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Found 2 results

  1. Game: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Age Rating: 18+ Genre: Stabbing People, hacking computers and playing alongside pirates like Blackbeard and Charles Vane..............Go figure. Played on: Playstation 3 Publisher and Developer: Ubisoft Game Director: Ashraf Ismail Lead story writer: Darby Mcdevitt ( These guy’s names are mentioned cos they sure as hell deserve it ) Before people started complaining about the previous Assassin’s Creed instalment (AC3), let me just tell you, Ubisoft has been listening; listening very intently to its fans. Now, AC4 may have some flaws of its own but you will be glad that most of the things that we hated in AC3 were taken care of; most not all though. OUTLOOK AC4 takes place during the golden age of piracy ( where you play as Edward Kenway, a privateer turned pirate) in the Caribbean ocean with Kingston, Havana, Nassau and 70 other locations and islands with exotic, thick and lush forests that look breathtakingly beautiful. I think it would be apt to say that the team put in an extraordinary amount of effort to create these surroundings. The forests look beautiful. Not only graphically but also abstractly; like you could jus climb a tall old Mayan building and jus look over the forest, gazing out to the Caribbean ocean, watching the sun set. Poetically beautiful. Now, when AC3 had come out many people weren’t actually happy with the frontier ( forest ); there was one games journalist who described the frontier as having “too many right angles”. But its good to see that the team have nailed the forest surroundings; they look soo perfect; naturally organic and breathtakingly beautiful. GAMEPLAY Coming to the gameplay mechanics, the naval part was a huge addition. I mean, this game is a boon to all those people who were dying for a real pirate game. The map is huge. HUGE. It would take you an approx of 45min to sail from one end of the map to the other. And its not a boring voyage either. The Caribbean ocean is completely filled with islands to discover, whales and sharks to hunt, storms to pilot through, forts to take down and ships to plunder. Never before have i seen such a beautiful open ocean or such a scary storm in a game. And the best part is there are no loading screens anywhere ( except for the three cities, that is ). You can seamlessly jump off your ship, or board another ship without any cut scenes. There are always ships around that you can plunder or sometimes you need to plunder to obtain the cargo required to upgrade your ship, The Jackdaw. The Caribbean ocean in this game is a seductive mistress always pulling you towards her with new things to offer every time. I just wish that the wife, the storyline that is, was just as seductive. The plot is great but it jus doesn’t attract you too much. Anyways this is a spoiler free game review so i will leave it at that. All this talk about the Caribbean ocean, doesn’t mean that the cities aren’t good. They are as interactive as cities in the AC series ever were. And all those who were disappointed by the architecture in AC3, well, the buildings in these are great and have a nostalgic touch to them, taking you back to rome for a moment where you running around rooftops as Ezio. The combat system hasn’t changed much. The combat is a bit more difficult than it was in AC3 but its much the same to the veterans. The hunting system has improved though. Taking inspiration from Far Cry 3 (another ubisoft game) , the hunting system is linked to your health and armour upgrades so the game almost forces you to hunt to make yourselves better. And its not boring either STORYLINE (NO SPOILERS) As said earlier, the story was good but could have been better. Personally, i liked it a lot. And the games does a perfect job of helping you connect not only with Edward but also with the other pirates like Blackbeard, Anne bonny, Mary Read etc. My advice, don’t go googling this pirates before you play the game; it feels wonderful to discover their lives and ideologies while playing the game. To wrap this up without any spoilers, lets just say that never before have i felt such strong emotions for a pirate. REAL LIFE It seems, that for the first time, Ubisoft seemed to have nailed the real life sequences; FINALLY!!! We play as ourselves, a memory researcher who is hired to by Abstergo to research Edward kenway’s memories so that they can have some amazing footage to make it into a commercial videogame. The abstergo offices are immersely interactive( with a few surprises ); the offices are filled with computers to hack and secrets to unravel. And the best thing; these are optional. Good job, Ubisoft. CONS · Unfortunately, the eavesdropping missions are back which are annoying. Like really fucking annoying. GET RID OF THEM, UBISOFT!!! · The storyline is slow at the start and and at many parts in between. · The storyline, though perfectly captures the essence of piracy, fails to actually stay true to its assassin roots. FINAL VERDICT This game offers you a solid interactive entertainment of 20 hrs on the main story line. An additional 40 hrs for the side activities. Although, not all missions are great, this game has so much stuff to do, you will be happy sailing for a long long time. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag might have some flaws but it truly embraces the actual essence of sand box gaming. So polish our cutlasses and clean you guns, lads cos this game is gonna give you one hell of a pirate voyage. YARRR!!! My score: 9/10 P.S thank you for spending your time reading this review. Your feedback is very important to me, so plz comment your thoughts on this game and its review below. Thank you, once again.
  2. AC4 Campaign is a HUGE disappointment and I m gonna try and explain why in FULL detail below this. Please READ this before you judge me for Posting this all over other dishonest reviews that gave this game a near perfect rating. I just want to say before all this, I love this franchise, if I don't I wouldn't put all the effort here, all I wanted to do is to share these with people BEFORE they make their purchase cos money don't grow on trees and there are ton of other games that deserves it than this game at full retail price. No but instead everyday I wake up I get insulting comments and emails by fanbois who refuse to admit the game's problems and actively attack others for having a different perspective than themselves. I never intended to offend anyone with my posts on other reviews. I tried my best to be civilize and polite and provided well constructed counter arguments. So if you have any questions or if you like to defend the game, please comment below and I ll try my best to answer them. Melee combat is worst than AC3. Bare bone stealth mechanics(apparently bushes and tall grass are your best allies) with broken AI which will fail your mission countless times or engage you into an open battle. Ship battles lacks power and good sound assets unlike AC3 where cannons felt powerful. But here enemy ships are EXTREMELY cannon ball spongy. Story lacks real emotional impacts with these card board characters that are lack of emotions and personalities. I can go into detail on the poorly scripted story but this is considered as spoilers. Very Limited mission variety for both side quests and main quests. less craftable items(you can only craft health upgrade, 3 gun holsters and pouches for darts and bullets, and you can just buy materials at a weapon shop .....Seriously?!!!) and less weapon choices(you have 3 weapons and 3 gadgets only, and you get 1 of them gadgets during the middle of the story and 1 at almost the end). Here is everything I have encountered within the game, and unlike those so called "reviews" on YouTube, I would actually like to share these problems with people, to help people distinguish what kind of game this is with its pros and cons. Rather than being influenced by those carefully crafted marketing materials You can have your own opinion and I m not gonna judge you for that because I don't have the right to do that nor that I intent to. But I am gonna explain why I said what I said and the reasons behind it. Please understand I m not trying to have/start a fight, I m simply sharing my opinions with people, to look out for other gamers, to inform rather than influence, and regardless of what I said it shouldn't change you from enjoying the game if you love the game strongly(I m actually quite envied of you for it)(ps. I would love to make a video about all of this, but I m not intellectually and creatively capable of doing such thing yet, so I m sorry about these long comments and my lack of skills in English since they are not my first language, I m really sorry but hopefully you can understand) Ok first, the reason why I did this on all other YouTube AC4 reviews is because I hate these reviews in the first place, they are awfully short, they usually don't share any problems of the game with the gamers and we are all in the dark but they don't because they get review copies before the release, and all they did was to cover/avoid/misdirect/ignore the bad with good stuffs and fancy words and witty comments just like a typical salesman. I can't trust these reviews because of these Which is why all reviews like this to me felt like just another commercial to sell me the game. I didn't say any pros because all these reviews said was pros. And Frankly I just hate the score system within the journalist industry, they have no reasons behind them and highly influential and misleading to gamers. I don't care what score The War Z or Ride to hell retribution or Day one Garry's incident got, I care what people said about them and exposed what's wrong with them. So I amongst many others avoided them. I m not comparing AC4 to these games, please read carefully. OK the problems with the game, first the story and it's characters(spoilers included from now on) Edward-- I do enjoyed the flashbacks of Caroline(his wife), to me it showed Edward just another man wanted to provide for his family, and I do emphasize with this. But there were only 3 or 4 of these little flashbacks and there are no memories of how they met each other and cared for each other therefore I can't feel the love he has for her. Instead he spend most of his time doing what exactly? He was funny at the start of the game, but as the game moves on, he gets moodier and moodier after each section. And the fact that Caroline was never mentioned outside of these flashbacks then at the end Edward gets a letter and a daughter for no reason. is she sick? is she dead? who knows ? I don't.(She died, they literally said "she died" during the end credit) "Friends" and Villains- these are suppose the people you care about in an assassin's creed game yet by the end of the game, I can't remember any of them except Mary,Ann, Blackbeard(Thatch), your second in command(the slaver guy) and Robert(The asshole sage who played Edward again and again). all others lacks emotions, traits, and personalities. And all Edward did was do 1 or 2 missions for them or just kill them or they disappeared forever or they dies in a cutscene, there aren't any interactions with your "friends" outside of the missions and you can't learn any of them of what they are. Plus the fact all your crews look alike either a black guy face or a white guy with mustache or without, they don't do nothing in combat other than interrupt your combos, get in the way, get killed or very rarely kill one enemy out of 15 or 20. They suck at their job, and I didn't care much for them too. During the story one of your "friend" betrayed you and stole your ship and left you stranded on an island with all your weapon. And what happened next? instead of making an effort get it back you get your ship back instantly after a frigging cutscene, and your "friend" alive and imprison by you. Wow just incredible. The story keeps jumps from time to time and felt forced pushed abruptly and rushed, I advanced one month because blackbeard said to meet him after a month, what did he do in that one month? I have no idea. The ship battle are unsatisfying with poor sound assets. Ship battles in AC3 was the best thing not just in that game, but its one of the best game mechanics in the history. loading cannons takes time and firing them takes precision, enemy ships didn't have any healthbars, and that's OK because you can tell how badly damaged they are just by looking at them. Every time you fire you can almost hear each cannon balls being fired and you shouted "FIIIIIIIIIIIRRRREE"at the same time they were loud and powerful and they got you PUMPED, and you and you crew all cheered after a hit, it felt nothing but satisfaction and awesomeness. But AC4's ship lacks all of these wonderful features. poor sound quality for the cannons is just no match to AC3, you will spam cannons again and again rapidly but no real effect on the other ship other than it's healthbar goes down a sliver. Sure that's the progression of gameplay, but even with all the upgrades to my ship and I do mean all of them, it still took sooo long to take down a ship, even in the medium difficulty section of the map, since every battle is like that late game, it to me felt so repetitive and just hated it, so I just avoided all of it. Sure you can have your fun, but if a pirate game made me avoid sinking other ships, surely that's a design flaw and someone else felt it too? And people keeps saying its built from ground. The Combat- You are right, the animation are all copied and pasted from AC3, but why I said it's worse, because of the enemies. There are 4 different reaction from enemies, one take 4-5 slashes straight unless interrupted and killed in a execution animation, one will deflect all melee attacks unless you break his defense, and then 4 slashes or 1 slash kill if you are behind them which is the best option to kill one enemy quickly, one will counter your attack as well as deflect, and you can't counter him only dodge him, and he keeps throw grenades at you, and one elite enemy only be hurt from counter, and deflect all attacks and break defense won't work on him, and he will shoot you from far. Pretty complex, but if you are surrounded with all of them, which will happen sometimes in the game, you will understand why things are worse here, and especially bad on enemy ships some times even getting attacked and interrupted by enemies that wasn't in the camera that and the fact your crew keeps interrupt you too. There are no lock on feature this time, so you will attack one enemy once then start attacking others. Sure you can shoot people to make the combat easier, you can quad wield guns, it's cool at the start, but you can soon realize, guns are loud, it draws all nearby enemies to you, and you can't reload them without running around like a chicken cos you will get hit and cancel your reload, and you can't reload after fire just one gun, you have to waste all other shots, so you can reload the gun one by one till you get all four. People say combat isn't the strength of this franchise, and I do agree, but this one just took me right out of the game, it wasn't a great experience for me. The Stealth- With broken AI, this one isn't much of joy for me either. Enemies detects you way to quick for you to notice them, and sometimes I can't even see him only I look carefully I saw a little head from a rooftop far away with most of his body covered by other terrain. how am I suppose to do things stealthy when I can't see all my enemies properly and they see me clearly. Sure there are now a tagging mechanic in the game, but I can't even see them clearly or I m too far away to tag them but they sees me just fine, jeez they clearly went to specsavers(UK optical company). And when I went from bush to bush, of course I got again noticed why? Because there are way to many enemies all over the place, that's the thing, they all notice you too quick and have better vision than you. And during a engaged battle, you can't hide from their eye sight and get in a cover easily, so it's like hot pursuit, or GTA5 police as a bunch of guards chase you all over the place. It almost seems the all problems with stealth caused by broken AI, which I do hope they patch it in the future, but are the AI in AC3 fixed now? I seriously doubt that. There are no ranged silent weapon unlike AC3, the bow was pretty fun. You now have a blow pipe, with sleep darts and berserk darts, but if you are in stealth, and the effect of darts wears off, you will immediately goes into alerted(yellow) mode when you are in a bush, maybe it was a bug, but it certainly happened to me more than once. And for the longest time, I didn't even know the berserk darts kills people after duration, so I use them a lot later in game if AI weren't so broken at that moment. But you can't replenish them effectively without the shop or to loot tribes men which only appears in 2 islands or chase and tackle the courier only happens in city, cos most enemies don't have darts on them, you can craft these darts with animal bones, but you can only craft out of mission, and only one at a time and there is a "fill all" button in the shop menu, but not in here which was just strange to me. Oh less weapons and gadgets means less way to approach enemies both in or out of combat. In an open world game, it's not about use axes or swords or lance, it's not about making them look different but performs exactly the same only in different skin, it's about making each and every type of weapon unique with its own benefit, so you can choose freely. The open world- The world is huge but empty, many will argue that there are islands for you to explore, but most of the island looks the same and only give you either 1 chest with insignificant amount of money (lost treasure my ass) or one freaking fragment that doesn't give you any benefit at all even after you collected them all, cos you know achievements are important(!) Underwater sections (8 of them) are good, but I m not here to butter up this game. Later in the story you get your own base(stolen rather than liberated very pirate like style) and you can build other houses as well as upgrade your own house with money. However, these houses you build other than weapon shop and harbormaster served no real purpose, as well as upgrading your house with no benefit at all. Great I just dumped 15000R to make a whore house that don't do jack shit. Hell there aren't any enemies on this island. Mission- the main mission brought back some of the most annoy features from the previous tittle, on land missions features tailing your targets to a designated location which will often run into broken AIs and failing your mission countless times, then eavesdrop on them which requires you to stay close with your target and don't run out of this circle as well as not being detected, why can't I get the information I need when I m tailing them but of course the game forces these mechanics on you. Sea missions usually involve you to sail to a location to find your target then kill it or defend it from other instantly spawned enemy ships. There are 3 kind of side missions only, no more missions from other factions like in AC brotherhood. There are assassin contracts that give you a target to kill with no more innovation and reward you 1000R or do it stealthy with 500R bonus. There are naval missions which requires you to either go to a place to sink few ships or loot a certain amount of item. Also there are 4 Templar hunt missions with each splits into 4 little objectives(I can't call these things missions like others pretended they are), they were extremely quick to do with no effort put in. And THAT'S FUCKING IT for the side missions, For those people said lots of varieties, I call BULLSHIT. Kenway's Fleet- this one was locked without the passcode though now they remove the passcode to make it available to everyone. After you boarded the enemy ship, you have a option to send this ship to your fleet. Kenway's fleet looks like a facebook game, with all the ships you got, you can send them out to trade, kinda like the old Assassin recruit missions but not at all useful. Why am I bothered to send a ship out to trade for 15 hours(real time) only to receive 2000R in return, and that's all this feature does, a waste of time, with no real rewards. To me, the game felt like a pirate themed AC3 stand alone expansion. Why AC2 was great? Because it improved almost every aspects in AC1. And can I just mention this is the 6th(or 7th if you count the liberation on PS vita) game in this franchise, and AC4 is the first game that never changed anything single player wise, after the success of AC2, AC brotherhood kept everything as well as adding the new assassin recruitment system, and after that revelation added a base defense mini game, even though I wasn't a fan Revelation offered a very satisfying conclusive ending for Ezio's storyline. Then AC3 despite it's boring characters and boring storyline, it added ship battles(which I strongly believe it was way better than AC4 and one of the best game mechanics in history), innovative combat offered much more fluid melee even though it made the combat easier, but still ubisoft trying to change things for the first time, I mean hell even climbing buildings was faster back in AC3. And now in AC4 even though it kept the ship battle, but the game striped away everything else that made the previous tittles interesting. They had to go with a different character and story because they had no choice, but everything else is copied and pasted over without any polish and some felt just don't fit well within like a clock with unmatched parts.