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Found 55 results

  1. Just starting a new thread for invites and promotions. If you need a guild invite to AJSA on the NA server please post here. Also if you are in need of a promotion to member or Veteran, post here (Rank is determined by your forum rank, read AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks for more info) PLEASE include your @name with your post! Official Faction is still AD but members lay on all factions. I wouldn't want to be one of the guilds that boot anybody playing on another faction because that seems a little harsh.
  2. Ladies and gentleman of the AJSA, I am Capn Margan, and I wanted to start this thread for talk about anything concerning or involving ESO on PS4. This post is now the official voice of the ESO players on PS4. Keep it professional, no flame wars.
  3. I feel like one of the big problems that ESO right now has with getting new players is Joe's old review. At the time, the review was good, but it just doesn't hold up anymore. The game has changed alot, and mostly for the better, it's actually a really good mmo, better then WoW even in some aspects. But alot of people seem to search for a review, find his old one, and decide the game isn't good based on it. Is there any chance either Joe (or someone) edits the review, or he deletes it and uploads a new review of it maybe? The game deserved all the flak at launch, but they have listened to the complaints and fixed a lot of them and one big help would be an update on an outdated review.
  4. Hey everybody! (didn't know where to post this so general felt right to me, correct me if I'm wrong admins) I just wanted to wish everyone here a safe and happy thanksgiving this week. Although I'm in Canada and we've already had our thanksgiving, I know many of you (some of which are good friends with me online) are from the US and are having your turkey tomorrow or this weekend. So here's to being thankful for another year, enjoying good food in the company of loved ones, friends or even just a nice night/meal to yourself. Enjoy the food, football (how about them cowboys?! Joe must be happy lol) long weekend and hey, if you've got an xbox, try out ESO FREE for the next several days (I'm debating on downloading it and checking it out myself). Cheers!
  5. So with it being a free weekend (Weds through Sunday) for ESO, I'm planning on downloading it and trying it for the first time. Total noob here. That said I'd like to ask my fellow AJSA brothers and sisters for some advice about the game. What races would one suggest? What classes would you suggest for someone new? What's the community like? Do we have a guild at all? I'm fairly new to ESO but Id be happy to play with some new people and try something different. Chances are that after the free weekend I'll likely purchase the game and continue my character, although I'm not sure I want to pay extra just for an imperial character. Anyways please feel free to let me know what you like and don't like and maybe I'll see you in the game! By all means feel free to add me as a friend on Xbox as well. The more the merrier and hey if you haven't already join our club on Xbox! 😁🎉 Cheers!
  6. Pretty much any thoughts on next ES installment. anyone with comments or ideas please comment.
  7. If your a veteran of the game who cant find anyone to play with or a newcomer who is teetering on getting ESO because no one you know plays ESO, now you have no need to worry. We are not the official guild but we are all AJSA members. If you would like to join please leave a message here or contact mmonjaras, me or DoctorPainMD on the PS4. If you do contact us please notify us your AJSA. Hope to see you in-game...... - We are in NA Server - Daggerfall Covenenant - The game has no subscription fees
  8. Elder Scrolls Online - Special Event - Xbox One May 20th, 2016 @9:00pm EST For too long we have let the Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant run amok in Cyrodiil. I call to all of you of able body to raise your shields, sharpen your blades and take the fight to them in mortal combat! A brave guild of like minded champions calling themselves the AJSA are looking for members to take up this charge and again seat an emperor in Cyrodiil. It is time to take back this land our fathers and forefathers fought so bravely to defend and bring back the sacred Elder Scrolls that so enrich our body and souls. We would like a group of adventurers to accompany us on our quest to bring glory to the Ebonheart Pact and the AJSA! Please contact Guildmaster Psykogrl or reply in this thread if you wish to attend so that we may plan our assault. We plan to converge and launch our assault on May 20th, 2016 @9:00pm EST. Our Guildmaster, Psykogrl, will be leading the charge. Event Summary Time: May 20th, 2016 @9:00pm EST Event Type: Player vs Player (PvP) Campaign: Azura's Star Host: Psykogrl (Gamertag: Psykogrl)
  9. Hey Everyone! This is a current list of the members of our ESO guild, sorted alphabetically by XBox Live user name. If your name is not here and it should be, or you would like to join, head on over to the ESO Guild Invite Thread and leave a message there. Happy Hunting! Psykogrl Up to date as of 03/06/2016 AJSAWOOKIEJEDI akittypunter Allrenegade02 ArenthianSniper artis2011 AScapeRunePlaya assitedcloth1 bamboe Ei7056 brownjf22 BruskFrame0 Chris62475 Cloudlv12 cman2498 COG Static C Crandady CyclicFlame Dae Elena daLaughinMan danimalOH Dark1456 DarkWolffire34 DetachedSea7637 Dinasis Doshka17 Dr Proposterous Fancy Man Joe FettsGotJets flintguard freestyler808 Frostedflakes58 FTF xDelfuagox galeturia GATO ATTACK GRANDPAMASTER Grandru GSR LOCKDOWN H8Unit Havel The Metal Heavens AzRaeL HFIL Liznak ImBeauYo Ishootrun7 jayacmilan420 JOHHNNNYY JT GUNNER KiLLeRcHeF52 KKid Named Cudi Lament Broom Lewisdkal LONE RANGER23 Manbuddy MasterfulJoe101 Maximumtanman MisterKnight69x Nightwind J ogblitzer OniAkechi PasteteDoeniel PaxDranyam Personna Playmaker N30 PolishPower27 Psykogrl SagasRedemption ScaIdweII (those are capital i's, not L's) SeaworthyBLOODY Seirex SGT SWAIN ShadowN3T ShaggerAJSA Shmiggle2412 Skullfire31093 Slade Bogaty Sn0rchblapp SnackAttack1210 Solar Okamii Sparker Marker spartan00222 St0nec0ld89 Th3whit3lion TheMUNCHKINMAN ThunderGoat1998 tx19k v7 KNIGHT 7v Vote4MermaidMan Warchief5454 WarriorSoldier WithKindness XOStorm xArk Snip3downx xMOOSExONxFIREx xRubMyNixonx xTRUx InYurEyes XvBlazinvX xWOLVERINEx316 Xx FrAnCh xX Xxaannee xXE4GLEFRONTXx xXxDemoDemonxXx YOU ANGRYY YouStupidWalrus Zolok7
  10. Hey everyone! In my travels to look up some info for myself, I came across the Elder Scrolls Online Wiki page that is pretty informative. I believe it is originally for the PC version of the game, but it seems to be updated for Console also since there is a PC/Console differences section. There is some good info here, from character build to crafting guides, even PVP guides. Elder Scrolls Online Wiki Happy Hunting!
  11. Just wanted to know what class, role, and type of builds everyone is planning on playing.
  12. So, it was brought to my attention that Elder Scrolls Online is doing a free-to-play weekend, starting on Thursday December 10th until Monday December 14th. This is great for anyone who is interested in trying out the game, but not sure if they will like it. It will be available to start downloading at 3 AM on Thursday (It is a pretty big install at around 70GB with all the patches, so I would recommend trying to download it at that time) Plus, if you purchase before the weekend is over at 3AM the 14th, you can get the game for 60% off. They also have the Crowns on sale again for anyone who already has the game, but wants to get the expansions at a deal. The 5500 Crown pack will be 40% off, and that is enough to get both of the expansions that are out. Here's a link to the site with all of the details : http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/2015/12/07/eso-free-play-weekend So, If you've kinda wanted to try ESO but didn't want to drop full price on it in case you don't like it... You don't have an excuse now cause it's free for 4 whole days. What have you got to lose really? GO FOR IT!!! Plus, you can come hang out with us at the ESO event Friday night @ 8pm EST if you do *wink wink, nudge nudge*
  13. Please vote above what you would like to see more of in the guild. If you select "other" please let us know by replying with your idea
  14. Hey everyone, I've been thinking about changing the event start time to 8 PM EST instead of the current time of 9 PM. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments/suggestions about this change? I appreciate any input you may haveD Thanks, Psyko
  15. The AJSA, Elder Scrolls Online, PvP Home campaign is..... < Haderus > We will also be using Azura's Star from time to time, so may be worth setting as your guest *Post to be updated once we have an AJSA home campagn * edited 05 Aug 2015 with home campaign details
  16. DogBlog #2 - Recruitment, PvP and evil malware Sorry I have not been on the site that much for the past few weeks - have been battling a piece of malware that was being rather stubborn so I was waiting for my Win10 download to pop so I could get a clean install. * Note to self - Never....EVER... download a piece of software for free that you would normally have to pay for... Ended up with "Cut the price" and it's foreign counterpart which I could remove but never find the pigging installer so it would just pop back again. Well, it's off now and I have found a free "alternative" that does the job I need, so happy days! So, on to Recruitment. I will be going on a bit of a recruitment drive this weekend and would appreciate any help from fellow guildies so we can hit as many zones as possible. I think that the only criteria at the moment would be "reasonably active" and "Not an idiot" If you are member or above you can add a new player by pressing "G" in game, make sure you are in AJSA, click "Roster" on the top right and then "E" to add the player. I want to get some more active PvP'ers in the guild so I am going to be concentrating in Cyrodill but also the starting zones and Elden Root with an aim to start seeing double figures of players online at the same time. I will have to be careful in PvP as the group that I run with, although they may be aware that I am in other guilds, I am sure they do not know that I am GM for the AJSA and they may get a bit narked if they find out, so I am keeping it a bit quiet at the moment. PvP Well, we have had some uptake on the PvP over the past few weeks running with another guild which shall remain nameless for the time being. It has been great fun and I have been picking up on quite a few tactics for successful offensive and defensive play. I have now announced the AJSA home campaign as Haderus and guest is Azura's Star. Events are on during the week, however the main events are on Saturday's at 11:00 PST / 13:00 CST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 GMT Just ask Dog73 or DodgeHopper for more information on this. I am also looking for more ideas on what you all want to do as a guild, so I have put a few ideas together and left it so you can add ideas. Please add your ideas here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/30298-what-do-you-want-to-do-as-a-guild/ ​
  17. Greetings The last time i played ESO was during the beta, and it was fucking horrendous. I never bought the game, which was a good thing considering little to none of the reported problems from the beta was fixed in the final version of the game. Something Joe pointed out very well in his review of the game. My opinion from a year ago was that as a F2P or B2P game it was average at best, but as a sub game it was absolute trash. But now that it has been b2p for a few months i'm considering to give it a second chance. So how is the game holding up? Has the numerous problems been fixed? (Watch Joe's review if you want to know some of the problems i'm referring to) Is the game balanced for people who don't pay the optional sub fee or buy stuff with IRL money? (P2W) Also Is there a chance Joe or some of the officers (Delrith, SGT Ross, T0nsofun, etc) will make a quick youtube lets play video or a small twitch stream revisiting the game and sharing their thoughts about the game in its current state? Appreciate any constructive response to this thread
  18. As many of us here in the Angry Army know, when ESO first released, a bunch of us had a bit of a falling out with it. I always said though that if ESO ever went free to play I would give it another chance and I still plan on doing that. From what I hear, ESO is dropping the sub fee March 17, 2015. I have heard rumors that they fixed a bunch of stuff and I figured it’s worth giving it a second look. Is anyone else who quit ESO planning on loading it up once it’s B2P or are you over it at this point? Btw, from what I heard (and this pissed me off again) ESO technically is just making the sub fee optional. That sub fee is turning into a premium service (…for a fucking $80 game already) which I think its horse shit. Source: http://kotaku.com/how-the-subscription-free-elder-scrolls-online-will-wor-1680958606
  19. Well sadly after about a month of attempting to recruit some people in game for AJSA and not even getting A SINGLE PERSON to join us I'm ready to say that we have indeed crossed the Rubicon in ESO. We have fallen into decline and there dose not seem to be much that can be done to reverse it. My inability to play much during weekdays these past few months have not helped matters.... but it is what it is. The only new members we have seen whatsoever after summer have been 2 AJSA members who picked up the game at a later date then launch. I have already messaged our point of contact with command about this. The guild shall remain open to make communication between what members we have left in the guild can ask for assistance or advice from other AJSA members, and to prevent strangers from using the AJSA tag to tarnish the name of the AJSA. Personally I have found the solution to having no bank space whatsoever to be solved nicely with the use of the guild bank for refined materials and common cooking supplies. I am re-stacking items every week or 2 to ensure we keep plenty of room, but it dosn't look like that shall be a problem anytime soon. A reminder to everyone that if you are in need of a promotion to use the guild bank, please do not hesitate to ask. It has been restricted to veteran rank due to several instances of members cleaning the thing bare and quitting the guild within a day. Most people have been playing sense launch and should qualify for one. Just post a message here New AJSA invite/promotion thread (NA server) and promote you (or invite you) ASAP. I advise people to stick with less valuable items in the guild bank just in case. Personally I have no intention on leaving ESO 'till Star Citizen is released so if you need assistance of any sort (Except gold i still need more for bank space/mount upgrades) please do not hesitate to ask me or other guild members. -@Jackschmit
  20. HELLO SOLDIERS JACK HERE, TODAY I BRING NEWS FROM TAMRIEL ( BETHESDA) THAT ESO IS COMEING TO THE PS4. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I WISH TO LEAD YOU ON THE FRONT LINES OF BATTLE FOR WHATEVER FACTION WE TAKE PART IN. Anyway with Eso being rereleased id like to start a UNOFFICIAL( LET ME SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME) UNOFFICIAL!!!! guild for the ps4 guys to group up in. whether your casual or hardcore ill accept all into the guild. I will be running the guild and don't worry after running 3 successful WOW guild in my life time I think I can handle it. Also the guild will be unofficial ( one more time just to make sure it sinks in) UNOFFICIAL so we wont be restricted to the aldmari dominion. I actually have a lot of cool and fun plans that I want to do with this guild but first I need members and officers. If you want to be a member leave a comment and ill put you on a list to check back with later on. if you want to be a officer my user on PS4 is jen01riley pls message me and be ready to be interviewed. If this post and the guild does not get a lot of attention before game launches I wont be making it cause that would be a waste of time. So in the end I want about 6 people to sign up and at least 2 officers Thanks for your patience and please no need to hate on the game in comments that's not what this post is for.
  21. Is anyone else running into ivisable enemies and mission critical npcs that aren't there? I don't mean they've been killed either I mean the option to talk to them is there but it doesn't work either. how do I fix this? is there a reload ui option? Already tried logging in and out but that didn't do anything.
  22. Welcome AJSA members to an endeavor in retaking the fight to Tamriel! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elder Scrolls Online has recently become a buy to play (b2p) game and as such no longer has a subscription fee! (Yay!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bast_50 plays with the AJSA in ESO on his stream at different times throughout the week so please check him out and if you like his content follow him as well. www.twitch.tv/Bast_50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am restructuring the guild at this time to allow for new and returning players to jump in smoothly so everyone can have a great time. As far as ranks go I will be addressing that likely this weekend after I have finished reorganizing the guild and forums. I will be going through the forum topics and posts for ESO and deleting irrelevant posts as well as merging duplicates if necessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most importantly, with many new and returning players coming, please help anyone in need so that we have more brothers and sisters in arms to have a great time with. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time I am a staying as the guild leader till I bring ESO back to official support. As such I will be watching any promising members who show initiative and also help others. That means I will also be watching for untoward conduct. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ www.G2A.com is a website that resellers sell games at a discounted price due to various reasons. At this time I am typing the post ESO is roughly selling for 35$ USD on G2A. So if the price was what was stopping you from invading Tamriel here is your answer! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post will be updated at irregular intervals so when it is edited I will amend the date in the title. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to contact me by PM if there are any questions.
  23. After much soul searching I think it's about time for me to quit playing ESO. Everyone I know IRL who played the game is long gone, and pretty much every guild I am/was in has fallen apart due to declining members. Hopefully the new pants to make ESO a no B2P game (Buy to Play, as you must still pay the cost of the game to play as opposed to free to play, where they offer it free) will pump some numbers back into ESO, but we'll see how that goes. As the game goes B2P I may pop in, but I doubt I will come back to play seriously as once I stop playing a MMO game it generally looses all appeal to me. And so we get to the heart of the issue: the AJSA will require another overseer for the guild. Currently we have no officers or sergeants, so there really isn't anyone of rank to put into the position. As such any AJSA member may take the position if they are interested. Currently the ESO guild is unofficial, and as such Seph is our point of contact with command. The bare minimum you will be expected to do will be to keep an eye on the ESO forum, and to continue to invite AJSA members as they request invites. We may very well see a surge of people returning to the game once the subscription requirement is removed, but many members are still in guild in a inactive state. I didn't want to purge 200 people when they were inactive, for fear of us losing guild bank access once members dropped. Please contact me (preferably in this thread of through a private message on the website) If you have any interest in this job. As I am leaving the game, I will be tossing most my crafting stuff in the bank, but perhaps I can give a little something special to whomever takes the job. I had been saving my yellow tempers and enchanting materials for when I hit level cap, but with all the PVPing and alt leveling I've been doing I just never got around to it. not sure of exact numbers but I think I have X30+ of each tempers. Not sure about the numbers on my Kuta, but I've yet so use one and I think I have at least X20.
  24. Our professor gave us some camera equipment and told us to film something, I thought it was worth sharing for any of you Skyrim fans!
  25. I played for a few months during release, but then just couldn't afford the subscription for a while. Have they added in anything worthwhile to get players back into it? Or should I just look for something else at this point?