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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, im new in site and in warband of eternal crusade, im from italy, im huge a fan of wh40k, usually i play sorcerer with support purpose (i was a shaman in age of conan, dark age of camelot.. and in a other lot of game.. yeah always play healer or buffer and why (didnt find question mark in USA keyboard template sry), easy answer: i like teamplay and support character are useful for teamplay, hope i will keep you all alive, only focus on killing those loyalist! bye and see u soon.
  2. To corral all other posts on this topic, if you wish to participate in the (eventual) clan or simply have questions, post here. To answer the primary question, "Which faction are we?", that is still up in the air. We haven't even seen how Eldar or Orks play yet, and the game is still in Alpha until the end of the year, so we wait on that decision. Here's the deal: The more people we get involved in the game, the sooner we can make that decision. The current AJSA population in game is minimal, so let's hurry up and get it on. If anyone is interested in playing it together, PM me and I'll start compiling a list/dates, etc.
  3. Founders Access this fall - and fall has arrived! Winter is coming and there's only a few months until then, which means, Founders have access within the next couple months! Joe and Delrith likely have Xeno-packs or something, but I would like to know of our other members who also have founders access so we can gather and perhaps plan. Do we have a Angry Army planned with a specific faction and sub faction? (of course, whichever has the best angry colours). I figure these details will be put together at the last minute. UPDATE: I got e-mail notification to redeem a code and a survey for the alpha. I am optimistic that it's authentic but I haven't checked it out yet. I hope to see staff development soon. Mind you, the game is under that nasty 'no talky-talky' rule about it's actual content.
  4. In order to get a better idea of what the Angry Army has to work with, I wanted to see everyone's RTP limits, character builds, faction choices, etc. Just list yours, with any specific info afterwards. BlackOpsElf Title: Cipher RTP Limit: 92,000 1 Character, 3 Open slots Ultramarine: Space Marine Combat Knife & Pistol, Champion's Shoulder Pad, Relic Armour Mark II, Master Crafted Power Sword Total: 25,000 RTP Will change subfaction as needed.
  5. Hello everyone in the Angry Army! I'm Algernon Setonis. 1st Captain of the Ultramarines "Strikeforce Ultra" and Devote Founder of BeHavior's new upcoming MMO Warhammer 40k:Eternal Crusade. I thought I'd join your community to update everyone on this new 3rd person shooter coming out late 2015 and share with you the recent Alpha gameplay feeds. I'd be happy to answer any questions and even help your community leaders organize in anticipation of this game. In the meantime please enjoy last weeks "Into the warp" livestream gameplay video! Watch the video now on youtube!
  6. Hey guys i persoanlly am really excited for Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade and while i know its a while off they have already released all of the factions and the sub-factions of each (aside from the Eldar) im interested who everybody is gonna want to play as when it comes out. so far the options are...... Space Marines- The Space Wolves, The Dark Angels, The Blood Angels and The Ultramarine. The Eldar- unknown factions so far. The Orks-The Evil Sunz, The Bad Moons, The Deathskulls, and the Goff. Chaos Space Marines-The Black Legion, The Iron Warriors, The Word Bearers, and The Night Lords. Personally i am a servant of the Emperor and will be playing as either a Space Wolf or a Blood Angel, ill only consider the xenos or being a heretic if a lot of people from the AJSA and my friends pick them.
  7. I made a post yesterday a little prematurely saying the Founder's store was open. It turned out to be a fluke for me because no one else got to see inside but me. Now however the store has officially opened and I've already bought a Heresy Pack. If you are planing on buying a Founders pack do your self a favor. Use this referral code I got from my Founders pack to get yourself 4,000 Rogue Trader Points for free. Code for free swag: EC-ARTP5FLLC39WV Hopefully this game is the 40K game we've all been waiting for! Edited for spelling.
  8. The Time has come! Founder's Packs for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade have gone up. I've held off on the Steam Summer Sale for this moment and I'm glad I did. But as a True devote to crushing the Corpse-God and all his lackey's I'm naturally buying the Heresy Pack. I'm sure other's have been waiting for this and I'm interested if any one else is going to buy a Founders pack. I look forward to a this being The 40K game we've all been waiting for(Space Marine was good but it really should have been fleshed out more in the MP department imho). Link to the Founders Pack store: https://www.eternalcrusade.com/founder-store Edit 1: Lol I guess I got a magical peak behind the curtain because when I reloaded the page it sent me back to the "Prepare for June 25th" Message. But trust me in that your wallets are going to cry when they see the prices. Edit 2: For those who don't know about the game. http://legacy.eternalcrusade.com/faq