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Found 6 results

  1. I'm getting Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends on PS4 either tomorrow or the next day. I've played DW games since I was 6. They always make me play with supreme passion and energy. I just wonder how many people would watch me play it (via stream( or play it with me)? SAY NO, PATHETIC WORM. I DARE YOU! lol JK. My inner Lu Bu snuck out. P.S. I'm no stranger what-so-fucking-ever to any of the mechanics or combat, so you don't have to worry about carrying me or getting stuck
  2. So question says it all would you buy a Dynasty Warriors style game if it was being made by Platinum and if they did do you think they'll do a better job? In my opinion yes because they have a history of making great action games plus I don't think they'll be using the same gameplay engine as Tecmo Koei has in everyone one of their Dynasty Warriors game. Those are my thoughts post yours below if you like I'd love to hear from you.
  3. Why is it in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 you could play as the giant mobile suits and each character had a story seperate from each other. But in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 they took it all out and just like make a single story why is that and then I find out that the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4 thats coming out has it where you can play as the giant mobile suit again and each character has a serperate story. So it's like the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 ever exist so why did they make it when they was just going to follow the line back from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and not 3 so why did they ever make the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 when they were just going to follow the line from Dynasty Warriors 2 to make Dynasty Warriors Gunadm 4 so can anyone answer me this why did they make the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 when they were going to make the Dynasty Warriors 4 follow 2 and not 3 could anyone answer me this.
  4. Hello fellow AJSA-Members As before mentioned in another thread, one of my favourite MMO's is going to be closed very soon -> Dynasty Warriors Online. I wanted to ask if anyone would have time for doing a request or a commission to draw my character in a cool picture, im sorry if its against the rules to ask like that.
  5. Since newly the Online MMO of Dynasty Warriors will be shut down, I wanted to show what the Dynasty Warriors series is cool for. I highly love that game, maybe some of you will to: Pros: -Over 60 Characters -Exciting historical Story with chinese aspects for sense of honor & friendship -Each character has his dedicated moveset and weapon -Good variety of maps Cons: -Online Mode is based on playing the Story together (Can be also pro, depending how you see it - didnt yet experience it) - Can be repetitive, since AI are a huge load of and sometimes enemy officers -
  6. I am a fan of the franchise, I have from dynasty warriors 3 to dynasty warriors 8, with expansions, and I have played dynasty warriors online, I think not many people now this franchise at least not in Mexico, where I come from, anyone here is a fan of the saga??