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Found 11 results

  1. Hello fellow AJSA members! I am making this topic to ask for your opinion on what would be a good development software to make Fighting games. I am a new coder/wannabe game developer so I don't have that much experience in this field. However, my passion for fighting games and games in general has influenced me to make my own fighting game. So far the only software Ive thought about using is Unity since its a popular engine (and the free price tag isn't bad either) but I'm curious if there are other software that are good for making fighting games. I know Mugen is a popular engine but that seems to be more of a "Drag & Drop" thing than actually creating your own game. Plus, I want to be able to market my product in the future and you aren't allowed to do that in Mugen (But for some reason I am wrong, don't hesitate to prove me wrong!) I guess would prefer something that is "Newbie friendly" Since my coding isn't the greatest but I don't mind going beyond the limit to make something that can be really enjoyable. I appreciate your help
  2. Hello and welcome as I play another round of smackdown 2 Know your role for the Psone ah classic gaming ain't it great in till I discover the A.I sucks for the love of god pin the prick ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.https://youtu.be/YyWLppUGGF0
  3. Back in Tumblr, I just saw the funny fanfiction story about Wish for Guilty Gear X BlazBlue in Twisted Metal by dashingmanspaghetti and that was funny. This images is from Twisted Metal series and the images is from Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos the official crossover turn-based tactical RPG game developed by Banpresto (the close partner to Arc System Works and owned by Namco Bandai) and published by Namco Bandai Games. So I heard rumor about Arc System Works will make a crossover fighting game that featuring BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Similar to other crossover fighting games such as Super Smash Bros series, Capcom crossover fighting series (including Marvel vs Capcom, SNK vs Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken), SNK's King of Fighters series, Sunday vs Magazine (the anime crossover fighting game made by Hudson Soft/Konami) and even Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. If Arc System Works confirmed that BlazBlue X Guilty Gear (or BlazBlus vs Guilty Gear as an alternative title, but working title), this rumor is true. One of the first crossover game that featuring BlazBlue meet Guilty Gear (both were made by Arc System Works) is Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos the sequel to Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos and based on Queen's Gate. Wish for Guilty Gear X BlazBlue in Twisted Metal Guilty Gear X BlazBlue game idea wiki There is also an possible to be 2014 April's Fool. http://shoryuken.com/2014/04/01/arc-system-works-toshimichi-mori-shares-picture-of-guilty-gear-and-blazblue-crossover/
  4. If you thought Super Smash Bros for both Wii U and 3DS was the only Nintendo fighting game on Nintendo (such as Wii U and 3DS) made by Namco Bandai, think again. Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada the employee of Namco Bandai announced that Namco Bandai will developing Pokemon with 3D fighting game on Wii U. This game will be not more than 700 Pokemon species which is possibly around 20 - 100 Pokemons. There will be available to use the any elements from Pokemon rather Fighting-type only. I hope that Namco Bandai will make Digimon with 3D fighting game which is my imagination. http://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-president-and-katsuhiro-harada-talk-a-bit-about-pokken-tournaments-origins/ http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/aug/26/pokken-tournament-announced-developed-tekken-team-heads-japanese-arcades-2015/ http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/aug/27/pokken-tournament-will-not-feature-only-fighting-type-pokemon-katsuhiro-harada-confirms/
  5. As the title says, what is a game you would love to see and why? This could be from anything: A video game adaption of a book or movie, a sequel or prequel to an existing series, a new story from an existing series, or something you come up with from your own imagination, you get the point. If you can see why it would work, how it could happen, or even if you know it wouldn't work or would never happen, let us hear it. - For those of you who have heard of, seen, or read what I'm about to mention you'll probably be very angry with me. Those of you within that group who have heard of, seen, or played the abomination that was already attempted, you'll be even angrier with me. However with that said, I'd still very much love to see a well done Fight Club game. The 2004 game was fucking awful and an obvious cash grab but I feel like a game with a decent fight mechanic, well written, well told, and interactive story, as well as today graphics and some top notch acting would succeed not only among fans of the book and movie but of people who have never heard of or seen either. Imagined wanting to see it sort of like Mass Effect in a way while not being a total Mass Effect clone. Being given options as to what your character does that alter both minor and major things in the story, that allow you to create and shape your characters own reason for joining Fight Club and how they got involved with Project Mayhem, so on and so forth. I admit I'm pretty basic with the things I listed, I actually ended up writing this huge thing, paragraphs long, about the 04' game and the another huge thing, paragraphs long, about what I'd like to see in a re-done game and why I think it would work but after I finished it I felt like it deviated from the original idea of the thread and turned into a rant/review, so I muddied it down to this. Fight Club is both my favorite book and movie of all time so all in all my real reasoning for wanting this is wanting some justice done to something close to my heart. I also don't want to wait for the sequel coming in the form of a graphic novel...
  6. I know that this is old news, but with the new Smash Bros coming out soon what characters would you like to see in possible future titles? Personally I want to see Original Dante from Devil May Cry 1 as a character, a throwback to the older games and it would give the fanbase some service after the slap in the face they recieved this year, maybe even Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 would be a good choice since despite the fact he was only in 1 of the original games, the fans loved him and he became a very accepted part of the lore and story. And I know that Ezio was in Soul Calibur V, but I really would like to see Edward Kenway from AC4BF in a future smash bros title. I think it is safe to say that Black Flag has revived the pirate genre and the AC games from the slump they were in, but sadly it was really overshadowed by GTAV at the time of its release and I don't think it would be a bad move to put Edward in there. Or maybe even Aveline who became an unexpected fan-favorite of the AC franchise.
  7. I feel like a lot of people forget about this game so who remembers this game or played it? Mugen Link if you want to try It out: http://www.elecbyte.com/ What Mugen is about Mugen is a PC fighting game where you can create your own characters, stages, and your own fighting game , or you can download them from various sites.
  8. I look forward to being part of this promising community. I live in America and like fighting games along with shooting and strategy games. Favorite games: Halo series, Skyrim, Fire emblem, ark ham series, Deus ex human revolution. Would like to play: battlefield 4, every other cool game.
  9. Looking for fellow AJSA's to play some Injustice: Gods Among Us online! Everyone is welcome and I'm always looking for a fight! We can even bring it over to the net gen when GOTY comes out!
  10. For me, the improvements and additions that I want for the next Soul Calibur game to have are these: Improvements: Better single-player content with a better story than SC V that not only allows us to bring our custom characters but lets us create our own unique story our own way (Mass Effect style). Improve Arcade mode and add outros and endings to each characters including our custom created characters. More customization freedom for Character Creator and add more clothes, equipment, hair style and options for us SC fans to create including the ability to add werewolf, vampire or any kind of furry skin while allowing to edit the colors and shapes of the skin. Also, allow us the ability to change facial expressions, eye lids, lips and body height/weight to our custom characters. Simply put, we want more freedom for our Character Creation. Improved difficulty settings Additions: Add every game mode from previous Soul Calibur games, tweak them with new stuff and put them in the new Soul Calibur game. Let us fight with our PS3 or Xbox Avatars into the game cause I'm tired of avatars being useless in games. 4-playet tag team battles for both online and split-screen. Any other suggestions for ideas, additions and improvements for the next Soul Calibur game is much appreciated.