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Found 6 results

  1. They say in war that only the dead have seen the end of war, however the dead do not get to walk away with honor or glory, those fall to those who are left standing at the end of it... Welcome all to our next planned event, earlier on in the year i did one of these events and it was a huge success, with 16 brave member battling it out to see who would be the last man standing in a truely epic set of games. By the end of that event player and famed champion Morgomir1 took home his 3rd event victory but now...a new event has come..will history repeat itself? or will there be a new last man standing? (note this is just a preview, the event will be a EUW event and further info+sign ups shall be open sometimes next weekend)
  2. Hello everyone, Lord Kesharq here with a question for you all. At some point the the future i plan to hold (when my currently ongoing 1v1 league is over or just before it ends) a weekend championship event. This event will run across a friday night, saturday and sunday (if needed) and will be base on the pictured table. The mains rules will be the following: SR map (keep higher level players happy) First blood First tower kill First 100 cs (farm) Best of 3 per a round. Open to bronze 5 to gold 1 with a speical guest player of a rank higher than gold 1 No buffs allowed (Red, blue jungle camps) No dragons No barons Mid lane only Unsure atm on if it will be blind pick mode or draft as i need more feedback on this one. Up to 32 players allowed to enter (my biggest event yet!) RP prize...maybe as high as 20 euros atm (3620 RP) So yeah let me know what u guys think, i wanna hear from you, do you like the set up, would u be willing to play? (we already have a few ppl who have show intrest in joining lol). AJSA already has around 6 members currently playing in my 1v1 league and it would be great to get even more of you guys involed in future events like this one (Apex spartan am looking at you! xD). (Pls note that atm no date is given for when this event will happen as am unsure when i will host it, but it will defo be sometimes towards the end of the year and hopefully in the xmas hoildays so that more ppl will be able to play without worrying about pulling late nights ect).
  3. So I've been thinking today since we are slowly starting to gather members in the game, would you guys be interested in Saturday/Sunday casual events that we could organize every weekend? Now these events would be just casual stuff, if there are enough of us we could go full premade on Summoner's Rift or if more than 5, we could do something in a Custom Game. Or if you gentlemen have any other ideas, post them to me. We have enough members for the moment in EUW to organize these and I think it's time that we all together decide on which day it would be best to organize them. As I've said, I want to organize them every weekend if possible so I need you to fill up that poll so I know on which days to do it. Once this poll is finished, we could already organize a first event for next weekend and see how it goes. I want to organize them on Saturday or Sunday for now since that's when most of us are free. I thought that we all just gather in TeamSpeak 3 and from there on we just play whatever we all feel like but what's important now the most is we need the day and time we would do these. Remember: TEAMSPEAK 3 IS NOT MANDATORY! You don't have to use Teamspeak 3 but if you have a microphone it's much easier and much better. If you don't have a microphone or don't use Teamspeak, you can still join. If for example most of you are free on Saturday then already next Saturday at a desired time, we all come on Teamspeak, come to LoL, join the public chat room and from there on we can make a plan on what game mode or what we want to play. If you don't have a microphone you are still free to join Teamspeak but you are going to have to type and listen to us. I would organize these events around 7PM or 8PM CET.
  4. Hey guys i'm fairly new to the guild and I realised that the League of Legends Teamspeak section is usually dead. I have recently started to get a few of us together online, for example recently there was 6 of us in the channel which is actually pretty high for its current activity state. I would appreciate it if you guys did your best to come on the Teamspeak whenever your on League of Legends to try and get people a game from both EUW and NA. Personally I play on EUW because of ping reasons etc but that doesn't mean if you are NA there won't be anyone there because if we all come on we can all share our knowledge and make friends to play together with because thats what guilds are for! So thats me done my part I hope you guys will do yours now and make an effort to get involved on TS and also the AJSA public chat on League itself. I hope you guys help out by coming on TS and i'll see you on the rift soon! - Joennerzz
  5. So I am relatively new to LoL, I've been playing for a few months (Lvl 20) I'm looking for other FRIENDLY (sorry, with LoL you really do have to stress that ) players of around the same experience to play with. I play mainly adc/supp but I'm starting to move to mid lane now. I'm online most evenings (CET) If you're up for it, let me know
  6. I am an EUW player but want to get involved with the AJSA tournaments but i see there are only NA server tournaments, this makes me sad