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Found 5 results

  1. Final Fantasy VII Midgar world map has be released on last month ago for PC version of Minecraft. Thank to KillerX20 who made Final Fantasy VII Midgar world for Minecraft. If you're the fan of Final Fantasy, go check it out at this link below the YouTube video. It Took Two Years To Make Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft
  2. A simple question. Do you prefer to buy your games as physical copies (discs) or as digital copies? And why? Personally i prefer physical copies just because i like to collect video games. Also, (on consoles) buying physical copies allows me to sell them later, if i want to do so and the games wont take too much space from my hard drive compared to the digital copy. But that's just my opinion. Now i wanna hear yours.
  3. Hi, me again. I found this game today, to be honest by accident. Im pretty interested in nordic mithology and somwhere was link to this website http://www.crystalshard.net/hq.htm I If you Remember the "Quest for Glory" series, you definately should check this out. The game is free, and was made as a hobby project. Now it has over 100 hand-painted backgrounds, 2 worlds, 3 cities, over a hour of sweeet soundtrack, AND its even dubbed. ITs a mixup of RPG and adventure game, with a nice oldschool graphics (aaaah, reminds me the joy of playing Simon the Sorcerer).
  4. I am not a fan and try to support Digital as little as possible. However I do have a ton of experience buying them (Arcade games, Map Packs, myself, 3 kids, etc). So here is how it works in case any of you are interested. Microsoft: The MACHINE the game is initially downloaded on gets 100% Access to the full digital game. Regardless of the profile being used. So, if you want to download a game and split it with a friend. Just make sure you you purchase it on his machine first. Then, Go home and recover your profile and just re-download it again. Now you both have full access to the game, can play it simultaneously. To go one step further: Recovering Digital Rights: There is a thing somewhere in the settings where you can Transfer Digital rights, Whatever Machine you transfer these rights to gets 100% Access to all digital content you ever purchased. So what you can do is share your games. Go to a friends house, transfer digital rights. Go home, Your profile that makes the initial purchase always has 100% access to the games, no matter what machine you log into, you can re-download it and access it as long as you are using the profile that owns it. It is the machines themselves that get Digital rights on the initial purchase or when you transfer them. Not the profiles. If you have any questions, Let me know. This works with all things Digital and is 100% completely legal! You can use it for anything, Map Packs, even Digital Codes for Pre-Order goodies! I use it whenever we buy an Arcade game. In my house with the kids, I always make sure whatever kid is going to buy something makes the initial purchase on the other kids Machine so they both get a copy and can play it together and I only have to pay for it once!
  5. Go here: http://www.speedtest.net/ Click on "pyramid" and it will choose nearest server, or you can choose it by yourself. Before testing, exit any software using internet connection, especially torrent related softwares. After that copy image url and post it here. < 1Gb/s = equal or less than 1Gb/s > 1Gb/s = more than 1Gb/s My results: Fiber 100/50 -> 88.8Mb/s | 55.1Mb/s (No bandwidth cap)