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Found 6 results

  1. After talking to a person on R* Social Club about me just trading in my GTA V for Red Dead Redemption (I was tired of GTAVO's tasteless repetitive nature, even the most unsavory of players online. Even felt very nostalgic about RDR after watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) he gave a shocking story. He told me about how a few months ago some Modder by the name of GLITCHED MATRIX messed up the RDR Multiplayer (basically by trying to merge the RDRUN with the normal Multiplayer) and that it was pretty laggy. So I looked it up on the internet and found many videos about this, how there was very long loading screens, people lying on the ground, constant freezing, etc. And then that's when I discovered GM on YT (later even Facebook) and asked him: Did you do this? If so, then why (I even said a lot more things to GM)?! And GM responds: "Blast Rockstar, that's why." Then I replied: They weren't the cause, you are. And so he goes on as to say: "I was the result. Them not banning the modders was the cause." Then that was when I just started cursing him a bit and talking to him (for a long time). GM claimed to me that it "wasn't" his fault and that the players (and other Modders) were the true cause, he was just the creator of the Mod. I couldn't stand his lack of responsibility, so I said to him a few hours ago: "I will say that I'm a little disappointed in your lack of responsibility to this happening (it seemed as if you tried to make to many excuses, instead of just simply admitting that you messed up and that you was sorry)." Then that's when a while later he responds to me with a URL, one to his own created Wikia where he talks about the issues of RDR Multiplayer, how to "fix" them and even the cause(s). So, if what he says is true then I'm going to add his Wikia page on here (so that RDR fans can work together to help bring RDR Multiplayer to its former glory). Just because there's new titles doesn't mean that people don't play RDR anymore (R* obviously failed to realize this and refused to truly fix RDR Multiplayer, then again people will likely excuse this by claiming they have enough going on as it is with GTA V and their future title "Agent"). Well, I'm not. R* knows that RDR is one of their biggest titles to date with many active players (so they should try their best to put "the house" i.e. Multiplayer back in order). So below I'm going to leave the link to GLITCHED MATRIX's Wikia titled: Fix RDR Tips. And just incase anyone here has any questions (especially the RDR fans concerned with the Multiplayer's current state) for GLITCHED MATRIX I'll also be adding links to his Facebook, Social Club profile and YT channel (he doesn't mind answering anyone's questions, he's trying his best to be redeemed I guess). And if this is truly the only way for us to rebuild it then I guess we better get started (the sooner, the better). http://fixreddead.wi...ki/Fix_RDR_Tips https://www.facebook.../GLITCHEDMATRIX http://socialclub.ro.../glitchedmatrix https://www.youtube....4PbC2HFlBEJQSDA
  2. For those of you who run mods on Skyrim and run into frequent crashes, freezes and infinite loading screens, this memory patch may be for you. Gopher's tutorial It fixed my game up and I'm currently using ugrids 9 stable. I highly recommend it. I'm not using the SKSE alpha, but the SSME instead so I only speak from personal experience with that one. Installation was really easy and Gopher's tutorial is very clear. Happy modding.
  3. Hey AJSA people! For people that have weird sturrering while playing the glorious BF4 (not talking about rubberbanding) They forgot to install the directx that came with Battlefield 4! oh those silly buggers at EA! This is what you need to do! go to the folder where you installed BF4 and follow this path to freedom _installer/directx/redist and run DXSETUP. This reduced allot of the shitty stuttering for me.
  4. I like Fable but was disappointed with III, but I still want to see a Fable IV, but actually be a good game, what do you say they should fix?
  5. The reason I say this is the interface mostly at the home screen. I've noticed that there's no way to customize with themes, wallpapers, etc like the way we were able to do on the PS3. I'm just wondering why that feature was taken away. Along with no YouTube app which is surprising. Otherwise, I know this part is a little nitpicky but I always was happy to have an intro to start the console. Call me crazy but when I heard the first Playstation's start up along with the next two consoles, it got me ready and had a good feeling of adventure awaiting me. Now on the PS4 it just says the disclaimer for health and boom, there you are at the home screen. Does anyone feel the same way?
  6. I'm getting tired of the new YouTube very quickly. After watching a really good video, I enjoy to embrace and help the maker of that video by simply talking about it in the comments section. So I scroll down and I see that the most liked comment is something phallic or just pure spam or even a link to a virus. I know it's been going on for awhile and it has been repeated over and over again, but I still want to discuss my anger towards this new movement. I wish I could help support the revolt going on but I never get comment spammed on my channel (because I haven't made a video in awhile) so turning off my comments may be just not worth my time. However, what I'd think would be a good revolt is to make several hundred copies of the script for the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora!" and/or other crap and just post them all around the google offices since I live near them. Returning though, I really hope that this issue is resolved soon. I want the pubescence gone. I want the comments fixed. And I want the Google out of my YouTube.