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Found 15 results

  1. I'm curious as to what characters you decided to get all lovely dovey in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Inevitably some of these posts will contain some spoilers, so be warned. I'm on my first play though and I'm playing a female protagonist and so far haven't got cross eyed and sweaty with anyone. I tried charming Dorian for a while but then he turned out to be gay, so that was the end of that. I suppose the ones I'm closest with right now are Josephine and Sera, but I've got a good thing going with Bennett as well, not sure whare to go. I would say Cullen is a strong possibility to, but I think we're in the "friend zone" now, I don't see it happening. Anyway, what characters got your, eh, attention?
  2. So since i got the game for free on Origin i checked it out. I can see why the story is good, and the dialouge is also good. But the gameplay is terrible, you have to babysit 4 people (your own character as well as your character runs off to do other shit in combat, when you're trying to do something with 1 of the AI's). And the slow movement of the attacks makes it quite annoying when you have archers fleeing so they can shoot you quicker than you can attack. Health potions are used up so quickly and are little to no use, since you will most likely die anyways. The pausebutton does nearly nothing as you are limited to what you do. And the list goes on So why was this game so highly praised, when it had gameplay as shitty as it does ?
  3. So I've been seeing some good entertainment in here. Art like nothing else, man I wish I improved on my own skills but meh... Regardless, I wish people could do some variety on the art (nothing is forced, the magnitude of how awesome the peoples art here is great). Here are a few examples: Monkey Island <--- Personally want this oneDragon Age (Origins)ShenmueDiabloStarcraft and/or Brood WarCommander KeenSplinter CellThe Lost VikingsGrim Fandangoetc.
  4. Hello all, I just finished my first campaign run of DA:I and am now moving towards the multiplayer side of things, if anyone wants to play I'll usually play a Rogue or a mage. XB1 GT is Pqfire09.
  5. I played a lot of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, which were both really fun games. The first one was obviously better, though. I really hope they don't follow a trend after seeing Dragon Age 2. It wasn't a bad game, but it was certainly not as good as Dragon Age Origins. Have you guys seen much, or any, of the new Dragon Age: Inquisition? Given the gameplay that they have been releasing, its looking like an awesome game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSepo_GZS1A
  6. From EA's Answers site, it sounds like I'm not the only person with this happening, but I wanted to ask the Angry Army. According to EA, http://answers.ea.com/t5/Dragon-Age-Inquisition/INFO-Dragon-Age-Inquisition-system-requirements/m-p/3983865#U3983865 , I meet all of the RECOMMENDED, not minimum, specs, except for the video card, but it's still an Nvidia GeForce GT 630 with 4GB of memory, so nothing to sneeze at. I can run most games in medium or high. I also installed the new driver for DA:I last night, and everything I'm about to write still applies, so that's not the problem. The. Game. Looks. Horrid. I can't run it in medium at ALL, and the "GeForce Experience" is telling me that my card's not up to snuff...what? System Requirements Lab, recommended by EA, says I should be more than fine. Hair looks shinier and faker and more wooden than DA:O/DA2. Cut scenes sputter and skip like a broken record. Dialogue clips. I'll try and spin around mid-fight and it FREEZES. And this is all in LOW settings, with the texture at VERY LOW and the resolution at 65 (GeForce experience recommended 25, but then it literally looks like Dragon Age: Minecraft. Is it just me? Or is anyone else having the same problems? Fixes, anyone?
  7. Interview with Ashe Soriano Online YouTuber/Content Creator. Known also as Ladyinsanity. We talk about her experience with with competitive gaming, YouTube, Twitch, and her current project with the ShoddyCast involving Dragon Age Inquisition. Original Broadcast: Nov. 8 & 16 http://wuec.org/broadcasts-2/ Want to hear more: Follow my blog Le Rouge Poste http://rothscm.wordpress.com/.
  8. Howdy AJSA! If you have looked into my past topics, I have posted about DA:I a few times. Well, I noticed something in the newest trailer that may or may not be something relevant. I have no idea why I recognized this, but I did and I think I may have found something here. - Hawke's knife - While Hawke's knife certainly doesn't have much meaning in the game, Dragon Age 2, it does make an appearance in the trailer for Dragon age Inquisition. I'll take the liberty of posting some screen shots here for reference* And here* Now, if you have seen the newest trailer for Inquisition, you may have missed it, but a shady character wearing a concealing helmet is in fact holding a knife to Leliana's throat that looks EXACTLY like Hawke's knife. I'll post that screen shot here* I have a feeling this isn't just some meaningless knife. The way the knife is presented just looks WAY too revealing. It looks like BioWare wanted us to notice this, and gave the Knife plenty of room and presentation to be recognized. I'm not thrilled that Hawke's knife is being held to the throat of Leliana since my warden actually romanced her, but I guess that doesn't matter right now. I have some questions for you guys that I think might help this discussion along - Who is this, and why do they have Hawke's knife? - Could this be the default Hawke? - Why is Leliana being threatened by Hawke's knife? - Do you think Hawke would actually have relevance in this situation Thanks for reading, guys! I'm really interested on what you guys think of this
  9. Although I'm playing it for the PS3, can't seem to find a good section to post this so yeah. Damn the first three hours were great! As I'm typing this thread I'm currently at Morrigan's pad, I've just finished lighting up the beacon, first off I want to talk about what I experience, holy shit! Alistair just mauled and murdered that Ogre! I was surprised and my mouth opened by itself by the shear awe and badassery of what he did, he just jumped to the Ogre and started to stab the Ogre mercilessly, I was shocked to be quite honest. I can't believe Alistair did that, he's not all fun and wits after all (lol). And I can't believe what happened afterwards, I feel pity for those people who fought the battle, they didn't got the cavalry they needed the most. I'm in the midst of a cool game here, just after finishing playing GTA, I started on playing three games, ACIV, TLOU and this. By the sheer awesomeness of DA:O I will be focusing on this more than anything else. Although, I think I'm playing it wrong. My mindset is to run and smash enemies and not thinking out tactics like I should. I want to ask those guys who already finished this if there's tips for a guy like me to play this magnificent game, maybe I'll need help in the course of late game related problems and scenarios. And why not share your experiences with this game with me while at it!
  10. Hey guys, I do a series called "Second Impressions" where I do a second look at games that have previously been released to decide if they are still worth the buy, require a sequel or where decent/horrid in general. The latest video I created was for Dragon Age 2, I hope you enjoy!
  11. My favorite moment thus far has been Ogryn's companion mission. Here we are, assembling an army to go up against legion's upon legions of unspeakable abomination's with a Demigod leading them into battle, and here i am playing wing man for an alcoholic barbarian Dwarf! It just goes to show how well this game was made that your slaughtering Dark Spawn one minute and helping your friend "rekindle an old flame", so to speak. If your inclined and you have a moment to spare, tell me about your favorite moment in DAO and why it was so awesome for you.
  12. Am I the only one who is extremely excited about the upcomming Dragon Age: Inquisition! There is a new leaked video of 30+ min. gameplay from a Finnish expo. As many other people who have played Dragon age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, I was extremely disappointed with the sequel. It was horrible. Origins was "big" it felt big any way. But the sequel was basically just one city with a couple of missions outside the city. They kept reusing the same environment. It had some great things, like the combat. But the story was so weak. BUT the new one seems so much more like the first one. More choices and more impact on the world. I have high hopes for this one! Any way - you can read more about it here: http://www.pcgamer.com/uk/2013/11/12/dragon-age-inquisition-leaked-footage-shows-thirty-minutes-of-combat-and-questing/?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=emp The video was leaked so knowing EA the video is properly be gone in a matter of days. Watch it while you can Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8xJMWRI-cA -Zukku
  13. Hey everyone! Just wanted to see some opinions on Dragon Age Inquisition and the other games. Or to just meet some fans like me! I just finished watching the PAX footage and it looks amazing. Even though its still in alpha. What do you guys think?
  14. I often wondered about this and I found a relatively fitting image. Dunno if you guys saw it before , probably did yea but wanted to share anyways, this is a free forum ! (..right ? O.o )