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Found 39 results

  1. Hello, can I ask - would I be allowed to use some of your Fallout 4 Review clips in my coming video, mainly addressing your comment near the end saying perhaps modder's can do something with this? I think some folks might find that interesting, Edit: For example, I would show a short clip of your Mama Murphy, and then show a gorgeous version , a new dialogue UI, and bug fixes. To be honest, I have not been producing for a while. I am 71, and had various issues all resolved. Note: apart from helping the players, this might boost my new start, and increase revisits to your video, stay safe. Greetings from an oldish Scot..😀
  2. This is a painting I did of the moment in Fallout 4 when you emerge from the Vault. I am a new recruit, and if you like my work, please leave a like and maybe follow me. Both here and follow my twitch channel link below. Please tell me you thoughts of my work, I would love to have some feedback from fellow wastlanders!https://www.twitch.tv/masterjack555 Follow me on Twitch. Also! Please subscribe to my youtube channel with more fans and support I can release far more content! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdyobHk2vK3uJ0S6YxnKFg?reload=9&view_as=subscriber. If you are ever unsure if you have the right channel, always remember! Look for the Chicken!
  3. Ok. Started a new Fallout 4 character on the new Survival difficulty. Run down of the experience so far: 1 - first, before I could even START a new game I had to disable all my mods just to get the stupid game to load. This is a bug because they all worked again once I was able to find a save point and reactivate them. 2 - speaking of saving...limited autosave and no quicksaving got old REAL fast. Now, keep in mind when I play normally I sometimes forget to save at all, and considering how many bugs there are in the game it was fortunate that the game had an autosave. While I like the idea of only being able to save by sleeping in a bed the game is faaaaaar too unstable to make this practical. Oh, did I mention I was KILLED BY TRYING TO SLEEP SO I COULD SAVE??? Fixed it by downloading a mod. 3 - no fast travel...I'm actually looking forward to working around this. Since this is a new character I haven't made it very far yet. but I think not being able to fast travel is going to force me to set up mini-bases at the various settlements. I'll definitely have to create market stalls so I can sell stuff. So far this promises to be the neatest challenge to work with. 4 - hunger, thirst, tiredness and disease...all features that I intentionally modded into Skyrim and other Fallout games. The only problem I have is that while the effects they have on you are great (not regenerating health and action points as quickly, difficulty aiming/lockpicking, etc.) they come on you way to quick. I drank two purified waters until it said I was properly hydrated and ten minutes later I was thirsty again. Will have to find or request a mod to adjust those values. 5 - no console...the command is locked out so you can't access it. normally this is fine, half the time I hit the stupid ` key while trying to hit 1 anyway. But...I have a crafting mod installed that allows you to place objects more precisely and make your settlements look much nicer (also helps get rid of those annoying corpses that won't de-spawn). It requires the console to work. Have to find a fix or my settlements are going to look boring again. Beyond that I need a few more tests. The "no saving" was the biggest draw back, which I knew it would be. Like I said, Bethesda games are just far too unstable to make limited saving a practical feature.
  4. I didn't see this being reviewed on the front page so I decided to give this a go. Please note I am reviewing the Xbox one version and performance may vary. Fallout: Nuka-world is the last DLC pack that was released by bethesda for Fallout 4 and adds a brand new open world, based around a abandoned pre-war theme park based off the iconic drink you constantly encounter across the fallout franchise, adding with it, a brand new questline where you can literally become a raider warlord and conquer the boston wasteland settlements by violence or raider diplomacy (ie blackmail and intimidation). I'll be covering a few sections in this review, so lets begin... New world map: The map where the majority of action will take place, the park in the title, is truely huge, in my opinion easily twice as large as far harbours world map. The park itself has several areas to explore, beginning in a central hub already made 'safe' which includes a arcade filled with playable games, which allows you to win prize tickets that can be refunded for special weapons, the home bases of the three major factions in the area and also features, in a nice link to fallout 3, the reappearence of the character of Sierra Petrovita, the nukacola obsessed NPC from fallout 3. Other areas include a sci-fi themed zone, a wild west themed area that for some reason is full of mini-graboids and a zoo full of mutated wildlife as well as areas outside the parks walls, such as a haunted house with a creepy quest I will not spoil here. Some of the rides can also be repairs towards the end of the main story by rebooting the parks nuclear power plant and restoring power to many parts of the park, a nice touch for completionists. New Content: Next up, new things. As stated above, the park itself is controlled by three raider gangs...the pack, a animalistic gang based off a wolf pack mentality...the operators, a almost spec ops outfit and the disciples, a classic violence and torture raider gang. As you progress through the story and clear zones of the park, you have to choose which gang controlls which area, with the one you ignore the most turning on you in the final mission. Each faction has its own preferred weapon and armor, with the packs weapons being brightly and garishly coloured over the operators professionally upkept weapons. It also includes a brand new follower in the form of a raider who will help you in guiding you through the main 'raider path' quest... The DLC also adds a horde of brand new gear and a new ammo type, in the form of the 7.62 round, which is used in the Kalashnikov-like handmade rifle. Other weapons include a new type of nuka grenade, a new version of the fatman called the nuka-nuke launcher, MIRV grenades and a water pistol that can be modified to fire exploding rounds powered by weaponized versions of nuka-colas. Others include a vastly superior version of the X-01 power armor that is found by performing a 'scavenger hunt' style quest to locate computer cores to repair the sci-fi zones main computer. For kleptomaniac/weapon and armor collector players like myself, this is great fun and the handmade rifles new ammo packs one hell of a punch. There are even nuka-world themed robot parts to customise and bots made via the robot workbench. Finally, there is, as stated, the ability to take command, over the course of the main story, the raiders of the park and lead them on a campaign to take over the settlements in the wasteland, eventually coming to blows with preston and the minutemen. For evil-aligned players, this is great fun and is a wonderful reward when you take over the park. Sadly this also brings us to... Cons: The above 'raider path' is also a con for players like me who wanna play the hero, as the only way to power up the park is to choose the alternate quest to kill off the raider gangs in the park with extreme prejudice and a minigun (weapon of raider annihilation choice may vary). This sadly can make it hard to know what to do, as it converts all the quests, such as the one to pacify the park zones or repair the power, into unmarked quests, making a raider playthrough essencial the first time round for new players to the DLC to know exactly what to do and where to go, though luckily zone-specific quests such as the computer core scavenger quest can still be activated and retain their markers when you discover them and from my experience makes it far harder to get some of the special weapons without the use of cheat mods as, using the 'good guy' quest path requires you to kill the NPC's giving out the reward and limits some weapons like the hallucinagen grenade to what you can find in the DLC's world map. Luckily these cons are not truly game breakers and can easily be ignored via the use of separate saves. The new area is a little small and some areas on the map, such as the town on the top right of the map is nothing but a ghoul-infested filler, with no purpose then just being there, which in my opinion is a missed opportunity, something I hope the modding community takes advantage of at some point. Final verdict: My final verdict is a nice, solid 8/10. Nuka-world is a nice little finale for the official DLC packs of fallout 4, adding lots of content, the ability to play as a proper villain and raider and a huge world map to explore which sadly suffers from lightly penalising players that wanna play the good guy by either forcing them to play evil the first time round or spend some time getting lost. Its a fun DLC that fallout 4 players will find enjoyable however and worth a play.
  5. Ever since the "Special Edition" came out I've been playing through the standard version of Skyrim again, well...as "standard" as 80+ mods will get you. On a whim I sat and watched Joe's review from when the game first came out: 10/10 with a Badass Seal of Approval. Then I started thinking about Fallout 4...and how I was ultimately disappointed with it. Don't get me wrong, as an open world game I enjoyed Fallout 4 a LOT (according to steam I've put about 100 more hours into it than I did Skyrim...which I've played over 715 hours ), but the story was barely there and uninteresting, I didn't feel like I was creating my own adventure like I did in Skyrim, and unlike Skyrim I actually managed to find and complete almost all the major side-quests in one play through (which made subsequent play throughs feel very "samey"). And now I'm curious. We've already talked about what we as fans would love to see in the next Elder Scrolls game, but based on what we got in Fallout 4 and the prevailing trends in RPG games recently, what do you think we can logically expect in the next ES game? Like it or not, I'm pretty sure Bethesda wants to keep expanding on the settlement mechanics from Fallout 4 (I had fun with them, but ultimately I feel they really detracted from the game). ...and should I have used Affect in the post title?
  6. Indie developer tries to pull a Bethesda, Felipe Pepe writes about learning and understanding over 40 years of video game history, Waypoint's Mike Diver speaks to Zelda series producer and director Eiji Aonuma, the negative effects of health care repeal on indie developers and those that want to leave larger companies, UN is getting interested in games, Banner Saga 3 launches Kickstarter, Joseph Anderson talks about the design of Fallout 4 and how to better realize the game's potential, the cost of developing Easter eggs, writing on relationships between characters in FFXV and Last Guardian, South Sudan gets its first Global Game Jam, new trailer for Call of Cthulhu and developers working on a Werewolf The Apocalypse game, road to IGF developer interviews, interview with the man that fixed Fallout 4's toilet paper, a look at the influence glitches have had on the fighting game genre, the story of Sega's first console the Sega SG-1000, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) GDC State of the Game Industry 2017 Tim Sweeney earns the Game Developers Choice Lifetime Achievement Award Nintendo Switch Won't Support Netflix at Launch - Report The Switch’s Launch Lineup Is Getting Beefier Japanese Nintendo Switch buyers can customize their console’s colors Nintendo Switch UI gets new close-up in deleted tweet Totaling the hidden costs of owning a Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch is leaving these Wii U features behind Nintendo Answers (And Avoids) Our Switch Questions Nintendo Switch: Everything we still don’t know Nintendo Switch Predicted To Sell 40 Million Systems By End Of 2020 Nintendo Switch Ain’t for Mom and Pop—It’s for Die-Hard Fans Xbox One's upcoming copilot feature will let two players share one controller online Mordheim: City of the Damned developer to bring Necromunda to PC Obsidian teases something called "Project Louisiana" Call of Cthulhu trailer is crazy in the coconut White Wolf bringing Werewolf: The Apocalypse to PC Atlus Brings Two Utawarerumono Games West In 2017 Torment: Tides of Numenera trailer teases choice-heavy combat 9 minutes of Torment: Tides of Numenera PS4 Gameplay Torment: Tides of Numenera preview – A classic series reborn for Xbox One TORMENT: TIDES OF NUMENARA PREVIEW - 2017'S MOST PROMISING RPG YET? Three bizarre sci-fi tales from Torment: Tides of Numenera Dead Cells - Reveal Trailer Take me on: Take On Mars official release 9 Feb World of Horror, A Scary Game For The 1980s Halo Wars 2 feels like a return to the C&C era of real-time strategy We Are Chicago, a game about living in a tough neighborhood, will be out on Feb. 9 Injustice 2 is getting an online beta Ex-BioShock dev's horror game Perception is coming to PS4 Zelda fans uncover Breath of the Wild backstory from Special Edition map The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Require a 3GB Install on Wii U A Conversation with Zelda Veteran and ‘Breath of the Wild’ Producer Eiji Aonuma Nostalgic shooter Strafe gets a March release date Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 release date set for PC Inside and Limbo developer's next game looks as dark as its forerunners Watch a grown man kick a child in the face in the Tekken 7 release date trailer NieR: Automata details amusement park, submerged city, unarmed motions, mounts, fishing, and jukebox Necrobarista is about hipsters, baristas, and death For Honor: Viking Gameplay Intro (Classes, Controls, and More) Might & Magic Showdown lets you paint your champs I'd rather paint Might & Magic: Showdown's figurines than play the game Hunt those monsters with Toukiden 2 on PC in March Malicious Fallen launches February 21 in the west Berserk and the Band of the Hawk details 'awakening' abilities alongside new screens SWAT 4: Gold Edition is now on GOG Mass Effect: Andromeda "Running Awesome" Right Now, BioWare Says Murder puzzle game The Sexy Brutale coming in April Cultist Simulator Makes Running A Cult Into A Fun Time PS4 Fans Are Baffled As To Why Sony Is Promoting Crappy-Looking Games The 3DS Is Getting A New Fire Emblem Game Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia may have a big learning curve for modern fans Doubt I would be a fan of the other changes but I would love to see the marriage feature removed from the series. Fire Emblem: Heroes Is A Collectible Character Strategy Game For iOS And Android [UPDATE] Nintendo's Mobile 'Fire Emblem' Is a 'Gacha' Game, Here's What That Means Endless Space 2 - The Horatio - Prologue Yooka-Laylee unveils local co-op and multiplayer in-game footage Bossa's new game Decksplash promises a 3-on-3 mix of skateboarding and Splatoon Ghost Recon: Going to war against a devout drug cartel Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay: Single Player Walkthrough (Feat. 3 AI Teammates) The Division: Last Stand trailer teases livestreamed reveal coming tomorrow Mon then! Total Warhammer unleashes The White Dwarf Duelyst is getting singleplayer boss battles Dishonored 2’s New Custom Difficulties Give You A Lot Of Options The Division 1.6 update will nearly double the size of the Dark Zone The Division's next big expansion is coming to PS4 and Xbox One at the same time Battlefield 1 DLC Reveal Coming Next Week, Watch A Teaser Now Battlefield 1's first DLC revealed: four maps, two vehicles, and a new mode Dark Souls III: The Ringed City DLC Announcement Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC Resident Evil 7 DLC begins rolling out next week on PS4 Overwatch 'Year of the Rooster' is coming next week Bringing Capture the Flag to Overwatch was harder than you think The Woes of An Overwatch Player Who Keeps Getting Reported For Playing Widowmaker Nerfs to Ana and D.Va finalized, will hit Overwatch soon Sex Game Removes Intense BDSM Scene Following Fan Feedback Ubisoft teases Rainbow Six Siege DLC Operation Velvet Shell Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DLC A Criminal Past is coming in February Final Fantasy XV update to add monster enyclopedia Final Fantasy 15 Director Discusses Upcoming Single-Player Updates And DLC Dying Light adds eye-tracking for extended views, auto-climbing and zombie awareness Announcing our next FREE DLC - Lorebook! Russian publishing giant picks up Crytek's FPS Warface Xbox One Sales Are At 26 Million Units Worldwide, SuperData Estimates Oculus lawsuit may undercut VR industry, not just Facebook's bottom line Oculus lawsuit drops Palmer Luckey on stand to defend story of Rift’s inception Electronic Arts announces dates for EA Play 2017 Portal, Left 4 Dead Developer Kim Swift Joins EA On its 10th birthday, Viking Squad dev Slick joins forces with Klei As 'Games Done Quick' Gets Bigger, So Do Its Controversies The U.S. video game industry pulled $30.4B in revenue last year Co-Founder Of Inside Creators Gets $7 Million After Business Breakup Former Disney studio Avalanche Software re-opens under Warner Bros. DEVELOPER THREATENS TO BLACKBALL MEDIA OUTLETS THAT GIVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS Developer admits "we screwed it" after game website exposes review blacklist threat GDC State of the Industry: For the first time, devs favor Android over iOS Here’s why the UN is getting interested in video games War-torn South Sudan gets its very first Global Game Jam, despite UN warnings of genocide PlayStation is sponsoring a Liverpool-based bootcamp to get young girls into tech Streamer numbers and incomes are rising healthily, according to data from popular tool The flawed report that made erroneous claims about violent video games XCOM 2: The Long War mod is bigger than we thought The Long War 2 mod is a must-play reinvention of XCOM 2 Superhot meets Portal in the wonderful PORTALHOT mod Esports News The Weekend In Esports: League of Legends and Genesis 4 Return Smash Bros. Players Infuriated Over Surprise Rule Tweak At Big Tournament Assessing the impact of League of Legends' new ban system Fighting game community in a flap over Killer Instinct teabagging ban Why You Should Care About Rocket League as an Esport UCypher from USports Will Be India’s First Major Esports League, Uses Franchised Team Structure Big Ten Collegiate Sports Conference Announces Riot Partnership, Championship Cloud Gaming Service LiquidSky Takes Aim at Esports: ‘We’re Prepared to Meet Pro Gamers’ Needs’ Dota 2 Pro Makes Clutch Play From Beyond The Grave Crowdfunding News Banner Saga 3 BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION - Isometric Post-apocalyptic Adventure Hellpoint Teaser - A Dark Sci fi Action RPG soon on Kickstarter Fig raises $7.8 million to expand game crowdfunding platform Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Game Developers Speak Up in the Face of Obamacare Repeal More Stories of How Obamacare Has Affected Game Developers Learning the Video Game Canon - How to deal with over 40 years of backlog? The costs of developing Easter eggs Games of 2017 Looking at the tweet chain, Chris has been adding new games throughout the month and is at 46 last time I checked. Some interesting looking titles, many with beautiful and atmospheric art. Here’s How to Create a Convincing Constructed Language for Your Video Game Study Shows Which Video Game Genres Women Play Most The Scary Political Relevance of 'Metal Gear Solid 2' You Guys Are the Best: Friendship and Grieving in Final Fantasy XV 2nd page link is below an advertisement box. Leaping Across the Spaces Between Us: On Relationships in Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian Preserving video game history is about more than nostalgia I Love Astroneer For Its Optimism Video games owe a lot to President Obama's administration For Brian Fargo, making games is all about 'finding your way through the darkness' How Stardew Valley inspired the creator of Ooblets to quit her job A Q&A With the Creator of a 'Fallout 4' Mod That Flips the Toilet Paper Around This just shows why I can't get into Bethesda games or the worlds they create, can't even place toilet paper properly without modder help. I Fell In Love with Video Games By Playing ‘Harry Potter’ on the Game Boy Color Do You Have Something To Say? Make a Game THE DIVISION – AESTHETIC REVIEW The Invisible Bunnies That Power World of Warcraft Rez’s Trance Vibrator Changed the Conversation About Women’s Sexuality in Games Guest Column: Creative Block Road to the IGF: Student project Lily - Colors of Santa Luz Road to the IGF: Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter Road to the IGF: Michael Brough's Imbroglio Road to the IGF: Raw Fury's GoNNER Road to the IGF: Sokpop Collective's Bamboo Heart Road to the IGF: Osmotic Studios' Orwell My tortured quest to become the bunny whisperer in Ultima Online's spiritual successor Postmortem: Rayhouse Productions' Kalaban Making of Pillars of Eternity documentary is well worth a watch The Story of Sega's First Console, Which Was Not The Master System Playing the Nintendo Playstation Prototype Guide to Games: Watch Dogs The Tragedy of 'This Is the Police' When violent games want you to play nice Skyrim helped me fix my relationship with food The Sin City game that never was Why I'm Still Playing A Game I Don't Like, 700 Hours Later Detention is a beautiful, creepy Taiwanese horror adventure Crucial lessons from 7 game jam prototypes that went commercial How Resident Evil became the "guiding light" for SOMA and Amnesia William Pugh's journey from The Stanley Parable into Crows Crows Crows Game Design Deep Dive: Dynamic audio in destructible levels in Rainbow Six: Siege Why I love the sense of regret in Life is Strange Fallout 4 - One Year Later Inspiring documentary on Crashlands’ development is out now Cool Ghosts: An Important Update Matt Lees and Quintin Smith of Cool Ghosts talk about the humor and the satisfaction of leaving the site after a completed job that makes Hitman great. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess's dungeon design | Boss Keys Best???/Recommended Games of 2016! Strategic Uncertainty - Keeping Strategy Games Fresh - Extra Credits Classic Game Postmortem - Marble Madness The Art Direction of No Man's Sky How a disabled gamer uses his feet to play Final Fantasy 14 Did Nintendo download a Mario ROM and sell it back to us? - Here's A Thing Overwatch Players Honor Fallen Friend With 12-Gun Salute Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Guillermo del Toro continues Konami posts When you create an account pretend to like a game developer and their work Apple Things I Missed From Previous Weeks Finding Beauty in the Weirdest Fighting Game Glitches AUTISM & EMPOWERMENT: WHAT GAMING MEANS TO ME The visual power of pure form FIGHT | League of Legends Documentary
  7. Far Harbor is certainly not the best DLC the Fallout series has ever seen, but is still mostly unique and really good. You start by receiving a radio message from Valentine Detective Agency asking to meet there and start a new case. This sends you far to the north of the Commonwealth, and through a short investigation you set sail for Far Harbor. The boat ride in is reminiscent of the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3, which gives you a glimpse at the island as the boat drives toward the docks. Mechanically, and in a storytelling way, this DLC recycles a lot. The island Far Harbor is set on is overcast by a radioactive fog, which poisons you as you journey around, just like the poison cloud from the Dead Money DLC for New Vegas. Again, the game makes you choose who to support and who to exterminate, and even the new weapons and enemies aren't that interesting. What the DLC lacks in innovation, it does make up for in atmosphere and world building. PROS Whole new map to explore. Great story revolving around the island and the characters on it. 4-5 hour main story time, 8-10 hour completionist Multiple possible endings CONS Few new weapons, none of which are at all unique. Enemies are underwhelming and feel like reskins of other enemies. Reused mechanics from older Fallout games. Overall, I would recommend playing it just for the atmosphere and story. There is a lot to explore on the island and a lot of hidden story to find, so completionists will have a ball here.
  8. I wanted to share this in-case someone has or had trouble playing this game on a potato machine like me! So, after some time tweaking, i managed to make this game run a lot better on this old ass rig of mine, with help of a mod, a tool, to make it all more sexy without compromising all that much fps, and i changed some .ini configs to disable unnecessary stuff like god-rays. In the video i try and compare the two AA settings whilst showing my In-game fps, since those two settings take most fps, and make more, impact on the image in my opinion. ( Trying to get the best image possible as my rig would allow while still being playable) And because upgrading the shadow quality and distance even more to make the game look even better would result in a good -15 fps average on either setting! ;'D ~~Rig: GPU: XFX AMD RADEON HD 5830 1GB VRAM GDDR5 OC CPU: AMD FX-4300 QUAD CORE (2 THREADS) RAM: 4.0GB DDR3 MEMORY RAM OS : WINDOWS 10 64/BITS PSU: 750Watts MO : gigabyte ga-970a-d3P REV 1.0 Native res: 1920x1080 60hz ( 1440x900 60hz borderless while playing) Using latest possible AMD crimson driver~~ I personally find this a huge improvement from what the standard game, where in areas i would get 10 fps on all LOW. And now all because of a mod really, i am able to play and even install several mods on it, and even plugin a "sharp" injector, to remove the blurriness of stuff this game seems to like doing. I ultimately got two options to play from. Current config with TAA + Sharp, and or current config with FXAA + sharp. (FXAA runs better tho) Here's the link to the mod you'd need: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/606/ The instructions of tools used to sharpen the image and what not, links, Game settings used, .ini files, TUTORIAL, installation etc... can be found in the text document in the video description ^^ You can ofcourse, just install the mod, and play vanilla just fine, but, its kind of ugly still. As you won't get higher than medium-low settings at times, even with textures on ultra! (Blurr and edges be damned.) In-game quality should look like the first picture in the video (Compressing video files sucks)
  9. This week in the news; no Destiny 2 or main Assassins Creed title in 2016, The Witness speedrunner spends 30 minutes eating a sandwich, Rocket League starts the second season and looks into becoming an eSport, Australia’s first gay gaming convention, the documentary people interested in designing or playing games should watch, labor in the games industry, Fallout 4's DLC gets more detailed and a higher price point, the state of strategy games in 2015, thoughts on Firewatch, Twitch shares their stats for 2015, Elite Dangerous offers a standalone arena mode for those more interested in combat (free to people who bought the full game), Doom's single player length, and more. BioWare scribe David Gaider joins Baldur's Gate dev Beamdog as creative director Beamdog is the studio responsible for the enhanced editions to Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale Mass Effect: Andromeda lead writer leaves BioWare for Bungie Street Fighter 5 Server Stabilty Is Key Priority for Capcom, Says Ono Capcom has apologized for server issues and says that improving stability is the problem they need to fix the most. Street Fighter V Adding New Characters Monthly-Ish Valkyria: Azure Revolution Battle Demo Gameplay Good, it's action based, now I don't have to buy a PS4 for it. Smite developer Hi-Rez is expanding into Europe Hi-Rez Studios is opening its first European office this month in the United Kingdom and former Warner Brothers Interactive publishing VP Veronique Lallier will lead it Fallout 4 getting three add-ons this spring and more later, season pass price going up A thread about this was made here Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Being Remade in Unreal Engine 4 Knights of the Old Republic is being remade in Unreal Engine 4 with new missions and worlds. Pillars of Eternity The White March Part 2 and Patch 3 Available Now Elite Dangerous Spins Off Competitive Arena Mode as Standalone Release US Video Game Industry Generated $23.5 Billion in 2015, Increasing 5% Combined NPD and ESA numbers show that total US sales rose to $23.5 billion, up 5 percent from $22.4 billion in 2014. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is now a YouTuber Kojima has launched his own Youtube channel. Kojima Apparently Asked Bleszinski to Work on New Silent Hill With Him Silent Hills Collaborators Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus Reunite Minecraft Creator Receiving "Pioneer" Award Next Month Minecraft creator Markus Persson will be honored with a "Pioneer" award during March's Game Developers Choice Awards UFC Champ Wants To Become A Full-Time Video Game Streamer The Walking Dead: Michonne debuts this month The first episode of the three part story will be out February 23rd. Games on Kickstarter in 2015 A look at money pledged and failed/successful games on Kickstarter last year. Seven Mods That Make XCOM 2 Less Frustrating Stop Wasting My Time is definitely a good one to get, I believe it now includes what Quiet, Bradford has as well. XCOM 2 Is (Un)Fair A thread on GiantBomb about all the ways that XCOM 1 and 2 cheat to put things in your favor (unless you are playing on Legend). Commander in XCOM 2 is easy enough, I definitely did not need it cheating for me. That's what mods are for though. Twitch 2015 A look at different numbers Twitch did last year. Winners! 5th NY Game Awards! Award winners were annouced with The Witcher 3 taking a lot of them. Cara Ellison won for Best Games Journalism for her Embed With series. Kanye West is making a video game inspired by one of his songs Killscreen writes about how Kanye's video game is going to be very Kanye. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan - Leonardo Gameplay Leonardo can use team attacks and slow down time. News Reviews Hardware Best Of Magazine Pro$10m Dying Light edition now on sale Quantum Break Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5 Quantum break will be coming to the PC, a nice preorder bonus for the Xbox One version will also get you the PC version. A later announcement confirmed that Quantum Break would not be available on Steam, only being for sale on the Windows Store. The news that more people could enjoy a video game naturally got some people angry, leading to the article There’s No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity. A thread about this was made here Witness Speedrunner Takes 30-Minute Sandwich Break, Beats World Record As seen in this video You Will Not Play Destiny 2 This Year The team is focused on delivering a large expansion this year, and the sequel in 2017. Ubisoft Will Not Release an Assassin's Creed Game in 2016 After six years there will be no main Assassins Creed title released in 2016. Watch Dogs 2 Will Launch Before April 2017 Overwatch's New Progression System Is A Big Step In The Right Direction Doom's single player campaign a lucky 13 hours long A thread about this was made here Why A Game About The Devil Couldn't Sell For $6.66 On Steam Firewatch Developer Offers Classy Response To Steam Refund Request Firewatch developer responds to user considering a refund after finishing the game. STAR WARS: REPUBLIC COMMANDO DEVELOPER TALKS SEQUEL PLANS AND SEV'S FATE Talk about the ideas behind a Republic Commando sequel, the fate of Sev, and what caused the sequel to fall through. Heretics! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Shows Off Chaos Open World Tactics: Frozen Synapse 2 Announced An open world sequel to Frozen Synapse is in development. Rise of the Tomb Raider takes home Writers Guild award Rise of the Tomb Raider takes home "Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing", it was going up against The Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, and Assassins Creed Syndicate. A lot of people will likely be wondering how it managed to win for writing, possibly due to the more focused narrative that is less about player interaction and decisions. Rocket League Kicks Off Season 2 With New Update Arma 3’s Shiny New 3D Editor Coming This Month League Of Legends Retiring Dominion Mode With fewer than .5% of players playing the it Riot has decided to retire the Dominion mode that was originally added in 2011. The Imperial March: Total Warhammer Campaign Vid In eSports news Rick Fox's Terrible League of Legends Team Has Five Weeks To Save Its Season Two members are lost after Riot checks for valid immigration paperwork. Competitive Matchmaking May Rescue Team Fortress 2 From Esports Oblivion Team Fortress 2 hopes to reinvent itself with a new matchmaking system. Pro Player Tries To Play StarCraft And Hearthstone At The Same Time NBA Player Says Pro Gamers "Train Just as Rigorously" as Professional Athletes Rocket League Dev Explains New Esports Drive Outside of news, some other good articles from the week If You Care About How Video Games Are Made, Watch The Double Fine Documentary This is a great series to watch, and the documentary was just as much the goal as the actual game. Way too many people talk about development, budgeting, tech, adding features, fixing things, etc without having the slightest idea how any of it works. This gives you a look into the process from concept, through the highs and lows of development, to the final creation. How to make a game wanted by nostalgic players while attempting to evolve, the writing process, team member responsibilities, Skype failing them, creating an art style, the history of Double Fine's project code names, bringing in other sources of income by releasing the PC version of Brutal Legends and publishing deals for their games in other countries, when John Romero has to take you on scary car rides, etc. Best summed up by this comment Guest Column: The State of Strategy Guest Column: It's Time to Talk About Labor in the Games Industry GAME ON: HOW AUSSIE GAYMERS ARE FINALLY COMING OUT After the June Fire Slow Burn: Environment and mood in Firewatch 'The Last Game I Make Before I Die': Fighting Cancer By Making A Video Game Kickstarters of the week (or ones I heard about this week) OVERLOAD - The Ultimate Six-Degree-of-Freedom Shooter The creators of Descent are making a new game. A thread about this was made here Indie G Zine An artbook for indie games A thread about this was made here
  10. I think they will finally add a "Hardcore" mode F:NV had! been waiting for this! But i am most curious about the DLC, what do they plan to do? I heard they are probably gonna do something with the "glowing sea", or a complete underwater experience? OR ALIENS? (<Yes please). Or perhaps a blast to the past? Excited to see what they'll come up with! What kind of DLC do you think they'll put forth?
  11. So I've been gone from Fallout 4 for a while, been waiting for some good mods to show up. I've already got he essentials, like the dialogue fix from the console version and gameplay balance stuff, I'm looking for mods that will make me want to go back and play the game some more. Any stuff like that out yet that I've missed?
  12. This week in the news Norwegian high school adds esports to sports curriculum, a look into the game industry of Iran, PS4 lead architect and Kojima search for the newest technology, Danganronpa is coming to Steam, Rainbow Six Siege adopts no tolerance policy for cheaters, bad news for The Division, Iron Maiden gets into mobile games, Hitman goes full episodic, the Supreme Court will hear case against Microsoft Xbox 360s, an interview with the Fallout 4 composer, the story of Gone Home's success, and more. We’re Making A Change To Video Game Reviews At Kotaku Kotaku has changed how their review "scoring" works. Bayonetta 2 getting a stand-alone re-release on Feb. 19 Meet the Voice Actors of The Witness The Witness will be narrated by popular voice actors from Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us. The Witness was also rated for the Xbox One but the developer says that they have no plans for it, keeping it a timed console exclusive for the PS4 before it moves to the PC. "Hours"-Long Rise of the Tomb Raider Story Expansion Release Date Announced What the Xbox One will be getting is DLC for Tomb Raider on January 26. Hollywood producer named co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios The Game Industry of Iran That Dragon, Cancer’s Developers Are OK With Asshole Steam Discussions Not really sure why they think offensive troll posts by people who haven't even played the game could add to the discussion about art. Norwegian high school will include esports in its sports curriculum For more esports news see, Professional Halo Player Alex Buck Discusses the Continuing Rise of eSports Stasis prequel chapter is being built "from the ground up" The Kickstarter funded game Stasis was a success and met with a lot of great reviews, the developer is now working on the prequel chapter. Rainbow Six Siege Finally Cracks Down On Cheaters As part of their newest updates, they have adopted a no tolerance policy towards cheating. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc coming to PC via Steam in February Great news for PC players, I loved the first two games and I saw them make a lot of Game of the Year lists when they released. A thread about this can be found here The Division Doesn't Include Brooklyn at Launch and The Division Won't Have Player Trading System at Launch Some bad news about The Division. Darkest Dungeon launches this week, so here's a new trailer Supreme Court will hear Xbox 360 disc-scratching case Hitman reboot switches to fully-episodic release schedule A thread about this can be found here I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is Night Dive's latest old-school revival I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream launched on iOS and Android. Dying Light Enhanced Edition Goes Gold, New Trailer Released Crytek aims to open 'VR First' dev labs in schools around the world Crytek is providing students with VR hardware and software. 2015 in Games: Kittens, Zombies, and Kung Fu Over 144.4 million was pledged to video game projects on Kickstarter, a big increase from the previous year (this is money pledged so failed projects still are included). Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG "An episodic single-player computer RPG inspired by the classics of the late 90s, set in a world fusing dark fantasy and dieselpunk." Has been launched on Kickstarter, one of the people working on it is Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage. A thread about this can be found here CONSORTIUM: The Tower The team that made the first CONSORTIUM, which they recently gave away for free on Steam for a few days, is now Kickstarting the sequel. A thread about this can be found here The Unsung Story Kickstarter Is Still Breaking Promises Three months after a promised update their has still been no word from Playdek. PewDiePie and friends launching entertainment network Xbox One System Update News Coming This Week There was also a rumor that Microsoft would be shutting down servers for the 360 this year, they have said that this is not true. Metal Gear Online PC leaves beta, officially launches The PC version of Metal Gear online has launched today. Kojima and PS4 Architect Embark on World Tour Looking for "High-End" Tech Cities: Skylines "Snowfall" Expansion Announced Now is the Winter of This Content: Rain and fog for existing maps, plus a new "Winter" map theme with snow and all of its challengesThe Streetcars You Desire: Expanded public transportation options, including easier management of existing lines – and Trams, a new system demanded by fansWorld Warmth, Too: Cold weather increases demands for electricity, unless new water-based heat systems are in placePlowers to the People: Build a snowplow depot to keep traffic flowing during winter weather, and employ new road maintenance systems to keep your streets in shapeNew Chirps: #yeahthereare Iron Maiden is releasing a free-to-play mobile RPG The heavy metal band is getting into the mobile game business with a free to play game releasing for the iOS and Android in the Summer. That's all for the news, in other articles I found interesting. My love for Falcom Games, or How Falcom Shaped My Experience with JRPGs Keeping It Human: The Story of Fullbright’s ‘Gone Home’ Success Composer Inon Zur on Building the Acoustic World of ‘Fallout 4’ Arkham Knight’s Best DLC Moment Gives Batman an Impossible Choice
  13. Seriously, Garvey fucking irritating and actually made the game un-enjoyable in parts for me. First of all, biggest reason he's annoying, the endless god damn Minutemen quests, which are literally the exact same two or maybe three quests again and again and again, and the game already has enough problems with quest variety, and he gives them to you just by walking near him. In fact, that's one thing that annoys the hell out of me about this game in general, the amount of characters that just run up to you and automatically dump a "Go here, kill these guys" quest on you. I really wish Bethesda patch that out, because it's just annoying. At least in Fallout 3 you had to actually talk to characters to activate quests, if it's getting to the point where I'm running away from a guy in the Railroad because I don't want him to dump a quest on me, they've done something wrong with the game's design. I got so tired of running away from Garvey before he dumped another boring quest on me, I actually set him as my companion just to send him to Coastal Cottage, WAAAAAY away from me so he just be there alone and not constant dump the same 'go kill raiders' quests on me. And to be brutally honest, the game has actually got way more enjoyable now that I don't have to worry about that crap. He doesn't even make a good companion, because he just bitched and whined at me the second I asked for money or did anything that would help me. If you don't act selfless constantly he just sits there bitching about how you're acting. Fuck off, Garvey, honestly XD Now I'm just gonna list off nitpick things that bug me about the game: Biggest one, the lack of mission variety. I think by now it's fair to say there are way too many missions where you just go to a place and kill everything. When you compare it to the quests from older games like the Wasteland Survival Guide, or the Tenpenny Tower, or anything as interesting as the guides from Elder Scrolls. They're reaaaaaally banking on the laser musket being more iconic than it really is. It's in all the trailers, it's in the title screen, it's like they're trying to make it the new hunting rifle. I dunno about you guys but I never use the laser musket, it's too inconvenient, even as a sniper rifle. Why is it I have to help defend a settlement that has 30 Mk II machine gun turrets defending it? Like, literally nothing can go near that settlement without being torn to pieces, yet I have to drop what I'm doing to go help them. The settlement has a defence rating of 150 for christ sake. The lack of choice in clothes you can put armour pieces on. There's, what, five, maybe six outfits in the whole game that let you wear armour over them? Considering how wearing armour pieces is better than any one piece of armoured outfit you should be able to wear more things under the armour, or at least be able to upgrade the outfits. What about you guys? Anything bugging you about Fallout 4? Bare in mind guys, it's okay to admit there are things wrong with the games you love. I'm actually having a blast with Fallout 4 despite how annoying I find some of these things
  14. hey guys im doing a one life run of fallout 4 if you want to check it out http://www.twitch.tv/mainman651
  15. Which faction did you support the most in Fallout 4? My playtrough and opinion is below. (SPOILERS BELOW) I felt such conflict going trough Fallout 4's main story line for the first time, firstly, i supported the Minuteman, then, i felt the urge to kill kelogg. So i did, and i found my first real interesting faction soon afterwards, the Brotherhood of steel, while at first i discarded them, i couldn't resist getting on that air balloon the first time i saw it. But i felt like i was betraying the railroad who i had discovered earlier, but i did not relies they where a major faction before. As soon as i learned the intention of the BoS, i found out they where in conflict with the railroad's ideals and vise versa. But funny enough, they both despised the Institute. So i went on and build up my massive crudge agains't the institute, but, i felt conflicted, The brotherhood tag along to cleanse the commonwealth of filth, and scavage goody tech, with they themselfs thinking they are paving the way for civilization to grow. Yet, the railroad want's to save the "Human like" or "Conscious" or "self aware" synths, which is also a noble objective, but perhaps less productive for the future, as it is unknown what gen 3 synths are capable off (make replicas?). So there i went, trying to help both factions as much as i could, up until the moment the BoS wanted to move on the institute, and so i build the so called device needed to get myself in there. When i did i was expecting resistance, since my service to both factions must have caught the institute's awareness. Yet it had presented me with a child, and a old man (Feels insert here from that moment on). Me and my questionable nature, forced me to question the old man about everything the institute was doing. While the info was quite limited, i felt a certain pitty, and decided to give them, as i did the others, a chance, so i went on to do all faction quests at once, not knowing which one i should support, the BoS became more fanatic, the railroad became shady as fuck, and surprisingly the institute became more open to me the more i helped them. Also presenting me with more and more info on why they do the things they do. All in all, the only factions i believe have a chance to help the commonwealth and beyond are: the Brotherhood of steel, and the institute. As i understand The brotherhood is one of the most advanced factions in East united states, they have been growing significantly since the events of Fallout 3. They scavange all the prewar goodies, to advance them self's and keep others from tinkering with the toys. Also cleansing all post war "filth" Believing they are doing humanity a favor by avoiding another doomsday event at all costs. The institute is an isolated faction, trying to expand with the help of there toys "Synths", being extremely efficient in scavenging and gaining a presence on the commonwealth, they are highly advanced, and have the capabilities to soon reach a point where they could recreate the wastes itself (Just like gecks, or so they made me believe that) and use there toys to do the hard and dangerous work for them. They are a more "The future" kind of group just like the BoS, but are thinking more ahead with there tech. As i understand, the railroad is a group, made out of synths and humans trying to destroy the institute and simply wants to save the gen 3 synths, and destroy anyone who opposes that goal, regarding them as equals to humans, due to the synths ability to gain consciousness. As soon as the brotherhood arrived, they immediately went hostile learning of there intentions, as did the BoS. Ultimately, i went with the institute and destroyed the other two factions, because i believe the other factions will not contribute quite enough to actually make a huge difference in the commonwealth and beyond, even though the Brotherhood has a good chance, they are too zealot-ish and egoistical and that makes them blind to certain things. I was quite surprised by the institute, the way they view things, and why, they don't seem evil, they are just smart, and egoistical, when it comes to self preservence, or atleast, that's what i noticed. They let me believe they truly have the capability to change the wastes with there technology, and are willing to apply it, for the good of all, with extreme caution. (AI Takeover anyone?) In the end, you become the head of the institute, the leader it needs. They are told to do as you say, so that means you can order them to be more passive and help people along the way by instigating them to release the past methods used arguing they where obsolete. If they are so advanced as they seem, the best option would have been to help them since the beginning, because of the assumption they are the best hope of a "pre-war world" (Or modern post war world) Assuming they achieve a means to use as minimal raw resources as possible and are able to create artificial resources anytime in the future. Because that would be ideal. And i personally don't believe the BoS or any other faction could possibly achieve such level anytime in the next 200 years. This is what I understood while playing, you might have other opinions or found other info about the factions i am unaware off. So please, who did you go with ultimately?
  16. Hi ladies and gents, started a new project on my channel with Fallout 4. It's part let's play, part review in progress as I chat about my experiences with the game on a day-by-day basis. I don't normally do stuff like this so any feedback you peeps you could give would be much appreciated. Part Two
  17. Is anyone else getting rather dissapointed with the roleplaying aspects of Fallout 4? I'm finding it harder and harder to immerse myself in the game as more and more often I feel like I don't have a lot of options. Playing a male character has really brought this to my attention with how flat the male voice actor sounds. I don't mind having a bit more direction in my story (I do love Mass Effect, after all) but I've gotten used to huge amounts of roleplaying freedom from Bethesda games. Sure, every now and then I see options to extort caps from people and shit like that, but I've never really seen any options to be outright evil on any of my characters. And from what I've heard from people who've gotten into the Institute storyline, there's still not really a lot of downright evil shit. The new dialogue system sucks. Like, sucks balls. No matter what you choose it usually ends up with the same outcome, the only thing that might be different is if whatever person you're traveling with has an issue with how you phrased it. I'm already missing the wide-open freedom of Skyrim, of New Vegas, and of Fallout 3. I could do whatever I wanted, be whatever I wanted to be. But in Fallout 4, there's not nearly as much freedom. In Skyrim, I could run off after Helgen and not look back. Sure, I can do that in Fallout 4 after I leave the Vault, but I'm finding there's not nearly as much to do. The world just isn't grabbing me like Skyrim or New Vegas did, because it's very obviously trying to force me into a role here. What if I don't like that role? Well, too bad, you won't have any interesting quests to do. I still love the game, the gameplay is fantastic, a lot of the characters are great and most of the dialogue is well voiced. Am I alone here, or is anyone else in the AJSA feeling the roleplay blues?
  18. I tried, okay. I tried to like Fallout. I seriously tried to like this damn franchise. I played Fallout 3, New Vegas, and hell, I bought Fallout 4 day one (It was either this or Battlefront, and that for sure as hell wasn't happening). I. F**king. Tried. But I can't do it. I just can't. I don't know with this franchise anymore. I just can't enjoy Fallout and I seriously don't know what it is. It has nothing to do with it being an RPG or its post-apocalyptic setting or anything. I seriously don't know what it is. I absolutely hated Fallout 3 and New Vegas when I first played them. Now my reasons for that was because of the shitty gunplay they had (which has not aged well might I add) and the downright ugliness of the games. Everything was an ugly greenish-brown in Fallout 3. Wasn't any better in New Vegas, which everything was orange, only uglier. I seriously thought that those were the main reasons for me not liking those games. But then Fallout 4 happens and yet with the much improved gunplay and art style, I still hated it. This just saddens me. I want to like this franchise, I really do, but it just can't happen. I didn't even make it past lvl. 20 yet. It came to point were I was forcing myself to continue because I payed $60 for this game. But I just can't keep trying anymore. For all you guys who are loving Fallout, great. I'm happy you are loving this series and the recent one that came out. But me? I just can't do it anymore. Have you guys ever felt the same way with any other popular game or franchise out there?
  19. So this happen... MLB stepped in to remove a (non-profit) mod taking the standard baseball jersey and turning it into a David Ortiz jersey. "The use of these marks is an infringement of our rights," an MLB rep told the Boston Globe. "We plan to enforce those rights." Shame because it looks pretty damn good in such a short amount of time. http://www.pcgamer.com/fallout-4-mod-adds-david-ortiz-as-a-wasteland-warrior-mlb-gets-mad/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq3EKv-HNR8
  20. So what are your people amazing, or amazeballs, none story encounters. That would exclude the Deathclaw encounter at the beginning in Concord. To begin this out here are 2 that I had. 1. I was walking into the outskirt of a city when I came across a trading caravan, who was fighting a group of Synths... Who was also fighting a group of Super Mutants, which included a suicider. So of course I join the fight, I cant just stay out of it. Well... Suddenly a Deathclaw charged into the mix... Yeah, I lost my head at that point, literally. And that caravn was leaving the whole time. 2. I came across this tower, and thank God aswell because when I went to the top I were attacked by a group of raiders, which included a Legendary Raider. Well It thats not the amazeballs part. Because out of nowhere a Deathclaw AND a Alpha Deathclaw charged the raiders, yes Im not joking, I even took a screenshot. Luckely I was on the top of the tower with a rather good sniper rifle and over 100 bullets. Unlucky me, while the raider bits remained both the Deathclaws just vanished after I killed them THANKS GAME
  21. Fallout 4 is coming soon. What does everyone expect?
  22. Ok guys and girls of the AJSA let me first of say its good to be back i have not been active in sometime on the forums.But i am glad to be back and hope you will all welcome me back with open arms (ive been inactive on my youtube channel and most stuff for over a year now due to personal issues but its time to get things going again woohoo) Ok the reason i am here is i am going to start a lets play for my youtube channel for fallout 3 (heavily modded version) Calling it Fallout 3 The Journey and i want you guys to help me pick a character type to play as shall i be silent or loud in combat or good or evil stuff like that. How should i play? 1 Normal Normal Commentating like a normal lets play with my normal reactions 2 Roleplay Or i thought instead of the usual commentating over the game i thought i would role play this one out so what ever character i design i must take on that personality this wont be like a normal lets play it will be immersive with me roleplaying hardly talking in some parts i will also narrate each episode ending like "next time on the journey" (kind of like the telltale the walking dead game episodes) and at the start of each episode. The role i am picked as i shall roleplay as so male only for this option Starting options Vanilla Start Normal fallout 3 vanilla vault 101 dweller start (either i make my own character or you guys decide for me) Alternate start options with fallout wanders edition MOD Since i have fallout wanders edition installed i can skip the normal fallout 101 intro and do a Alternative Start separate from the vault dweller beginning and can choose one of the following start history's Android You are a mechanically engineered bio-form known as an Android. You feel, think, breathe and eat just like a human but you are far from it. Your cybernetic nature makes you a little tougher than the average mortal (receive the Cyborg Perk) but are a little slower to the draw (-15 Action Points).Other Bonuses: Start with Rank 1 Cyborg Perk.Chinese Officer You are part of the Chinese Remnants located in what remains of the United States. Due to your poor English you suffer a penalty to your Speech (-5) and Barter (-5) skills. However, you gain bonuses to you Lockpicking, Sneak and Small Guns skills (+5 each) due to your training as an infiltrator.Other Bonuses: None.Doctor You were raised by a rather accomplished Wasteland surgeon, granting you a bonus to your Medicine skill (+15). However, time spent fixing bullet holes in patients has left you with less time to practice making your own (-5 to Small Guns and -5 to Energy Weapons).Other Bonuses: NoneEnclave Refugee Colonel Autumn has gone mad and declared you a Traitor to the Enclave. You've managed to escape but your former comrades will now shoot you on sight. Due to training you receive before being declared a traitor you receive a bonus to your Energy Weapons (+10) and a high aptitude for precision (+5% Critical Chance). A life in bondage has left you with few talents for negotiation (-10 barter).Other Bonuses: Enclave is hostile.Escaped Slave You've lived a life of slavery and as a result you have become accustomed to using your hands to take care of business (+10 Unarmed) and moving quickly to avoid the whip (+10% Speed). However, a lack of education has left you woefully unskilled with technology (-10 science).Other Bonuses: Slavers will shoot on sight. Unremovable Disarmed Slave Collar.Ghoul You are viewed as a walking corpse (-30 Disposition). And rightly so, as your body has been mutated due to severe radiation exposure. However, while humans see you as a Ghoul your mutations aren't as severe and other Ghouls still refer to you as being a 'smoothskin.' On the positive side, radiation will heal you.Note: Ghoul history requires the Ghoul race. Disposition Modifier only applies to humans. Ghouls will have normal Disposition toward you.Mechanic You've always had an easy time with mechanical parts, earning a bonus to your repair skill (+15). Furthermore, you seem to possess an aura around you and robots will never fire upon you unprovoked. Time spent talking to machines all day has left you a little awkward around your fellow humans (-10 to Speech).Other Bonuses: Robots and RobCo Robots are friendly.Outcast You were once part of the mighty Brotherhood of Steel but defected with your comrades. Due to the training you received you gain the ability to wear power armor and a bonus to your Big Gun Skill (+5). The Brotherhood was never known for stealthy approaches and you are no exception (-10 to Sneak).Other Bonuses: Can use Power Armor. In the Outcast Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Access to Fort Independence.Politician If the world hadn't been practically destroyed you probably would have been an amazing politician. You are more charismatic than most and possess amazing speech skills (+10). However, because you've talked you way out of most situations in life you've never been very good at fighting (-5 to Unarmed and -5 to Melee).Other Bonuses: +10 Disposition for everyone you meet.Raider You've spent your life plundering and pillaging to your heart's content. Years of using force to get what you want has resulted in a boost to your Small Guns (+10) and being forced to fix your own weapon you gain a bonus to Repair (+5). However, the need to most fast from one place to the next has left you unaccustomed to heavy loads (-10 Carrying Capacity).Other Bonuses: Added to the Raider Faction (their enemies are your enemies)Refugee For your entire life you've always been on the move, never taken settling down. You've been constantly attacked by Super Mutants, Raiders, and Slavers alike and have become quite proficient at hiding from them (+10 to Sneak). You’ve also relied on your words more find shelter among other wastelanders (+5 Speech). A lack of education has left you slower in certain subjects (-5 Medicine, -5 Science).Other Bonuses: NoneRegulator You've spent most your life tracking and hunting evil throughout the Wastelands. You’ve become adept at reacting quickly to dangerous situations when enacting the rule of law (+15 action points). Heavy firepower usually leaves the suspect in poor condition, and your training is limited with those weapons (-10 big guns).Other Bonuses: Added to the Regulator Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Start with the Lawbringer Perk.Scavenger Living the life of a scavenger you've learned to find parts and pieces in the most obscure locations. You have also become condition to lugging all of your “treasures” around the wastes (+15 to Carrying Capacity). But with all the time in world, speed has never been on your side (-5% Speed).Other Bonuses: Starts with the Scrounger Perk.Slaver Humans and Ghouls are nothing more than a commodity and the world is full of commodities. Years of haggling for the best price for a slave has granted you a substantial increase to your barter skill (+10). Furthermore, keeping your slaves obedient has trained your hand (+5 Melee). However, you’ve always had your minions doing the manual labor, and your mechanical skills have suffered (-10 repair).Other Bonuses: Added to the Slaver Faction (their enemies are your enemies)Talon Company Mercenary You were raised by the rutheless Talon Company Mercenaries. Due to the harshness of the life you have gained a bonus to your Small Guns (+10) from the extensive training. The Talon Company’s reputation precedes you, making those you meet a little uncomfortable (-10 disposition).Other Bonuses: Added to the Talon Company Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Start with Contract Killer Perk.Vault Dweller You've lived your life underground in Vault 101 and have spent your time studying and learning and are granted bonuses to your Science (+10) and Medicine (+5) skills. Due to limited exposure to radiation in the vault, you have little stomach for it in the wastes (-10 radiation resistance).Other Bonuses: NoneWastelander You've spent your life wandering the Capitol Wasteland. Due to radiation exposure you've developed a slight resistance to Rads (+10 Rad Resistance) and skill at setting traps (+10 explosives). Rock and sand fills your days, and you’ve never given much thought to technology (-5 to Science).Other Bonuses: None. All round example you could leave in the comments would be somthing like this Name: Enclave Tesla Trooper Description: You're an undercover Enclave agent. Can you insert the FEV Virus into the Purifier? Be sure to act though, after all you're the biggest and baddest guy around. You don't take orders! And you might want to kill those pesky BoS men, did I just leave my Plasma Mines out there? Sadly you'll ahve to fight your fellow Enclave brothers, but you must try to let them live, or either kill them for the greater good. Weapons: Energy Weapons (including Pulse/Plasma Grenades/Mines and the Gatling Laser) Armor: Tesla Armor + Helmet Follower(s): Sergeant RL-3 Perks: Cyborg, Commando, Gunslinger, Sniper, Toughness, Concentrated Fire, Adamantium Skeleton So guys leave me your feed back in the comments and i will decide on the best choice in a day when i start recording if there is no feedback il be starting my recording then anyways and will decide myself the choices thanks for your time reading this post and peace. Commander Shepard out Update new teaser trailer
  23. Apologies. I got money from relatives for my B-day today, had enough left over to pre-order Fallout 4. I'm just really exited and felt the need to vent. Sorry if this is against rules or anything.
  24. This is the first Migrant Thought Podcast. This was a bit of a test run for the podcast. Any constructive suggestions are welcome to fix things. (I know about the mic) -This won't emb for some reason- Mod Edit: I got the vid to embed. You can access a special BB code for youtube from the text box. Click the icon third from the top left to bring up a drop down menu with various BB code options. Hope that was helpful.
  25. Impression Piece on the Fallout: DUST overhaul game/mod of New Vegas. Thoughts? Fallout: DUST (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57927/?) As I said in the video I did have some problems with this mod. Such as the weight limit and some of the crafting issues. Here a list of mods that I used to rebalance the game. Companions: These are some companions that are not bound to New Vegas main story. But have enough that they are not just pretty dolls following you around. Baby Deathclaw: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37388/? Mark Wun: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/49289/? Zypher: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59373Jorge: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55109/?(Warning he calls you Courier 6) BuildableBots: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35473/?(Allows construction of robots or zombies) Gameplay Enhancements: Project Nevada Core: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40040/?(DO NOT USE REBALANCE. Adds bullet time, Grenade HotKey, Sprinting and More) BLIND: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59528/? (Adds some fun graphical elements) Jip Commanion Control: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50468/?(Simple companion controls. Think Mass Effects cover direction mechanics) Tweaks: (Stuff that changes things just a bit) Tunneler Hide Recipe: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57271/?Spice of Life: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44476/?Recipe Dynamite: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/46714/?Portable BedRoll: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39067Perk Every Level: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34707/?Conelrad Radio: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35061/?Bottle That Water: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34840/? Backpack: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44629/?(Use this as extra storage. If not this there are others) Chris Avalone Interview: http://bit.ly/1HSwnJI