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Found 10 results

  1. Ive thought to myself what could be the next game for October and November and soo on..) This is my 2 ideas for the next games. -Burnout Paradise - Yea a racing game how exiciting that could be? For me ive always been a huge fan of Burnout Games due to the simplicity of crashing other cars into obstacle,cars,ect..) For the online portion its not different,its insanely fun with friends doing coop events/goals and soo much more. For only 20$ on Steam an 2009 arcade racing game still does the job of bringing the fun and the memories back! The online mode is Still online for up to 16 players seamlessly! Well Worth it! For my second game its and of-course you've probably guess its or not its Verdun - Why? Well i did take this game a shot during spring-summer 2015 and well its fell short of my expections but with the huge recent updates that the devs put on,its way more of a diversify game and the contents here has been increased tremendously. For 32+ players in a WW1 battle with that much realism in term of environment destruction,immersive moments that will make you feel like your in hell, there no denying that this game is a no-brainer for anyone stupid enough to not get it,if they love FPS games! JUST GET IT IF YOU CAN! For 25$ or less. So what yours ideas?
  2. Alright so being I intend to continue this for many years to come. I feel after this year has pass it would be nice to build on it and make it more fun to participate in. Mentioned somewhere in the pages of the Game Year topic for 2015 there was a little talk about working in some trivia questions. Get it right and you win as opposed to the simple first response that is going on this year. So I think in that area it would be good to talk about as far as the type of trivia to be used. Like for instance perhaps having trivia themes for each year, or just keeping it all around random trivia. Of course someone also mentioned, since currently this is only being done for those who use steam, about those who own only consoles. So a system for that to be included would be good as well. Mind you games are to be selected at random for the winners so it would be good to have a sort of wishlist type deal set up. For instance in the case of a physical disc if you had a selection set up on amazon. Or, being that I'm strictly pc for now, if there is the possibility of being able to gift others through XBOX marketplace or PSN network that could work the same way. A way to work in for those who use handhelds would certainly do as well. Now for those who don't know, I do want to get around to the point where I have 4 winners a month with each being the maximum of $60 ( more so if they happen to have that type of game on their list that banks over $60 though I do try to go for getting multiple games within the price range set). Naturally its easier to do that on steam then the console's since prices tend to stay up higher on titles, but in this this is why it will be good to get some ideas for other individuals to make this something everyone can get into no matter what they use. Now, one other thing I've been thinking of is having a sort of "End of the Year" type draw for Game Year in which a person could win a console system, handheld, or graphics card of "their" choosing from the list presented. I'm thinking perhaps making this a somewhat harder and different measure then just trivia, or perhaps make it the hardest damn question to figure out >:3 And of course, my pessimistic crowd who are ever present. Feel free to put out your points of why you don't think this is a good idea and not just for the sake of being pessimistic. I mean genuine reasons for why you think its not a good idea to host such a thing.
  3. Thanks to everyone who attended the last BF4 event/op night and I hope everyone had fun. As the lead game officer for BF4 I'm planning to setup more events in the future but I want to base these events off your feedback. Please feel free to post any ideas that you may have regarding how future BF4 events should be setup. For example, do you want us to play just a single game mode (Team DM, Conquest) or do you want us to setup a pistols only match on a particular set of maps? All AJSA BF4 events will be taking place on the AJSA server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/090a5d49-3bd2-461a-bc58-efbe143b004e/AJSA-24-7-US-Conquest-High-Ticket-AutoBalance-GGC/ If you want to join the AJSA BF4 platoon, send an invite here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3762760504393077016/ Also, here is a link to the BF4 twitch stream that took place: http://www.twitch.tv...ing/b/525543403
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZODtmaHIQng
  5. Well, there is this game called Section 8: Prejudice and it's for the PC and XBOX 360. It's a cheap standalone expansion to the game Section 8 and is probably the most interesting breed of FPS I've ever played. Essentially any online match is going to be a bunch of hyperactive rabbits playing tag with 15mm railgun assault rifles. No seriously every suit has a jetpack, a 'super sprint' function (which you can ram into people to kill them and get an achievement for it), and a lock-on function because, let's face it, trying to hit someone in the game is hard enough without the packs and super-sprint. It does have a short campaign and continues from the original game and helps unlock various guns and tools used in multiplayer. The multiplayer is where it's at. This game broke up the monontany of combat with special mid-game 'missions' that range from getting intel to escorting/exterminating a convoy. Ah the joy you feel when a convoy ambush comes together. Sadly Timegate is no longer with us... but this game still lives on. Sure it uses the shitstain known as Windows Live, but it's extremely enjoyable none the less. Hell Total did a WTF and "Why can't we have nice things" vid about this game... he can explain it far better than I ever could... unless you guys want me to link this to my review of the two games on the Spacebattles Forums... Pros: -Fast paced gameplay with in-game 'missions' -Has a lock-on function that isn't broken -Pretty looking when you got the specs for it -After a mission or two you can easily work your way in multiplayer Cons: -Windows Live -Short Campaign -Dev no longer active -Practically empty servers
  6. I was wondering if it is possible to create a corporation in the universe of New Eden. Setting up a corp in EVE online can be carried to it's companion game Dust 514, a game that I play. These games are quite fun once a player has made enough skill points to progress as well as ISK. EVE online is a PC game and is famous for it's massive pvp battles in null sec space. Dust 514 is it's console counterpart and it is directly connected to EVE online by the corporation system. Which means less work is required to set up the community. EVE online is an MMO set approx 20000 years in the future. There are 4 main powers (not counting the Jovians):the Amarr, the Caldari, the Gallente, and the Mimmitar. Each race has an extensive history that (unfortunately) has to be checked out outside the game, but the lore of New Eden is extensive. There are stories of rises to power and falls from great heights, all player done. There is a stock market, great battles, and a planet's worth of different ships. Pro's EVE online -The community is easy to develop and corporations can reach sizes of ten thousand and can be augmented by alliances -There can be full scale, day to day wars, and battles between alliances that can reach into the thousands -The graphics are amazing and so is game play -There is a wide variety of roles and ships Con's EVE online -The game can be brutal to first time players and there are many an infamous alliance known for pirating off of lower ranked players -This game requires a subscription (can be played for free through plex but plex is expensive) -This game allows for espionage capable of destroying whole alliances -Building up a character takes a lot of time Dust 514 shares the same universe as EVE online, the major difference being that the battles are on the planets. There are three modes, Ambush, Domination, and Skirmish. These battles can be long or short depending on who has the bigger and better guns. Tanks are powerful game changers, but LAVs (light attack vehicles) can keep small groups moving all over the map taking null cannons or moving ordinance dropsuits. Squad leaders can call down Orbital Strikes that are supplied by EVE players (if they are above the planet). There is a skill tree to enable the use of new suits, which opens up new load out customization opportunities. Pro's Dust 514 -FPS that features complex roles and infinite customization -EVE corporations carry over onto Dust 514 -Like a future version of Battlefield with squading available -Lots of guns Con's Dust 514 -Can be brutal to first time players due to a practice known as proto-stomping -Requires squading to do really well -Vehicles are game deciders -AUR (money) can be used to get better equipment early
  7. So I randomly decied to look up military related news sites one night, and I came across this article... http://defensetech.org/2014/02/09/scientists-develop-touch-in-prosthetics/#more-22299 I believe in 10 to 15 years we may have people that are semi-cyborgs I would like to know what are your thoughts on this matter?
  8. So what games are you looking forward to and what are you currently playing? For myself I am looking forward to Hex. ArcheAge and Hearthstone looks interesting too. Currently I am playing Path of Exile.
  9. Is DRM a bad thing, and could it possibly be implemented in say ten years time? Please do read on. I raise this question due to the fact online gaming sales are growing at an alarming rate. I say alarming because once a certain percentage of games are reached per year from Xbox and Playstation's online services. (Supply and Demand business 101) The production cost of manufacturing disc will not be economically viable. It maybe even 5 years time, who knows but I reckon soon. Gamers then would then have no options as to where to buy their content. The second-hand market would die. Jobs would be lost because all transactions would be dealt by computer servers. The Market would go from an open market to a closed market. Is this bad or good or should I ask what are the cons of this? This process intern would raise the chances for DRM to be implemented on any console. Why did they want to implement it I think because developers are losing out on trade ins. Microsoft practically said so in a round about way. If you can only get games from only two market places and can't resell what does this mean? Your consumer rights would be broken in Europe any how if your are unable to resell does this break consumer rights in Europe as far as I know(correct me if I am wrong) it does. I am not sure about USA and its laws. I think there needs to be a system where you can sell your used Digital content. This requires infrastructure to allow third party re-sellers to keep the market open, as it currently stands in the retail disc based industry. Correct me if I am wrong Microsoft could still implement a closed market in the future. this gives more control to them and the developers but at what cost to the gaming industry! A loophole as a handling fee could be used as a stealth tactic for the developer benifit. I see this as very enriching for the industry in a closed console specific market. If there was an open market infrastructure on the internet third party sellers could sell used digital console games via the pc. I could not see Microsoft creating the infrastructure on their console or by Sony for that matter unless told to by that regions government. Its not their prerogative. It would compete with there own marketplace. The only problem with used digital content tradins is that it could sky rocket because its fast simple easy and cheaper than a full price retail game including delivery(on demand). I think developers could lose out on more sales if an open market was used as It currently stands with the disc based part of the industry. It could possibly stranglehold the gaming industry more. Why has Microsoft wanted to seperate Xbox from Microsoft This is why I think Microsoft wanted DRM. Could this be a good thing then? Pay to play subscription like on spotify is an idea. Or is a conditional charge that goes to developers on resale could enrich developers and increase output and quality, a good thing I think so. This is dependant on the developers reputation greed and how passionate they are about games they make. As developers would have more money better games could follow suit. To take action we could not buy downloadable games for our console we could boycott this system of Digital Content. This is radical action? How dependant is the industry on downloadable games. The pc for example has steam, great value and soon to be implemented a share program and a resales program(not sure how that is going to work)My guess is a closed market. The pc market has suffered in the last 15 years because of piracy. If we are going to continue reselling our disc based games. Can the industry support itself, I don't know? Maybe Microsoft doesn't think so. They are losing money as far as I am aware when it comes to Xbox. The pros to used games is we are supporting jobs that used games have made and the economy in all regions. It also enriches the community buy sharing games. Selling games allows you to get rid of products you don't want to somebody else that does(sorry for stating the obvious). Microsoft are possibly doing a clever ploy on getting owners to be online with things like the store and advertisements on the dashboard to really push Digital content or they are just meeting demand. This raises company ethic's, Microsoft and Playstation will probably drag there feet on the floor when it comes to third party resellers when it comes if it comes. Though when the law changes if it does and I am hopeful it will as it stands the industry is so big and consumers need rights of an open market in terms of digital content. Even though a closed market on tradins can enrich the games we play in this case I have stated. As far as I know this is being debated and is a very complex issue, It deals with infrastructure as I mentioned before, sorry. In the physical sense you can go to some shop or many shops and trade in your games they are connected by the physical environment. The option to choose which digital shop, you sell your games at has to have an infasturctured environment where all shops are tied to one market with trade-in digital content codes. This raises two problems how is this setup, and who will create this infrastructure, possiblely a government I don't know . Who knows? If not the Sony and Microsoft will create there own closed market of which console you own you are then bound buy their restriction they put in place when your selling used digital content. So at what cost could digital trade ins make the industry suffer or better dependant on the market that evolve out of the industry. So maybe DRM is a good thing time will tell without it or not, that's left to you guys to discuss. I will be interested to hear what you think could happen to the future of gaming in the next 10 years when it comes to tradins digital or not in an open or closed market!