning spears not being unique attack modifier means you can keep the lifesteal going while still throwing burning spears. Prior to this patch if you played huskar you had to consider when to turn off the burning spears for your lifesteal and now you dont have to turn it off(some times you should be sometimes you might not need to). Gives huskar more sustain in a fight even while he is throwing spears, might also give way to using satanic so you can heal to near full off of like a crit while still adding more burning spears. It also opens some ideas to like a burning spears + Satanic + Skadi for counter Carry power maybe I like Jakiros aggs buffs 14 second macropyre is going to burn long and the aoe now is double of unaggsd ult meaning 1800 which if you can get it like around rosh is a pretty long line that will continuously burn. Keeper of the Light gets AGGS, perma spirit form and you can now heal with illuminate. Also unobstructed vision in the day kind of the opposite of nightstalker XD Lina's aggs ult goes through bkb now o-o Omni buff the repel(aka it wont remove buffs from allies) meaning that you can pop guardian angel repel instead of having the repel remove angel . This also makes omni abit more friendly towards new players as they wont remove positive buffs(like Magnus Cleave for example) tusk got an interesting rework to his snowball. it now gets bonus speed and dmg based on allies as well as being a 2 part ability(create snowball and launch) O_O URSA's FURY SWIPES ISNT A UNIQUE ATTACK MODIFER ANYMORE, Time to buy deso and Vlads and just claw like mad oh wow Venge Aura is now applied as a debuff on her killer, considering the suicidal swaps you sometimes do as venge to start a teamfight this can make a difference in a fight. and this is a debuff aura(900 aoe) so you can have it apply to entire enemy team if they are clumped together.
  10. http://youtu.be/lrF48dfncdw I like doing wishlists for games that I am exited about and although we have only seen a really short trailer for Star Wars Battlefront (It does not have a 3 on the end!!!), I am still very exited for it. I decided to do this in video for because it is more enjoyable that way. So anyway what would you like to see in Star Wars Battlefront, other than for EA not to screw it up.
  11. Warning! Subject matter may be unsettling to some! Procede at your own discretion! ___________________________________________________ Hey folks, BSB here and I just want to gather everyone's take on body modifications. I'm sure you've heard of them, some have had them, and others have taken it to the extreme. Body modification is the act and art, to some such as myself, of changing the look of your body to represent an image, to raise an area of skin, or to pierce skin for jewelry. That's just a few though, there's all kinds of whacky and interesting things people have done with the human body. Personally I'm never taking it past my tattoos that I have planned out. I've got the shape in mind and the design in place and ready to go, just waiting for the income to do it. But I want to ask you, oh great AJSA community - what body work have you had done? Do you have piercings or tattoos? Have you gone through with subdermals or scarification? For those of the curious, here's a video showing off some of the body modifications that many have gone through. __________________________________________________________________________ Now, for myself? I've only got a sleeve tattoo in mind that's meant to take up the entire space along my right arm. The crowning piece of the art is centered around a grand compass rose sheltered in Yggdrasil, the world tree. Instead of being fully fleshed out with leaves the tree is intended to look like a burned out husk with golden, steam-punkish gears and metalwork underneath that protrudes out in a line toward my forearm. Each root of the world tree will direct to a different part of my life growing up. Above the tree, cresting onto my shoulder I intend to have Skoll and Hati chasing the Sun and Moon respectively to represent the passing of time. On the underside of my upper arm I want to have a flipped island floating on air, with the backdrop being a dim-lighted starry sky. On the island is a tombstone with roots entwined about its bottom, representative of all those that have passed away in my life and how they too join in to me. On my forearm, extending off on either side of the metalwork are two silver plates, made to look like they've been embedded into my skin. On them will be the names of my parents along with a scripture for each. Coming off of those will be leather-like bands that are made to look worn and frayed, with the words "Metal made this world, today. Flesh made us who we are." It's something me and a friend had discussed long ago before he moved away. It was after his father died in an accident, he was a good person to both me and his son, my friend. So though a heap of metal had taken his life his father had already made him live. They were also avid hunters so I figured leather would be a good representation of their shared bond and how it's affected me. Behind that I'm still deciding. There's still many holes across the board for things to be put in and this is going to run me up a wall financially. But, I find that art is a beautiful way to present who you are in a somewhat cryptic manner. In a way, I'll be an open book, just in another language. As I said earlier, I'm fairly sure I'll never persue any kind of subdermal modification but hey, anything's possible as long as it has a worthwhile reason to it. _____________________________________________ So there ya have it folks, fire away!
  12. The rules? It must be of Disney creation (No Marvel or StarWars.) You have 60+ years to go back to and remember. Off the top of my head? Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers Lilo 'n' Stitch Dark Wing Duck Gargoyles Phineas and Pherb A full fleshed world with all character from Winnie the Pooh Gummi Bears The Rescuers Aristocats Beauty and the Beast Christmas world! (Mistro, Fife and many other memorable characters.) Zombie Bride Frankenweenie Up! Ducktales Jimmy Neutron Mickey's House of Mouse Iron Giant Treasure Planet Land Before Time Jungle Book and that is just from the top of my head!!!
  13. This is my first review which I decided to dedicate to South Park The Stick of Truth which has to be the funniest game I have ever played and the best movie licensed game I have ever played. Do not worry. This review is spoiler free. http://youtu.be/BaD4i7kzz5c
  14. http://youtu.be/lrF48dfncdw I like doing wishlists for games that I am exited about and although we have only seen a really short trailer for Star Wars Battlefront (It does not have a 3 on the end!!!), I am still very exited for it. I decided to do this in video for because it is more enjoyable that way. So anyway what would you like to see in Star Wars Battlefront, other than for EA not to screw it up.
  15. I decided to make a Fallout 4 wishlist video since Fallout 3 and New Vegas are both 2 of my favourite games. None of my ideas and suggestions are too specific or far-out so I can imagine that Bethesda (or whoever actually ends up making the game) including many of these features. http://youtu.be/V5je-MER0kU I cant wait for an actual announcement of Fallout 4 but until then it will be fun to discuss what we want to see.
  16. In case you don't know. A sequel to Mount and Blade Warband has been announced called Bannerlord. They have only released screenshots of the game so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about what we want to see in the game. I even made a video about it: http://youtu.be/tH18oZSsWpw
  17. Just when I was about to sleep, this was sent to me and I had to once again talk about Titan Fall and how it's been over hyped. You shouldn't be excited to pay $60 for a multiplayer only game that most likely will be just as broken as Battlefield 4. Make sure you watch the whole video before commenting. One thing to keep in mind I did make a mistake about the source engine in this video which i realize i got wrong so sorry bout that.
  18. What did you think about the latest Nintendo direct?
  19. Hey everyone I have decided to start this thread in order to gather a community wide idea from people about things that could and should be implimented into the Leauge of Legend Comunity or at least player to player interactions. My goal is to get as many suggestions as I can from here and put it in the forums of LoL as well as email some of the people who run the game about the concerns and improvements that could be put into the game to make it less hostile towards people. So if you have a idea on how to make improvements to the game in a plausable sense and on a player level, nothing to do with game machanics just yet. I would love to see you all gather some ideas here and see how we can narrow it down and put it up there for everyone to see.
  20. Alright, we all know that movie licensed games generally receive a lot of (mostly well-deserved) bad looks and are normally turrible. But can we take the time to appreciate some movie licensed games that weren't gutter trash? Movie licensed games you enjoy. Tell me them. Go.
  21. It's been a while since I played and now i'm assuming some more people have gone around finishing it we can probably really discuss what people think about this game so i pose a few question. one of the first things is how did people feel about the ending in terms of were you satisfied and lasting impressions and secondly peoples thoughts and ideas on the possible and likely sequel? I really want to hear other peoples thoughts because im kind of jaded how i feel about the ending of this game, so to answer my own question i mean, i liked the ending but it did leave with so many questions because of how it ended but after asking some people it left me with the idea that it will have a sequel because it this one set up story of joels adventure with ellie and it concluded with joel at the end becoming in some peoples eyes that bad guy so i mean naughty dog can do a lot with that and i think the sequel will focus more on ellie with joel being the side character this time around. so yeah thought? UPDATE: i realised that we haven't really spoken about the new DLC which is a prelude that features Ellie and Riley, which i think is a really cool so i was wondering what people think it will be about and also the idea that because Ellie at this point has never held a gun, will there be any combat in it, will that affect the game overall and if it will be any good. for me this looks like a good step for DLC, I mean it wasn't ish's story like I was hoping but this is still pretty good, from my understanding where playing Ellie again so im kind of excited to be in her shoes again, umm considering where it is in the timeline im guessing its completely story based and scripted to just kind of fill you in on the details so i don't think there will be hardly any real combat if any. I hope it links in really well and makes me just ball my eyes out again. what do you guys think?
  22. I struggle socially, I can only deal with one on one conversations well. I consider myself socially dysfunctional. Possibley an Aspie. I would love to hear from fellow gamers who struggle socially. I would like to know if socializing online has improved there life, if so in what ways. What challenges have they come across online. Has it made it easyier to find more like minded people. Is it an unhealthy form of socializing or is it healthy in moderation. I say this because Humans read alot about people by there body language, voice tone, facial expressions etc. Socially dysfunctional people struggle with this and rely more on content in the spoken word. I come from the era from when computer games were played by hardcore gamers and geeks, this is where I found my peers at School and College. This is before computer games went mainstream and the internet was in its infancey when it came to online gaming and computer gaming communities were just pockets of friends.
  23. Testing the waters here, how many Terraria players are part of the Angry Army? Might start up a server if we have the numbers, or join one if someone else makes it. I haven't been on it in a while, so it'll be full of surprises for me and anyone else who hasn't been on for some time.
  24. Battlefield 4 Rome 2 X Rebirth Company of heroes 2 Diablo 3 I waited with baited breath on all the above titles, only for each and everyone of them to be a let down in some shape or form. Be it either constant crashing, dumbed down game play from previous titles or plain bad programming many of which still haven't been addressed months after release (rebirth excluded of course). Pc games are now setting a trend of looking like they are not the finished product when they are released (and its getting worse), when passed onto us the customers, it is us gamers that have to suffer\beta test - and boy have we suffered a lot in 2013. I have now come to the conclusion its not worth preordering ANY pc game anymore, no matter what hype surrounds them. I'm now starting to lean towards independent gaming house's, games such as killing floor, kerbal space program, path of exile, payday 2. These games offer to me a much better gaming experience, the Dev's are open, honest and LISTEN to feed back. So PC Gamers what do you think of the games that we got handed in 2013? and will it improve in 2014 or carry on as you were ?
  25. The General Discussion forum is a mixture of completely different topics, and frankly a little disorganized. If there was a Gaming general discussion, mainly for random genre discussions, and gaming discourse, and an Off topic discussion, Pretty much anything besides gaming, it might be easier to navigate.