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Found 2 results

  1. http://kotaku.com/ea-shuts-down-simcity-developer-maxis-1689454903 Yep. EA does it again. Worst company ever now decides to shut down a company that gave us a really interesting franchise but to be fair, after the disaster that was Sim City in 2013 plus the meddling that occurred during Spore, it was inevitable. But yes, it's a sad day indeed. Long live Maxis.
  2. It's going to be long one guys so if you can't be bothered reading this image sorta sums it up. I've been thinking lately about EA and their terrible practices over the past few years and was going to say "Ok, enough is enough I'm not buying their shit anymore" but I've realised 2 things. First EA have been conducting these practices ever since they founded but it's only in more recent years that people (for the most part) have started to take notice. Lets look at this past year with games like Sim City, X Rebirth, Battlefield 4 among several others all being pushed out the door without polish, unfinished, broken and sometimes down right unplayable. But lets look back to 1996 and Magic Carpet 2 Netherworlds developed by the now legendary Bullfrog games and published by EA of course. Still one of my favourites from back in the day and a huge improvement over it's predecessor with excellent gameplay, UI and the graphics were top notch at the time. If you haven't played it before I highly recommend getting the DosBox emulator and giving it a go. There was however one problem, the game was broken ass all hell. It was pretty much impossible to get through the first 4 levels without crashing and forget about using SVGA on any level because you will crash within ten minutes. Back them I was kid who liked the game and just basically pushed through the issues and never asked why was this the case? It turns out it's because EA pushed it out for a holiday release without doing any proper testing..... Sound familiar? The second thing I realised that weather I've been subconsciously doing so or it's just a coincidence I've actually been boycotting them for a while now. I think the last EA title I bought new was Battlefield 3 and I honestly didn't really like it that much. I haven't bought any DLC for my library of EA games for well over a year either (at least not to my knowledge). I also got Need for Speed Rivals for PS4 but I Bought it used, even though it was only about 2 or 3 quid less. Another thing that I suspect although can't confirm is that EA were one of, if not the leading force behind that DRM bullshit that Microsoft and Sony where going to implement on the Next Gen systems (and before Sony fans start flaming me it is the truth, Shuhei Yoshida admitted it to a Japanese magazine himself here's the article http://www.tomshardware.com/news/DRM-Xbox-One-PlayStation-4-Shuhei-Yoshida-Hiroshi-Kawano,23292.html). The reason why I think this is because of Nintendo and the WiiU, I want you keep in mind as you read this the fact that the WiiU is the only 8th gen platform that never had these restrictions in the place. EA have pulled support form the platform, this has been officially attributed to poor sales and the fact that the WiiU uses Power PC architecture rather than the more industry standard X86 making it a pain in the ass for third parties. Whilst I do believe there is substantial truth to this the fact that is EA have been so vocal about the WiiU at times even abrasively calling it crap, here's the article http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/05/17/ea-senior-engineer-the-wii-u-is-crap. lets look at Fifa 14, it is released on Windows PC, PS4, XBox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PSVita, Nintendo 3DS, IOS, Android, PSP, Wii and even PS2 but not WiiU. They can release the game on portable devices, last gen systems Nintendo's previous iteration and even a dead 6th gen console but not the WiiU? There is no way this is a coincidence EA dropped their support at least partly because of Nintendo's refusal to go along with DRM, and that's why I believe that they are the main architects of it putting pressure on Sony and Microsoft. Also remember how they announced they were dropping online passes (which turned to be lie) just before these systems were revealed, again not a coincidence. There are some up and coming EA games I want like Mirrors Edge 2 but won't be buying them new, even if I have wait a few days or even weeks. As I'm sure you are aware there is so much more wrong with this company, Error 37, pay to win DLC on retail games, removal of local play on their racing franchises, I could go on forever but I think it's time to make my declaration. I do now officially boycott Electronic Arts LTD until I see evidence of substantial improvements in their products, customer service and business practices. Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know if you intend to do the same thing.