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Found 4 results

  1. So I found a way to infinitely farm words on here.. So there's that folks. https://youtu.be/CjZJQmBHQ20
  2. Last night I was a little late to the party with the Friday event, so I decided to go screw around on some valve servers. Big mistake, as it would seem. You guys remember that glitch everyone laughed at for a while in the last few patches where different classes (usually pyro) would swap weapons or taunt and change teams or whatever at the last point in a certain order to completely break the game? Well apparently that stuff's back again with the latest patch. I saw two pyros do it and then two more after that in another game, looks like everyone's trolling again, at least every time the map changes to Borneo. Just figured you guys should know, in case this problem ever comes up on our servers when the officers aren't looking. Delfy's already got his video out on it since last night, it's exactly what I experienced. I just hope Valve gets it together and fixes this for like the fifth time.
  3. So you load in a match, you just loaded in and there are 4 other heroes, and your own hero, in your fountain. You press enter to chat. Below where you type, on the left, is a glorious little button. It's like the button you use to not listen to the coach if there is one. But it's better. It's glorious. It's the single best change in dota 2. It's a button that mutes all and any chat. You cannot read chat. You can still type and your teammates will receive it. But you? You don't have to read. You don't need confirmation that you are horrible at mid. You don't have to "gang" anymore. They say "какого черта я набрав" But you don't know. They insult you. But you don't care. You are a god now. Play the game. Be awful (cause be honest, everyone is terrible at dota) Enjoy. I just hopefully pointed out something that will make a lot of people happy. Go forth. Go forth and feed. And don't give a s**t.
  4. Ok so my friend and I are in a moral dilemma. As some of you probably know, there is a bug/glitch in GTA 5 online that will cause armored trucks to spawn infinitely as fast as you can hit them and lose the cops. We are wondering if this can be defined as an exploit or if this is simply a bug since we did nothing, actively, to cause it. This has happened to us 2 times already this is the third. There is no good information on what causes this to happen. The only common factor is that it happens on invite only sessions that start with only 2 players. After it starts any number of players can come and go as long as the first 2 do not leave. Once either of the first 2 leave the trucks stop immediately. What we do is take a chopper, land in the road to block the truck, kill the driver, shoot open the door, take the money, and fly away in the chopper to escape the police. Escape times vary depending on our luck withe police helicopter spawns. Sometimes we get away in less than 5 minutes, a lot of times it takes longer, as I said, depending on spawns. The longest escape took us a little over 15 minutes. It seems to occur randomly. We have played 2 player invite only sessions many many times where it didn't. We are questioning if this counts as an exploit since we did nothing to cause it besides play the game and the fact that we still have to do the work of hitting the truck and escaping, which sometimes does result in us either crashing or getting shot down by police helicopters. We know some of you will see it as an exploit, but we are of the opinion that since we are not causing this to happen by any means and because we still have to do the work, pay for the ammo and spend the time escaping that it is fair game, unlike some of the already known/patched exploits to gain millions in a few minutes. We assume Rockstar knows about it, because there are a lot of posts and support tickets on their forums, if they do not, then they are dumb and blind, however we could not find any official response from Rockstar. We would like to hear your opinions about it, and would appreciate if you can share any information on it. If you know of an official response from Rockstar or anything more than I have said we know please share the link. As I said, we are unsure about this. It is not our intention to exploit or take advantage of anything. It is totally random and not caused by anything we do aside from play the game. Forum admins please do not lock/delete this at least for a little while. We just want to hear what others have to say about it. We are on the fence, if people think it is an exploit or cheating, we have no problem saying "screw it, lets not abuse it."