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Found 1 result

  1. Has anyone heard about the UFO's in the game of GTA V? I only heard about this earlier this week and have spent quite some time this week looking for these Easter eggs. If you did not know, then not to worry... All you need to begin searching is head up to near the top of Mount Chiliad and within the cable car building on the back wall, there is a mysterious map. http://rsg.ms/1dSxre3 On the map there are some clues as what you need to do, but it is very cryptic. Although it is to be believed that you somehow unlock a Jetpack. If you stroll outside of the building and head up to the viewing platform, you will discover written on the back of the floor of said platform these words... "Come back when your story is complete." Obviously referring to you in having to gain 100% game completion before you can view it. But... There is yet another mystery in that exact same place. While you are looking at those words on the platform, if you glance under the floor itself and onto the mountain, you will see the same symbol in red paint of the previously seen "All Seeing Eye," that appeared atop of the mysterious map. This is just the beginning of a much larger mystery. I just wanted to share this information and to see if anyone has achieved the true Enlightenment of solving this mystery yet? Why not share your discoveries here with the Angry Army and myself, so I don't feel so foolish by talking to myself? Thanks