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Found 6 results

  1. The Longest Sentence in History Okay, so..here, the point of this here forum game is for you try to make the longest sentence in history. So, for example.. Quote: Person 1: I Person 2: don't Person 3: know And so on. Good luck, and I shall start: The
  2. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Just insert a superpower, attach a consequence, and ask if anyone would still use it. So starting off: If you could have the power to stop time but an hour of your life is taken away for every minute time is stopped would you still use it?
  3. Yet another forum game, this consist to fill in the blank space afer (That...) Ill will Start: You know that guy that........ start this tread?
  4. What is your favorite/best game you have ever played? (Also any follow ups.) I have to say for me the game I would pick out of the many I really enjoyed and played many hours on has to be Okami on the PS2. I liked it's Legend Of Zelda like feel, and the art style that they used in the game, as well as the Japanese culture within the game. I would like to add that follow ups are Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Dead Space, Grad Theft Auto SanAndreas, and Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim.
  5. The Goal! : A small twist on king of the hill. Conquer it from the poster above you in any manner of creative, destructive, or zany ways while trying to play off of what the above poster put before you. I noticed that the range of forum games were lacking any kind of King of the Hill type things, so I figured to throw in the classic. Rules : - Try not to repeat the same way of conquering. - Be original! - Be creative! - Have Fun! - Remember to end your conquering quote with, "I alone own this hill." Here, let me seed this chaos with a start: "It was the very beginning of the first age, a lonesome tribe the only inhabitants of the known world. Here, on this grand hill they settled, a fortress of log and stone, mud and mortar, their home. It was here that I conquered, their domain, for my own. Risen from the ashes of the first mountain I crushed them under boot with the power of my arcane magicks, heaving the earth below in a bellowing quake to draw them out, and a crash of lightning and thunder to scatter them whole. I alone own this hill." There ya go, let 'r rip!
  6. This is a funny forum game I think you guys will like. You simple just have to dominate the image above you ^^ So if I for example post this You could post this to simply dominate it. ^^ I think you guys get it so I'll just start with this one ^^ Enjoy!!