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Found 6 results

  1. So, you know I'm now a new owner of an Aquarium. I'm not completely new to it however do to my father always being a very big Aquarium owner. Just now i'm doing it by myself, where my fishies health is completely do to my competence or lack there of. So what do i have? well I thought i'd start off small. Just a 5 gallon. I picked up my first two fish from the local state fair. two gold fish as you can imagine. NOW I DO KNOW, that 5 gallons is nowhere near big enough for 1 gold fish in adult hood. but for now he is a little baby gold fish. probably only 3 weeks at max. I also have 2 Platys in there with him. Btw the other gold fish (albino) committed suicide while i was at work. So yeah 3 fish, 5 gallons. 1 baby comet gold fish and 2 baby platys, Red tiger platy, and a bumble bee platy. I'm running a 10 gallon whisper for my filter and i currently have a little pagoda in the center of the tank. I have a mixed bag of rocks. mostly small brown rocks in various shapes and sizes. Felt that would be a good aesthetic choice. and yeah. when i can i'll add a airstone so that way the water consistency is leveled was thinking of a whisper airpump since reviews say it's really silent. Other than that that's my current tank. I plan on upgrading it to a much larger tank when the gold fish gets to adult hood so he can live his full 20 year life span. Would be cool if you could leave your thoughts or suggestions, aswell as your current tank setups. =)
  2. It's actually allright feedback is appreciated as always
  3. Twitch Plays Pokemon was a hit, tens of thousands tune in all at once to control helpless Red through the magical world of Pokemon. As of recent Twitch Plays Pokemon has made it through many stories, across multiple Pokemon titles and other titled games. But our hero Red has return, and is not guided by our madness. No he is being played by a FISH!!!! (AH reference) Look, I don't understand it myself but it's the internet and people are hyped on it. I am watching it right now, Praise Helix, but people are losing their minds over there. I can't blame them, for some reason this is oddly fun to watch. I must ask one thing, who are these mad people coming up with ways to play Pokemon. I mean whats next, Grandpa Plays Pokemon... Oh, My, God! What do you guys think of this FISH!!! playing Pokemon? If you want to check out what the FISH!!! is going on. Click Here
  4. The Mighty Fish Warrior

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Fishing just got Hardcore
  5. Just bought this on green man for 42 dollars and was wondering if anyone knew why it was so big?