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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies. I got money from relatives for my B-day today, had enough left over to pre-order Fallout 4. I'm just really exited and felt the need to vent. Sorry if this is against rules or anything.
  2. I'm going to start watching Rambo First Blood, Part I first to find out how the corrupt police officer tricked him into getting him into trouble, which Rambo goes out on the street causing chaos to distract the police with an M249. I've seen the first Terminator, and I really like Arnie portrayed as a villain not a hero in subsequent Terminator films.
  3. I just had the most lucrative trip to Walmart EVER. I went for a network cable, and they didn't have the one that the website said they did so they gave me a 50 foot one for the price of the 25 foot one. Then I grabbed a few PS3 games and they only charged me half price on all of them. I dunno if they fucked up or they were on sale, but I didn't see any ads for them being on sale. So I suggest if you want to score some games get your ass to mars.....I mean walmart TODAY and stock up on those PS3 and xbox 360 games Edit: http://www.examiner.com/article/full-list-of-all-video-game-items-on-sale-for-walmart-s-2013-black-friday LOTS and LOTS of good games on sale right now, so if you have the means get the fuck to walmart NOW.