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Found 15 results

  1. AN OTHERWORLDLY REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME FOR ALL RTS FANS Discover the beautiful flora and fauna of Haya in this single-player RTS slated for launch in July 2017. Combining classic resource management and civilization building with intuitive tower-defense gameplay, Hypernova: Escape from Hadea is a charming sci-fi and fantasy RTS with quirky characters, beautiful planetary design and a healthy dollop of humor. (PC, Mac, Linux, XBOX ONE, PS4) Game features Explore an unique environment and discover different landscapes Search for minerals that can be used to build and power up the Scynthian technology Expand a settlement that will allow the Scynthians to survive in the inhospitable landscapes of Haya Grow the population Build a defense system that will protect your settlement from the nasty Hayan creatures Power a special structure that will allow the Scynthians to escape to safety! Look for mysterious relics around the moon Find hidden creatures Complete research and unlock technologies in the tech tree INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to help make it happen And the Greenlight campaign on Steam to make the way in to the store Your vote counts! Official WEB page: www.HypernovaGame.com
  2. Dear Fans of Role Playing Games! No obligations, enjoy and be fair! A demo version of our game, World Slayer, is freely available for Android (primary) and Windows 8-10. (a bit later, Mac, Lunix, and even iOS as well). Link to demo: https://world-slayer.com/demo IndieGoGo: launch later today, 28th February 2017 For news and updates, please connect with us via Twitter https://youtu.be/PmkUIb7dj5A Youtube Trailer; FaceBook Page Here is a Short Description of the game (full Pitch): A mobile RPG. Obviously, we target mobile platforms, but what we mean by mobile has a broader sense - a game you can play anywhere. In many modern mobile RPGs, the role playing practically stops after you’ve dressed and geared up your characters. The curse of free2play! We and many fans of old-school RPGs find it very disappointing that mobile platforms are not used to their full potential. Mobile platforms are always with you by definition. This is why our mission is to restore the essence of the RPG-genre by carefully bringing actual role playing experience to mobile platforms. here are many legendary RPG series from Europe, US, and Japan that inspired us. Just to name a few, those are Dragon Age, Planescape Torment, Witcher, Persona, Suikoden, Grandia, Final Fantasy and many many others! Our game is devised to have a higher degree of non-linearity. We want to give players a living sandbox-like world with multiple possible storylines, so that they can be either a hero, who will save the World, or a villain, who is going to destroy it. In World Slayer, players will be able to build relations with other characters, craft weapons, and even gather their own army. Wherever you go and whenever you feel like playing, the game will give you chills and emotions from actual role-playing like in the real RPGs. Appreciate all the feedback and be glad to answer your questions! Some screenshots! Tags: IndieGoGo, WorldSlayer, Mobile, PRG, Indie, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, Fantasy, Anime, Adventure, Story Rich, Party-Based RPG, 3D, Choices Matter, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, SteamPunk, Modern, Nonlinear
  3. This thread is to cover all things Total War and Warhammer Fantasy. As stated on the forums and on the interwebs, earlier this year evidence was uncovered in a Total War art book: The Art of Total War regarding a Total War: Warhammer video game. ("Total War: Warhammer appears to be on its way", PC Gamer, Jan 2015) Now its not 100% guaranteed that a Total War: Warhammer game will be released anytime in the future, but it does at least give some hope that Creative Assembly and SEGA may have something in the works. As a huge Warhammer fantasy and Total War fan, there are no words to say exactly how awesome this is. All I know is, if this comes to fruition, there’s no doubt in my mind that AJSA will fully support this title. That being said, what kind of badass things would like you like to see in Total War: Warhammer... Well I would like to see: A large selection of all the fantasy armies, including badass Vikings.. I mean Warriors of Chaos (my favorite... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!)BeastmenBretonniaDaemons of ChaosDark ElvesDwarfsHigh ElvesLizardmenOgre KingdomsOrcs & GoblinsSkavenThe EmpireTomb KingsVampire CountsWood Elves Awesome Stories and Events to go with the Awesome Armies (Current Example: End of Times) Massive Unit Customization (Unit colors, weapons, armor, marks, gods they worship) I really could keep on going so ill just leave this here Greatly improved Battle Mechanics and AISingle player campaignCoop campaign and ConquestPre battle speechesA Hero system (kind of like Shogun 2)Awesome badass visuals and Sound Like I said, I would love to see what you all have have to offer on thoughts and information on Total War: Warhammer. Discuss away. Edit- Warhammer has now officially been announced... woooooooot woooot. Heres the trailer if you haven't seen it already. Watch now or else you will be depriving yourself of awesomeness. oh and its also available on steam.
  4. Final Fantasy has been around for almost 30 years now, but out of the 14 Final Fantasy games and spin off Final Fantasy games which one are your favorite, I haven't played enough of them for me to say, the only ones that I really played were III, VIII, and XIII, even then I haven't gotten that far
  5. Been a while since I did a visual novel review. Here's a review of the visual novel named Rewrite, made by the same creator behind Clannad and Little Busters. One of the longest VN I have ever played. You play as Kotarou Tennouji, a high school student. He led a normal everyday life as a prankster, pranking this one kid at school that hates being pranked. One day Kotarou comes across some weird ghostly stuff in his house, like his blanket suddenly rising up, to seeing a ghost of a woman. He got spooked so he comes to the school's occult club for help and he becomes a member. Afterwards his adventure to recruit new members, make new friends and a journey towards a happy everyday life filled with hilarity ensues........ But that's what the game wants you to believe. I can't spoil too much, but let's just say that there will be lots of destructions and environmental messages of "take care of your environment" involved. Unlike most visual novels where the gameplay is limited to choosing actions, this game also has exploration minigames involved. In some parts of the game, you'll be presented with a google esque map for certain areas where there will be actions you can partake in. For example: swimming in a pond for some reason, or talk to people and make friends with them. There's quests you can do and you complete them by doing the various actions that this google map mode have. Most of the quests are hidden, so you have to make them show up by waving your mouse across every part of the screen, like pressing every screen on your smart phone. If you completed all of the sidequests, you will get a special ending. However you can just skip this section and the game will run like normal. There are 6 girls you can date in this game. From left to right: Kotori Kanbe (girl on the left edge). Korarou's childhood friend that surprisingly can take a lot of Kotaro's mean jokes. Great gardener and sleeps a lot in class. Chihaya Ohtori (the only one with a different uniform). A nice girl that's also clumsy, and eats a lot without getting fat. She got a lot of jokes coming to her because of this. Poor girl. Lucia Konohana (black long hair). The easily angered overly serious class representative that likes to beat the crap out of Kotarou for being a pervert. Pretty much the Tsundere of this game. Shizuru Nakatsu (yellow haired with an eyepatch). The youngest of the occult club and a hall monitor, sort of, that likes saury and Kotarou a lot. Very kind and sweet person. She's perhaps my favourite of all the girls. Akane Senri (the right edge, um, chocolate milk hair?). The president of the occult club. Surprisingly a skeptic that uses down to earth "magic", which is mostly blackmailing and pulling out student school records, and plays a lot of pc games, especially fps from her laptop, like what I'm doing right now. Completely out of shape and can't even run for 5 seconds before gasping out of air, but not fat. The final girl (the lone silver haired girl) is a recurring character in all of the girl's plot, and I will not spoil who she is because it will spoil the story for you guys. The game has 8 routes in total. 5 main girls route, 2 true ending routes and 1 special joke route that you get from completing all sidequests. The order of the girls I showed are the order of the routes. You Date the first 3 at first, then you date the other 3 later. There is no multiple good or bad ending for the girls, just one route. For some reason, every girls in their route has a moment where they cry and scream their lungs out that you'll feel that they're really crying and trying their hardest to make you feel bad for their situation, and they did it convincingly well. Sometimes a bit too much though, like Kotori in her route. Holy freaking crap can she cry. Each of the routes are completely different from the rest and has different genres with completely different outcomes. You'll know what I'm talking about once you play them. And every route except the joke ending is looooooooooooong. I'm talking 8 hours long, because each of the routes have a lot of character developments and events that's equivalent to 2 Call of Duty campaigns, or an entire Walking Dead season. You can't skip it like usual games when you reach a part that's the same because every route in this game is completely different, so if you want to skip, you have to risk not knowing story elements. Goddamn, have some restraint man! And they all follow the same theme: environmental awareness, kind of like Captain Planet. The first time I finished the route, I get the message, but after that the game just keeps on reminding you to take care of the environment that it becomes preachy. But thankfully each of the routes are varied with different endings, and the journey presented in the game is quite filled with epic twist and turns, plus it's very sweet when the route ends. I only wish that there's less character development and preachy environmentalist messages in the game so it won't be too long. Or I wish that the game has a turn based combat system because this game has a lot of cool fights that I wish I can take part in. Overall, a good visual novel with an interesting story, cool moments and theme, but it's too long, the environmentalist message is shoved down to you too much, I wish the length is shorter, and I wish this game has a combat system because there's lots of cool battles. 7.5 out of 10.
  6. http://ap.ign.com/en/news/12657/crytek-announces-arena-of-fate-for-pc-and-consoles This game will use the CryEngine from Crysis, and it's a game similar to DOTA 2 and LOL but with heroes of both fiction and fantasy, such as Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Little Red Riding Hood and Joan of Arc........ This sounds familiar. Theere you go. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a mod for this with Fate's characters and special moves.
  7. Howdy fellow compendium owners! As you might have seen, the fantasy league is now online, who would like to join a league between us AJSA members? Or if someone alredy created one, let us know here! GLHF
  8. I wanted to survey the interest people have for different pnp RPG's. I might set one up (might) and if I do, I'd like to see which one people are the most interested in doing since all my friends have zero interest in all my plans for some reason I have ideas for all and have written something for everything before, but nothing game ready, but, as I said, I want to see the amount of interest and for what.
  9. What is best RPG game setting Sci-fi or fantasy
  10. Well Final Fantasy XV is coming out for the PS4, just need to know when it comes out, and I think it looks really good and I'm looking forward to it, especially since it's being made by the creators of Kingdom Hearts
  11. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/129872-Lightning-Returns-FFXIII-Will-Have-Japanese-Voice-Overs-as-DLC wtf is this BULLSHIT
  12. I found out about this project not long ago, sadly they did not raise enough funds in time on kickstarter, though they are still working on it and it looks really great (And its free!). It's an openworld and they are going to have something they call "non-target combat systems" which means that you do different amounts of damage depending where your sword hits. There is going to be knight tournaments, class free systems, crusades that will yield you power and riches as you return from them, factions based on real ones that existed during the medevial times, reputation systems based on specific areas, dynamic seasons, weather systems and more. when i saw this, it reminded me a bit of the "Game of Thrones" world and that would be quite awesome. Here's a link: http://www.moddb.com/games/gloria-victis Here's another link: http://gloriavictisgame.com/ If you're intrested in joining the pre-alpha: http://forum.gloriavictisgame.com/showthread.php?tid=2174
  13. Anyone want to start up a league with me? I think it'd be fun.
  14. Both games coming out for PS4, and both games being made by the same people, I know I'm going to get them.
  15. Who's planning on playing EQN when it comes out? and Is the Angry army going to have EverQuest Next guild or something? I would really like to know since I'm super pumped for it!.