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Found 3 results

  1. Spartan Aristotle reporting for duty! Greetings, as mentioned above I am xxAristotlexxx (XBL) better known as 'Aristotle.' I'm English and have been playing Xbox for over a decade and only after debating whether or not to get a game did I find an Angry Review for Dragon Age: Origins. Needless to say I'm an avid fan of Bioware games (Mainly Dragon Age & Mass Effect), Halo... and most modern RPGs, RTS and shooters. Open world games also hold a special place in my heart as long as they are fun and enjoyable whilst the only horror game I've played is Alien Isolation. I look forward to meeting all of you and fighting by your side(s)! Do add me on Xbox if you want someone to chat to, I'm always open for it unless I'm in the middle of a cutscene. - Aristotle P.S. Although my 'IRL' name obviously isn't Aristotle I do prefer to go by Aristotle (7 years of being called 'Aristotle' will do that to you!)
  2. I will open the new studio in between Aliso Viejo, California and Mission Viejo, California near Irvine, California to do translate Japanese games with English text and subtitle. My studio is a subsidiary to my headquarter studio in Phoenix, Arizona. I have few games to make a English subtitle and text from Japan where it's never released outside of Japan. Here it is. 1. Super Robot Wars: Original Generations (with part 1, 2 and 2.5) 2. Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Gaiden (retelling and remake to 2.5 with conclusion) 3. 2nd Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 4. Super Robot Wars: Original Generation - Infinite Battle (plus an Super Robot Wars: Original Generation - Dark Prison which is prequel to 2nd Super Robot Wars: Original Generation) 5. Endless Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Wars Original Generation Saga 6. Metal Wolf Chaos 7. Phantom Breaker On #1 - #3 are the games were Turn-Based Tactical RPG developed by Banpresto and published by Namco Bandai. There is also an mecha fighting game that similar to Gundam vs. series, well as Virtual On and Final Fantasy Dissidia called Super Robot Wars: Original Generation - Infinite Battle. There is prequel to 2nd Super Robot Wars: Original Generation called Super Robot Wars: Original Generation - Dark Prison with using an same gameplay and engine as 2nd Super Robot Wars: Original Generation. Unfortunately, ATLUS made 2 games plus 1 on Nintendo handhelds (from GBA to DS) were released on North America. So I will release on PSN store after I deal with Namco Bandai and made 5 + 1 games for North America, Europe and Australia. Next, I will make a deal with From Software who made Armored Core series and Dark Souls will starting to develop and translate the Metal Wolf Chaos game. Then Metal Wolf Chaos will be release on Xbox Live Arcade store. But From Software is now owned by Kadokawa. This game is not a controversial, this is epic. Then finally is Phantom Breaker the Japanese fighting game which is cancelled by 7Sixty (the subsidiary to SouthPeak Interactive) on North America. So I will help 7Sixty to restore the game by opening the Kickstarter fund campaign project. So we will release on Xbox Live Arcade store and well as PSN store.
  3. Hello Everyone, Quick intro about myself, as from the title I'm English living in France. I move between my two homes which are Paris and Toulouse, traveling with both my PS3 and Xbox which may seem crazy haha. I've been a gamer now since '89!! Started on the NES, bringing back some good memories I use to be on PC for quite some time but now I switch between the PS3 and Xbox. Currently waiting now for the PS4 to come next week !!! Can't wait! I'll joining the squad on BF4. Watch out I'm a bit of a kamikaze!! Right now I'm looking for work so I have a lot of time for gaming, not that was a problem with my last job where I played at working during my night shifts LOL!! Anyhow if there are any gamers from France between the Paris and Toulouse let me know, would cool to have people in the same time zone. Along with my fellow countrymen of course. OK. Report complete. Chris Aka - Jamal DaZogg