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Found 3 results

  1. I have to admit that I do not understand what purpose our like system in its current form serves, and why there is no option to dislike a post. The amount of likes a user has is supposed to signify his or her standing within the community, right? With "neutral" being the starting point as well as the lowest possible standing, where's the point? And what does "good" or "excellent" mean? Could be the guy likes to debate, makes art or simply posts lots of witty comments. It didn't even bother me that much until the PS4 raffle was started a couple of days ago, with the requirement to participate being that you have to have a "good" standing within the community. How does that make sense when the concept of "standing" is so arbitrary? Regarding dislikes: I have read some posts in this forum that have made me want to slap the snot out of the poster, yet the only options available are ignoring, replying to a post and liking it. I realize that doing nothing but disliking a post wouldn't help in any way or resolve anything, and that discussion is always necessary, but it sure would have felt good. Probably hard to implement though if it doesn't come shipped with the ip.board software. What I'm doing right now is criticizing without giving alternative solutions, I know that, but first I would be interested in some of your thoughts on this. Thought about posting this topic in the suggestions forum, still not sure if it fits into general.
  2. The worse game n that I thought was going to be good was Dragonball z Ultimate Tenkaichi I was shock how bad that game was I should done research on first but I didn't my mistake and $60 bucks down the drain ha
  3. I recently Purchase Batman Arkham Origins for the PS3 i REALLY HAD HIGH HOPES for this game I love Arkham Asylum and Arkham City that one was wow really great 10/10 for me but when i play this game For me I love the Story but it wasn't memorable you know no plot twist really just one really Can't say its a spoiler lol gameplay good as always they added new gadgets n predator always good my favorite parts of the me game but i was hoping they would of change it more something new and fresh you know so we can't keep getting the same thing over n over but still like it things i Dislike about the game for me The Map wasn't as good didn't really wanted to explore it, no riddles =[,There was Glitches like the deadshot side mission there was a glitch were i beat him but didn't really pass it for some reason it still says 0% and the Story wasn't as long really I Try the Online Play For Me i like it because its fun and its different and since this is the first time them doing this I wasn't shock people didn't really like it For me i Give the Game 7/10