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Found 3 results

  1. I started this topic because I saw somebody on these threads (not mentioning names or the topic in question) describing first party developers as "holding games hostage" 'till you buy that specific platform. Now, I have a problem with that statement, but I felt my issue with it is too general, complicated and important that I decided it would be better for me to discuss this in a new topic. If all games existed on one platform, it would be a disaster, and face it exclusives are the only reason why multiple platforms exist at all. And we need multiple platforms If there was to be (as this individual clearly desires) only one platform to play games on, it would be PC. It's the most versatile and powerful platform, but also the most expensive and impractical, and that's were the problems start. Not everyone can afford what a gaming PC costs (I know, given how much my PC ultimately cost) as well as that potential lack of knowledge about the tech' (for many in the "Master Race", this lack of knowledge is a character flaw) and that can cause problems. If there was only one place to game, that would be like one place to buy groceries. They could charge what they want, but that's not the only problem. Given the rate that PC tech' is improving all the time, for developers to keep games "current" would mean developing games at a massively high cost to achieve the highest performance only to limit the games market to high end PC's, Yep, increasing development costs for the purpose of limiting your market. Because, you know, "PC Master Race"! The fact is, If the PC was the only place to play games, hardware development would move on to fast to make games affordable for developers and ultimately, us gamers, but we still stupidly boil our sense of gaming down to numbers. We play as a goat ramming things with moon physics, but so long as we have 60fps and 1080p, the game will be a hit, but when we hear a 3rd person story driven stealth/action game releases at 30fps, we flip our lid! We're kinda stupid that way. If we can, we'll buy it, just to enlarge our "Steam Dick" because the PC has value as a gaming platform through the lower cost of games, but if you don't buy that many games, what's the point? I understand the higher affinity for PC over a console, I do, I feel it myself. That PC is your baby, you built it you made it grow and will continue to do so and not to mention the higher cost, but that is no excuse to act like a superior ass hole. Ultimately, we need multi-plat' games to drive the industry forward, but at the same time hold it back from moving at a rate to fast for the industry to handle and alienate people. I game on all plat's apart from the WiiU (But I still respect that console a huge amount) and want to enjoy games where they should be played. We go to one platform, gaming as we know it will die.
  2. Hello, I don't really know much about console gaming to be honest (well I do own a wii, but it's purpose is to collect dust untill some friends come over) and looking at the fact that last gen consoles aren't THAT expensive I'm thinking of picking up one fror the exclusives, but which one? I'm thinking of the PS3 with it's Uncharted, TLOS and maybe heay rain. What do you lads think?
  3. Is there anyone here getting the Xbox One Day One? If so what games are you guys getting?