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Found 48 results

  1. hey guys. I was a bit bored, so i decided to make a song out of one of angryjoes classic rants. Hope you guys like it. let me know what you think
  2. An Old Adversary

    From the album The game worlds

    In preparation for Middle Earth: Shadow of War I decided to beat Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 100% including all achievements. After doing this and killing the last captain for an achievement I look to the right and see the face of terror itself.... Olgoth!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry I made his death slow and painful and his head rolled on the floor once more!!!!!! For Angry Joe!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This is my first attempt at using pre-rendered footage while streaming live. I need to figure a way to make the transition smoother into and out of the video. Enjoy! Side note, my chat did not realize they were being troll. They thought the game was trolling me.....Love you chat.
  4. Got a new episode of my youtube channel show. Tried to have a more thorough review than normal, also got some skits in there. I put a lot of effort into it, so feedback would definitely be appreciated.
  5. In light of Youtube's recent self-destructive policies and features, I propose to you a new game. Let us all come up with a short story, sentence and or a picture that best describe's Youtube as a whole, in its current state! I think Youtube is just like.... That random christian church you all know about that wants to relate to all the kids by portraying Jesus as "the cool Rebel in town" and that it is "totally rad" to worship him even though neither the kids nor the people in charge of these promotions have ever even read the bible for more than 12 minutes and the adults have never even babysat children before.
  6. Welcome to Planet Chaos! We are two guys who like to have a laugh while playing video games. We will be doing game walkthroughs of new and old games, with some random games mixed in. We play all sorts of games focusing on older games in particular but failing very hard sometimes enjoy. Come and join the fun! https://youtu.be/Mz6DAQDFHU4
  7. HEY EVERYBODY JACK HERE. SO IT HIT ME TODAY ( no seriously it hit me in the face) That everybody needs something to look at when there having a ruff day. Whether that's ifunny, boobs, Collage humor, or even Joe's Ride to Hell review. So I thought why the hell not make a post were people can post Gifs, memes, jokes, or even a funny ass experience that you had. This Post is where anyone and everyone can come have a laugh and make others laugh. However id ask and remind all people that comment or post on this post that you should only post pics that go with the code of conduct and the rules of the site. So basically use commonsense and don't be a dick. Anyway I hope you all have a laugh or two and remember
  8. Dank beats Light -- and nothing can escape the gravitational pull of memes.
  9. For those who don't know, he's the guy that got me into Youtube. He mods Skyrim until it shatters into a million pieces for viewer entertainment. His last video was 8 months ago.... Until today.
  10. So, unless you are Corporate Commander you may be wondering: how is it possible to have a EULA that isn't complete bullshit designed to screw the consumer? And if you are Corporate Commander, why the hell are you looking at this? Don't you have a pool of money to go swimming in? Anyways, I read a hilarious comedy article on PC Gamer. It's about you, the consumer making corporations sign a contract that forces them to act honestly. Here's one of my favorites from the article: And another good one: Full article: http://www.pcgamer.com/the-eula-that-pc-gamers-deserve/
  11. I recently discovered this movie after browsing through youtube for things to watch after that..... ABOMINATION called Fant4stic. URGH. And thankfully, I found GOLD! The plot of this movie is pretty damn funny. So the main character, this poor guy on the poster, is a detective, and he's on his way to attend his mother's funeral. Unfortunately, on the way to the funeral, he got distracted by a dog, and accidentally ran over a man who came out of nowhere, killing him. So because he's paranoid and don't just admit that the man came out of nowhere which will make things easier for him in the movie, he decided to do the only thing he can to get rid of the body: bring the body and store it into his mother's coffin. Wow. What a great son! Cough cough cough. Too bad for him, after he manages to hide the body in his mom's coffin, turns out someone else knew that he did it, and proceeds to blackmail him over his phone. So it is up to him to find out who blackmails him and put these whole thing to rest once and for all. This movie starts really funny, with his antics of hiding the dead body while hiding it in front of everyone. Then as the movie progresses and he got blackmailed, the movie changes it's tone from funny to being a straight up detective mistery, completely going in a way that is not expected at all compared to other movies of recent years. And by the end, this movie is freaking awesome. I can say that this is one of the best movie that I have watched this year. Such a shame that it's obscure last year, or else I would recommend this movie. I will say this right now: this movie will undeniably get a Hollywood remake. And unless that remake is made by Martin Scorsese like the Departed is a remake of the Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs, they will fuck it up. So I sincerely hope that the remake will be done correctly. The characters in this movie are all great. The main character is this hard tempered detective that's really jumpy about what he just did, so there's a lot of scenes of him hilariously being awkward like a child that's hiding his bad grades. But there's also parts where he's investigating, and he's stone cold serious in these scenes. The main villain though is probably one of the best villains in recent film history. He's so friendly that he can just barge into the main character's home asking to use the bathroom and even recommends the main character a restaurant, all while being a complete bastard that is hell bent on ruining the main character's life at the same time. He even has lines where he comments on the main character's antics like "hei, are you superman or something? How the hell did you do that?" Which is so refreshing to see from a bad guy in this kind of serious movies. The only thing I don't like about this movie......... I can't think of any! Oh wait, it's actually just a bit of nitpick on my part. Why can't the main character just admit that he hit the guy by accident since the guy shows out of nowhere, so that the entire plot doesn't need to happen? Well, then again, without that, we won't get this cool movie. If you can get your hands on this movie, I suggest you do. I give this movie the rating of "Death at a Funeral + murder mistery = awesome." 9.75 out of 10 with a badass seal of approval.
  12. A bit of a hilarious glitch I came around the other night while I was taken by pure unbridled nostalgia to play my 2nd favorite game of all time, Left 4 Dead. I found it so hysterically funny, I had to share it on my Youtube channel; and seeing as how the continual hilarity of Joe's show is something that keeps us coming back time and time again, I figured you guys might enjoy sharing it with me. XD Please enjoy. Sorry for the quality, I have yet to acquire a capture card for my 360. Any and all official videos are done on PC where I can record in high quality. In the heat of the moment I was quick to action. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irt3UgbvjdY
  13. So here's a bit of forum game: every time you see thread anywhere in the AJSA forums and misread the title, you come here and you post the title and the thread's starter as you misread it. Here's a couple examples: How To Send Me Your PS4 Gameplay by Arising Flame Misread As How To Send Me Your Money by Arising Flame GTA Heist groups by Smash Misread As GTA Hate Groups by Sam Fisher So post any thread title you misread here, especially if you think the misreading is funny.
  14. Hey guys, sorry to bother you here. I have made a video of Photoshopping Joe ! Hope you enjoy. [youtubew]
  15. I just made three pictures that taken from episode 37 of GinTama. This scene where Santa fart on her face while she sleeping. So which one did you like to best fit? The vote will be ended in December 24, 2014. #1 #2 #3
  16. If you enjoy it please be sure to subscribe for more content and help share my work. Thank you for supporting my dream!
  17. Turtorial how to upload stuff: 1. (Optional) Upload an image if its not online yet. Use imgur.com if you dont know where to do it. 2. Open the picture in the web browser 3. Copy the URL 4. Press Image just below the smile and paste the url there.
  18. So yea, I had to hold the camera due to the lack of space to sit down and be on cam with my friends.. However, I did try it with them.
  19. I was surprised that a funny animal thread hasn't been made yet. Let's showcase that the animal kingdom is capable of making people laugh! This is what my dad showed me the other day. This is what my sis showed me.
  20. Hey Angry Joe Show Army! How've you all been? It's been awhile since I had some activity on here, so I decided to spend some more time promoting my YouTube channel and its content. As a veteran and big fan of shooters, I have a collection of them, including underrated gems like Wolfenstein (2009) or Singularity. So, here's the first 3 episodes of my playthrough for Wolfenstein! There will be more episodes added to this thread in replies, so make sure to stay tuned if you like these videos and my content. Thanks for reading, fellow AJSA members, and enjoy!
  21. Next up in the movie review is Edge of Tomorrow, based on the manga/light novel called All You Need is Kill. Or as I like to call it, attack of the time jumping tentacle monsters. Now some of you guys may have seen Joe's review of this movie. But since the video is taken down because of bullshit copyright strike, I'll give my take on it for you guys that have not seen this movie and the review. The movie stars Tom Cruise. In the movie he is a PR representative for the army against these aliens called Mimics, alien creatures that looks like those flying squids in Crysis. One day he was forced to join the fight because he gave the general of the UK army bad PR. He was completely inexperienced in combat and had to fight in the front lines. Before he was killed, he managed to kill a blue Mimics which spilled it's blood to him. The blood gave him the ability to reset time every time he dies. Afterwards he has to repeat the same day over and over again while befriending the badass Rita Vrataski, a badass girl soldier nicknamed the "Full Metal Bitch" who previously has the same ability to jump back in time but lost it. And this is where the hilarity and awesomeness ensues. I like this movie because it's quite badass. Seeing Tom Cruise progresses from a coward in the beginning to an awesome warrior that can effectively kill enemies while reading people's movements and minds is quite satisfying. Not before dying hundreds of times of course. It's like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy, only instead of continuing from a checkpoint, Cruise has to start from the first level all over again. The action sequences are cool and it reminds you of Starship Troopers. With less blood. Now chances are if you heard of this movie, the one thing you will definitely talk about is that Rita is a badass. This is true, but only half true. You see, in the movie, Tom has to babysit her ass from the beginning till the end because she always gets herself killed too many freaking times, even at the beginning of the movie she when she mows down enemies, she always dies because she didn't see what's behind her and always dies. Sure she uses a giant sword like it's nothing and kill many enemies down, but she employs that dumb tactic of new multiplayer game players where she just never bother to defend herself while going in the front lines and die every single freaking time even though Tom Cruise repeatedly tell her to keep her guard up at all times. If she is indeed the "Full Metal Bitch" and humanity's greatest warrior, this movie doesn't really show it. This movie is quite funny because of the repeating loop concept and the way the movie cuts right after he's dead. Like in the early parts of the movie, he dies because he got hit by a truck. Then 2 seconds afterward it shows Cruise getting through the truck. Then there's the part where he convinces everyone that he's from the future, only to be gagged by a duct tape afterwards. Then there's the running gag of everyone never able to finish "Full MetaI Bitch" when they say it so it always stops at "Bi...". I laughed quite a few times in this movie. I personally think the armor the soldiers uses in this movie is inefficient. It looks heavy and it just makes the users vulnerable to enemy attacks. I like the light novel version a lot better. Here's the movie version While this is the light novel version. Waayyy better. Interesting trivia about the combat suit, the machine gun sounds exactly like the ZF-1 machine gun attachment from the Fifth Element. Overall, even though RIta is quite annoying to watch because she dies constantly even though she's supposed to be the ultimate warrior, this is an awesome action movie with funny moments that reminds you of those times you play a hard video game and has to repeat it over and over and over again. 9 out of 10.
  22. Im not a smart man
  23. So I saw this in a Smosh Games video, and I thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about. If you were in a huge demolition derby and you could have any vehicle from video game ever, what would you bring? For me there was only ever one vehicle I would bring to the event and that would be Metal Gear REX. Why you ask? It has a railgun mounted to its side, its equipped with a lazer, it can fire nukes/missiles from its back, and sure it might have a weak point, but, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, despite the fact REX had been nearly 30 years out of commission, it still worked perfectly and even better it took down a brand new, shiny Metal Gear RAY. If you haven't played MGS4, I suggest you at least watch that fight sequence since its awesome.