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Found 30 results

  1. So...about a month ago a good friend of mine announces he purchased two copies of Anthem for $10 apiece...and he would be sending me the code for the other one. Grudgingly, I accepted. It's...OK. It really isn't optimized at all, and my 7-year-old PC barely runs it at low graphics, but it was mildly enjoyable to play with a friend. I really didn't care at all about the game and was just going through the motions of hanging out online with one of my best buds. Flying around was fun, but overall the game was just a chore to play. Well, now I will have my REVENGE! Steam had Aliens: Colonial Marines on sale for $6...so I bought two copies! Mwahahahaaha!
  2. Hello there everyone! So I don't know about you, but I'm getting rather sick and tired entering into a random game be it in any mode, and the only other person who has a microphone being the twelve year old who screams and calls everyone a fa**ot when they die despite the fact the character they chose was totally unsuited for the situation the other team was in, and rather than group up with the rest of the group, keeps going in solo despite not even being a tanking character or having a high enough skill level to take on 1 v 5. In case you haven't been able to tell, yeah, its been a rough night for me now that I'm posting this. So I was wanting to find some people, preferably with microphones, to join up with me in Overwatch who will actually be helpful and is willing to work as a team, as opposed to the situation above. If you want a little more info on me, I'm a Symmetra main, lvl 19, and although I do tend to have a preference for generally playing support (even though Symmetra shouldn't really be classed as support...) I can play offense or tank when the situation calls for it. My PSN and BattleNet name is ASOBlueRose, feel free to post here or hit me up, microphone is preferred for communication but not essential. I look forward to playing with you guys!
  3. Need a bunch of friends to work together in squads!. My origin name is: fifa21USC I'm 22, and have been playing battlefield for years!
  4. I salute you dear AJ Army! I created this topic for those who are looking for new friends to play any multiplayer games with. Simply just type in what kind of game you want to play with people and that's it. For me i have quite a big variety of games that i play. These are the games i currently have/are interested to play. 7 Days to die ARK survival evolved Battle of Empires : 1914-1918 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Company of Heroes 2 Dead Island Dead Island Riptide Factorio GTA 5 Left 4 Dead (1 and 2) Men of War: Assault Squad 2 The Ship Sniper Elite (2 and 3) Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army (1 and 2) SNOW Space Engineers Stellaris theHunter Tropico5 Verdun War Thunder PM, If you're interested. SALUTE!
  5. hello everyone of the gaming community of ajsa, i come to you on this new thread to ask one quest-ion......WHAT IT IS! what is up how are you. tell us anything about gaming, people, ANYTHING!, and this is in the OFF TOPIC section as well so Hopefully the commanders wont be heartless and take it down. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello my name is Badass123 i seek players on ps4 to play battlefield 4 or battlefield hardline, mic is prefered but not requierd. i ask this due to not having anyone to play with and not alot of people have mics in battlefield apperently. therefore i reach out to the comunity in hope for new friends and my gamertag is Windwhisper-
  7. Hi guys, My name is Tim and I am in the process of building a gaming PC and one of the games I have most been anticipating to play is GTA V. As well as indulging myself in the story, new FPS mode, exploring the secrets of Los Santos etc, I want to play lots of GTA V Online. So I wanted to know if anyone would want to form a small group of about four people (including myself) to play online with. I am a British teenager so I would prefer people like myself (because of time zones etc) to join. If anyone is interested in joining this group just to reek havoc, fear and chaos onto the streets of Los Santos whilst having a enjoyable time, just reply here. P.S. I will not be able to play for up to a week as I need to correctly build and setup my gaming PC. Thanks in advance, Tim
  8. Hey everybody! I joined up because I like watching Joe's videos but I'm also realizing that lots of my real-life friends don't play many games online (or at all) so the reason for this thread is to increase my friends list and get a good team going for certain games. I just build my first gaming PC so that is my platform of choice but I also play my 3DS, PS3, and Xbox 360 (least often of all). Here's my build BTW: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/4C99pg Anyway, if anyone would like to team up or pvp feel free to add me or message me. Currently I am hopping around my steam library however I do want a solid team for BF or Guns of Icarus Online Steam- 1Sam1G PS3- hoesntricks Xbox360- BuLLeTz89
  9. Hey guys, I was thinking about getting Guild Wars 2 there is big discount if someone wants to get it too. Also i would like to play with someone if anybody still plays it I never played this game but did some other MMOs i hope there are still people playing it . See ya !
  10. Allo All! When the website first launched I absolutely filled my PSN friend's list with gamers to play with from the AJSA and have had a blast in games like Battlefield 4. This is another call to arms! I built a gaming PC some months ago and need to fill my Steam Friend's List up like before with awesome people for multiplayer games. CoreyCliche Add me, pl0x.
  11. http://Destinylfg.com TO THOSE WITHOUT FRIENDS!!! PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING A HARD TIME FINDING GROUPS!! YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE ANYMORE!!! Dunno if its posted here or not.. i searched it here on these forums and it wasnt popping out so. ill just post one. i just learned about this a few days ago.. after being depressed on how to do the final quest of exotic weapon hand cannon 'thorn'. Apparently someone made a website that you could find people on very easy. its very good. and u can link your microsoft account to instantly msg people who made groups in there. Its a legit site and very organized ITs for all platforms. XBOX1 360, PS4 3 note: i dont know about playstation but for xbox if you login to xbox.com, you can just click on the name of the person who posted a group and it will automatically link his gamertag on xbox.com and you can add/msg him right away.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm a TF2 player who is looking for people in this community to play tf2. There is almost never anyone on the tf2 server Add me if you wanna play tf2
  13. TF2 With Friends

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    It is pretty cool when you gather some friends for a picture!
  14. Sooo, I need more PS4 Friends. When I had my PS3, I played nothing but single player games in it, so I decided to change it up this time around. Nothing like asking the Angry Army for that. PSN: RawGutts
  15. This is a thread dedicated to people who want to socialize on the web (ikr?), discuss ongoing things that has something to do with Dota 2. Maybe you think Shadow Fiend should be green or purple instead of red, so many things to talk about!
  16. so iv been looking for people to play and practice new champs with that dont get angry cause i would like to learn new champs with out getting raged at casue im not pro with them IGN: DeadWhinter
  17. Hi!, My real name is Chris and i like movie, cars and games especially. My favorites are GTA, Skyrim, Watch Dogs, Don't Starve and Assassin's Creed. I love cars. Cars i admire the most are the Nissan Skyline GTR R34, 1997 Toyota Supra, 1997 Mazda RX-7, 1995-2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mitsubishi EVO VIII-X, Subaru WRX STi. My favorite TV shows are Game Of Thrones, Luther, Top Gear, Doctor Who, Dexter and Breaking Bad. I mainly play on Xbox 360. I have a PS4.
  18. From the album My WoW days

    Best Friends Slaying Huntsman from World of Warcraft.
  19. If anyone wants to play some games on steam, go ahead and add me (UcantstopDaFunk) i am open to play anything (if i own it) and love to meet new people.
  20. Hi as the topic says im looking for som xbox friends to play some 360 games or xbox one games and some future xbox one games. feel free to add me, just say you from the ajsa for xbox one i only have killer instinct and ryze, for the future i will getting titanfall, the halo games, destiny dead rising 3 and more. my gamer tag KnueppelMuzel, weird name its german
  21. I want to take a few minutes to say a big thanks of all my friends who have accepted me has their own. I'm always amazed how the AJ community is so tolerant and accept each others. Maybe some of you thinks i have a problem to be accepted, others maybe thinks i'm just a ass-kisser, but i thinks it is important to thanks those who are important and friendly. I want to thanks first Doshka17, Berserker, JoelMattGarcia, KAOSmaster5151, killerfatjoe, ShotgunRaider, Orpo and ofFireandStone for they warm welcome. I know i don't you talk and play to much. With my work and time and the fact i'm not of fan of multiplayer, but i want to thanks you and try to give of my time to know each of you better. Its just hard to be organised . A big thanks to gomly for is wiseness and is warm welcome to. must try to know better you. a big thanks to Kutano who share the same passion of rpg gaming and must absolutely to know i'm more. A big thanks to Hishinuma , she was kind to accept me and always honored to have japanese friends. A big thanks to Legolas_Katarn for the help he gave me to understand the site. A big thanks to plasmius and Slayer35 who i must know them much better to and a big thanks for Scout to for being my friends because she writhe always interesting opinions and i remember her 3 years ago but to shy to ask her to be my friends. Yeah pathetic. XD Now to special thanks. A special thanks to Lightning to be my friends because i got a lot of fun to talk to him and is really a good guy. At last a special thanks to FluffyZykone, another japanese because he got a big charming personnality and a very kind one but with the differences hours it is difficulte to talk to him but always so fun. So thats all. A big thanks of all of them and i try to put some efforts to know each one of you better.
  22. I play some nether and made this video displaying true friendship in Nether.
  23. If you wanna play some Call of Duty:Ghosts send me your gamertag and i'll add you. Thanks!
  24. hey if anyone plays need for speed rivals on the xbox one please add me so we can race with each other to earn more points Xbox one Gamertag: TwistedNipples92
  25. Hi, I have recently made a switch from xbox 360 to PS4. Now none of my local friends have bought one, mainly due to lack of funds. So I need to new online friends and i thought who better than the angry army! If anyone wants to be friends just look me up - ozy018- and let me know that you are from AJSA. Current games I have are Assassins creed 4, fifa 14 and knack. Have fun gaming guys! p.s I am from the u.k so it will be good to have friends from this time zone but i am not too fussy.