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Found 1 result

  1. The amnesty has ended, but all that means is there will be no more reminders of the upcoming changes until they are put into place. Just message and/or add me and Native Shnit to recieve updaes. Hi all. This is ShaggerAJSA with an important update regarding the XBL event messages. As some of you may be aware, I along with Native Shnit send out regular updates of events and other important information about the XBox One community activities via XBL to people who have added their names to the Gamertag list, but this system is going to be overhauled soon, and the names of the message recipients refreshed. The idea is to sort out people who want these updates and can make use of the information there in from those that don't. I suspect there's quite alot of "dead tag's" on the list as it stands and by knowing who receives and want's the updates we can make the system more streamlined, efficient and we could potentially send out more information than we do right now. Werther you currently receive these messages and want to keep receiving or are unaware of them and want to receive them, please reply to this topic with your Gametrag and forum screen name, example; Gamertag Screen Name ShaggerAJSA Shagger If you don't let either me or Native Shnit know you want these updates, you may stop receiving them. We'll run this amnesty until the 2/2/2015 to give people the chance to let us know. We also want your feed back on this service. This is for you, we need to use it they way you want us to. The messages we send out are short because of a 250 character limit on XBL messages, that's something we can't change, but any ideas or suggestions to improve them we'll welcome. A link to this topic will be sent out via XBL soon to assure as many people get this information as possible. Have a good one, people! /ShaggerAJSA I'll list the GT's who have responded via XBL here and on the thread here: Gamertag Screen Name XBox One Staff AScapeRunePlaya RuneX ShaggerAJSA Shagger Native Shnit NativeShnit DummyParachute0 DummyChute0 Chumbry42 Chumbry42 xRubMyNixonx TaylorEugene SnackAttack1210 SnackAttack Psykogrl Psykogrl AJSAWOOKIEJEDI AJSAWOOKIEJEDI Responding Members awakeningrager1 blurmania 53 VoteYes4Weed1 VoteYes4Weed1 WHEREISYRGODNOW WHEREISYRGODNOW mbmonk mbmonk ThrownWilfredo Thrownwilfredo AScapeRunePlaya RuneX SXE4REVer Vamp165 Vamp165 SHIMOSA SHIMOSA xIcemann117x xIcemann117x Sanctus Real24 Robert2424 PaleWolf934 savagejoe444 psykogrl Psykogrl AJSA Hyndon Fancy Man Joe Big Fudge50xxx BigFudge XvBlazinvX ​ XvBlazinvX The StampedeV24 SIR BIGGLES 520 ShadowReaper189 xMrFacex CyclicFlame CyclicFlame Ryssarn Ryssarn WarriorSoldier WarriorSoldier Lewisdkal lewisdk Holy Orochi Holy orochi PythonManic PythonManic X1SwiftShot1X WildAce HateReborn Sharpster93 GodlyVenomous Asianillusion23 crysis3003 bobajuice jcs04 Twoey318 christian1387 XxOpie SAMCROxX HustleLoyaltyRespect68 ThunderBird 935 Rperez31 bamboe Ei7056 Extromal Extormal DBCxSoggymuppet soggymuppet62 Faravahar1200 Faravahar1200 TimurPanzer Timkax2k SpikyHairedDude SpikyHairedDude ArenthianSniper ArenthianSniper BLAZEKIN257 Cameronfraser