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Found 10 results

  1. Dear competetive members, In order to connect our teams and establish a friendly relationship between us I propose a connected training in with we could help each other, The program is simple, NA makes a premade and EU members are watching their counterparts and after that same but other way around. This way we could all learn something from one anather, And before someone says that it's going to be boring, I know. But it's going to be very, very productive. Time and date to be discussed.
  2. Dear officers. Every time I want to edit description of the channel (EU lobby), I have to ask some Officer to do so for me. I ask for permissions to do it myself. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  3. Hi guys and yes i know that there is a WoW topic but I wanted to make one for us EU folks. So anyways what I wanted to say is: If we are going to make a AJSA guild in WoW we should start making plans for it now. What realm should we choose? Alliance or Horde? Who should be our guild leader? So if you are interested leave a comment with any suggestions that you have. And if you guys are like me and dont like paying for transfers that is one more reason to do this as soon as possible because leveling as you all know takes some time. Btw. Im currently playing on Frostmane but I will come to any realm we choose.
  4. EU Guild in Wildstar is not going well right now with the issues of the game for the EU Players, I'am hoping for improvement to the game first before I replay it and bring the guild back into officially support part of wildstar. {1} Lagging {2} Region Locked {3} not optimized for a lot of players including myself. I recommend the EU players to join the North American Server if the chance comes a round at some point in the future.
  5. I am looking at making a Official EU Steam for Wildstar The info on the steam group would be Officers in Charge. Leader Event Leaders Recruitment Leaders Official Events Date & Time Links how join the guild in-game http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19127-ajsa-eu-guild-invites-for-wildstar/ for invite to the steam group please put your steam ID below
  6. Hi Guys I have noticed that our EU side of the AJSA is a little quiet. Are we actively recruiting from the server? I haven't seen a post on the WS server forums. Are there other avenues we can do to recruit?
  7. Wanted to make a poll to see general interest for an EU AJA guild, and the amount of people that will be on the EU server
  8. Hello EU guild. As you all probably know by now, Skull Crusher is not going very good for us so some people want to change campagin and I have to agree. I will let this poll run until most of the people in the guild have voted. I also put Skull Crusher in there because I think you all should have the option to stay on it if you really want too and feel free to specity why you want the campagin you voted for if you want. Any reason to change is good to have and it might help others decide if they don't kow too much about the different campagins. NGB.
  9. Hello all, Just putting a topic up here in the interest of organising some pvp for this evening. Seeing as the skull crusher campaign on the EU server is quite abysmal from an AD point of view I was thinking we could, as a group, test out what seems to be the next server of choice: Dawnbreaker. So, those of you who are interested please leave a reply below. Initial time will be set at 7pm GMT (8pm CET) but its quite malleable depending on responses. Hop on to TS this evening, see who's around. Come one come all, the more the merrier.
  10. Hello! On Sunday the 12th of January at 8pm GMT we are doing a AJSA community live stream on Twitch, A epic match... North America vs Europe! This is a community event anyone can join, so please post in the comments if you would like to join, but please make sure you are available at that date and time. Team lists will be posted when we have the team made up, if you cannot make it then just watch us on Twitch. Turn Up on Teamspeak at that date and time and we will put you into teams http://www.twitch.tv/twistednipples92